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Last Friday the word "puzzleologist" came up at our local, and I wondered aloud what a fully-Greek-rooted word with the same meaning would be, since "puzzle" didn't sound Greek. Through one turn of the internet and another (during which we found that "puzzle" is "of uncertain origin") we were led to the word metagrobologist, which I just think is an awesome word. I don't know if "all this duncical nonsense has my brains metagrobolized" that I'm seeing attributed here and there to the Wall Street Journal is actually a true quote, but it sure sounds cool.
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"Never mind having someone's guts for garters, I'll have your scrotum for a yarmulke!"
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"Why does Michelle Obama's outfit have a boob window? Is it because she's a superhero?"
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Steampunk Enchantment and Glamourie
This year I’ve taken the Goblin Circus to quite a few steampunk events and I’ve been pondering glamourie again. When we dress up we’re casting a glamour on ourselves. We don’t have to use this to present an image though, instead we can use it to create a space of possibility.

Short article; doesn't really focus on steampunk per se, just uses it as one example.
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If you're trying to reach my website or me through anything on, we are currently experiencing technical problems. I renewed the domain back in August (and their account management area agrees with me that it's paid through Sept 2017) but for some reason, I guess because A Small Orange didn't do something?, I woke up today to find the domain expired. I've submitted a ticket, but I don't know how long it will take to fix. This also means I may not see or respond to journal comments immediately since the notifications go to addresses.

ETA ca 8:30 PM: Working again now after starting a live chat to ask why I hadn't received so much as an autoresponse to the ticket I opened at about 11:30 this morning. I know they're just a support peon who has to follow a script, but the fact that their first explanation for why the domain had expired was "you turned off autorenewal" does not fill me with confidence. Yes, yes I did. And so you send me an invoice every year, and I pay it manually, as I did this year, and here's the paid invoice number. No explanation was given for how or why it could still expire under those conditions. I've never before had to take any separate action, like pay and then open a separate ticket to say "go ahead and renew it" or something like that - I just pay the domain renewal, and it works. And it can't be like apparently happened with DeviantArt earlier this year, where I re-upped and then was immediately expired again the next day and was like wtf? and according to them my credit card co. had declined the charge as fraudulent so presto I expired again. I don't know if that was actually true, but definitely not in this case: I saw the posted charge on the statement for the billing cycle I just paid. So. Who knows what happened, or how I could be sure it won't happen next year :-/
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One benefit of going a bit grey: Brightly colored hair dye shows up pretty well over the silvers without any bleaching. :D

(re: the tag, spot the Fraggle Rock reference.)
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*gets (legitimate) email, subject: Important changes to your account.*

After extensive market research and surveys, [xxx] is eliminating the ATM transaction fee rebate limit of $2.50 per transaction for our [xxx] account...

Oh great, what now...

*reads rest of email*

Wait, hang on. This is better. Since when do banks make things actually better?

...oh yeah, this is my credit union, not my bank.

(Yeah. They changed their policy of refunding the fee when you use a non-credit-union ATM from $2.50 per transaction to "whatever they actually charge you", up to a limit of $12 per month. I suppose if you withdraw cash from random ATMs a lot, it is not better, but for what I expect the average user it's better. This is kinda like when they changed the requirement to get the higher interest rate on a particular account I have from x transactions per month to x total dollars per month, and also changed the tracking period from a sort of arbitrary 30 days that didn't match the calendar to an actual calendar month, so those few months a year when my paycheck was deposited "too early" because of how weekends or holidays fell were no longer too early. I was sort of puzzled reading that email, because I was like "wait, that's actually better, not worse" and was dazed for a few minutes.)
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Uhhh... I don't think the Mercury meant this headline to be funny...
San Jose Bacon Festival postponement can't be blamed on police shortage, city contends

Actual article goes on to say that the SJ police (who are in the middle of a staffing crisis) say event organizers submitted their permits too late for them to be ready for Labor Day weekend, but still... *sniggers juvenilely*
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July 2016 Was Earth's Warmest Month on Record (warning: auto-playing video at the link)
NOAA said that July 2016 also marked the 15th consecutive warmest month on record for the globe. [...] This year will likely end up being the earth's warmest year on record, topping both 2015 and 2014.

Records dating to 1880, here. That's 136 years. But there's no such thing as global warming, eh?
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Does anyone have any thoughts on why my Tumblr tracked tags properly tracked what I had seen across multiple browser instances of Pale Moon (i.e. my home, work, and laptop installations) but Chrome doesn't behave the same way? That is, with Pale Moon I could go through my tracked tags at work, and when I went home the same tags would only pop up again on the different computer if there were actually new posts I hadn't seen in the past hour or whatever since I left work; whereas with Chrome I may have to go through the same posts again because it's basing it off the last time I used that particular computer, which is typically the previous day. (I use Chrome for this use case because New XKit isn't supported in Pale Moon and Tumblr is pretty much unbearable without XKit.)
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"I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of David Bowie touching my hair."
--Actual line from one of my dreams last night
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So Verizon bought Yahoo, which I suppose means it gets to decide what to do with...

1. Tumblr: I hear Yahoo thought it was declining in value. I wouldn't panic about it just yet, but I wonder if anyone's found a way to back up the content of one's tumblr?

2. Yahoo groups: Already pretty much a wasteland, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they decided to shut down that service like Yahoo did with Geocities - which makes me a bit worried for the archives of certain lists kept there. Anyone know how to slurp up a Yahoo Group archive? (I imagine [personal profile] jarandhel might but I don't have any direct contact with him these days.)
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Does anyone know how to report a suspected bot account on DW? On LJ there's a link in the userhead popup to "Report a bot", but DW doesn't have a similar one.
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MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Police believe an Oakland man, fearful of being tracked by Google, launched a series of attacks on Google's company headquarters, including shooting out office windows and tossing Molotov cocktails at a streetview vehicle.

Uh, well... I mean, he's probably not wrong...
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Intermittent Latency

OCLC is currently
experiencing intermittent latency issues on multiple OCLC services. We are investigating the issues and actively working on a resolution.
...misread that as "Intermittent Lunacy". Well, probably that too, considering the state of the world at the moment, although I doubt OCLC can do much about most of it.
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tfw you're looking for actual info on some landmark of Beleriand or Middle-earth and you have to wade through 2398749283 hits for metal bands

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dfgjdfglkgpw publisher websites where you can't search by ISBN. Especially when, after you turn up your thing via title search, the ISBN is there on the page, so it's not just that the data is absent (which would also be stupid and annoying), it's that they apparently haven't included it among what their search box is actually searching. ISBN of all things. I repeat, dfgjdfglkgpw.

(I do this a lot to snaffle back-cover/book-jacket copy and sometimes tables of contents to lessen my need to transcribe them into catalog records. I prefer to do this off publisher websites and not Amazon whenever possible.)
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ugh no thank you brain I do not want dreams about the primary election tomorrow bleh WHY u do the thing

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