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Uhhh... I don't think the Mercury meant this headline to be funny...
San Jose Bacon Festival postponement can't be blamed on police shortage, city contends

Actual article goes on to say that the SJ police (who are in the middle of a staffing crisis) say event organizers submitted their permits too late for them to be ready for Labor Day weekend, but still... *sniggers juvenilely*
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July 2016 Was Earth's Warmest Month on Record (warning: auto-playing video at the link)
NOAA said that July 2016 also marked the 15th consecutive warmest month on record for the globe. [...] This year will likely end up being the earth's warmest year on record, topping both 2015 and 2014.

Records dating to 1880, here. That's 136 years. But there's no such thing as global warming, eh?
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Does anyone have any thoughts on why my Tumblr tracked tags properly tracked what I had seen across multiple browser instances of Pale Moon (i.e. my home, work, and laptop installations) but Chrome doesn't behave the same way? That is, with Pale Moon I could go through my tracked tags at work, and when I went home the same tags would only pop up again on the different computer if there were actually new posts I hadn't seen in the past hour or whatever since I left work; whereas with Chrome I may have to go through the same posts again because it's basing it off the last time I used that particular computer, which is typically the previous day. (I use Chrome for this use case because New XKit isn't supported in Pale Moon and Tumblr is pretty much unbearable without XKit.)
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"I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of David Bowie touching my hair."
--Actual line from one of my dreams last night
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So Verizon bought Yahoo, which I suppose means it gets to decide what to do with...

1. Tumblr: I hear Yahoo thought it was declining in value. I wouldn't panic about it just yet, but I wonder if anyone's found a way to back up the content of one's tumblr?

2. Yahoo groups: Already pretty much a wasteland, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they decided to shut down that service like Yahoo did with Geocities - which makes me a bit worried for the archives of certain lists kept there. Anyone know how to slurp up a Yahoo Group archive? (I imagine [personal profile] jarandhel might but I don't have any direct contact with him these days.)
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Does anyone know how to report a suspected bot account on DW? On LJ there's a link in the userhead popup to "Report a bot", but DW doesn't have a similar one.
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MOUNTAIN VIEW -- Police believe an Oakland man, fearful of being tracked by Google, launched a series of attacks on Google's company headquarters, including shooting out office windows and tossing Molotov cocktails at a streetview vehicle.

Uh, well... I mean, he's probably not wrong...
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Intermittent Latency

OCLC is currently
experiencing intermittent latency issues on multiple OCLC services. We are investigating the issues and actively working on a resolution.
...misread that as "Intermittent Lunacy". Well, probably that too, considering the state of the world at the moment, although I doubt OCLC can do much about most of it.
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tfw you're looking for actual info on some landmark of Beleriand or Middle-earth and you have to wade through 2398749283 hits for metal bands

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dfgjdfglkgpw publisher websites where you can't search by ISBN. Especially when, after you turn up your thing via title search, the ISBN is there on the page, so it's not just that the data is absent (which would also be stupid and annoying), it's that they apparently haven't included it among what their search box is actually searching. ISBN of all things. I repeat, dfgjdfglkgpw.

(I do this a lot to snaffle back-cover/book-jacket copy and sometimes tables of contents to lessen my need to transcribe them into catalog records. I prefer to do this off publisher websites and not Amazon whenever possible.)
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ugh no thank you brain I do not want dreams about the primary election tomorrow bleh WHY u do the thing
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Holy CARP are there a lot of candidates for US senator from California on the June primary ballot. Thirty-four (34). No joke. Apparently since 2010 this is an "open primary" position meaning that anyone registered with any party may vote for any candidate of any party, but even were that not so, I'd be facing seven Democratic party candidates. Thanks a lot, Barbara Boxer (who chose not to seek re-election). And I have literally never heard of any of these people except the current CA Attorney General, Kamala Harris, because the presidential circus bloodbath has totally overshadowed everything else lately (except maybe Ro Khanna vs Mike Honda, round 2, FIGHT! I miss being in Anna Eshoo's House district :P ).

Also, the same law that means I can vote for anyone in the Senate primary means that the top two candidates will be taken for the November ballot, i.e. it could conceivably be two Republicans. oo er.
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Do spam faxes actually work on anyone? My work phone number has managed to get on one such robo-spam-faxer's list somehow, and while I've learned to recognize the number on the ID panel and just ignore it if it calls during work hours and all I have to do with the "voicemails" it leaves in the wee hours is delete them, it's still rather annoying. I've just got to wonder about this as an actual tactic to produce any profit.
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Buddhism—Practice of Buddhism. Forms of worship—Religious life—Spiritual life. Mysticism. Enlightenment. Perfection—General works—1946-
Don-grub-chos-rgyal, ʼBri-guṅ Skyabs-mgon. Bslab bya nor buʼi baṅ mdzod sñiṅ gtam brgya pa raṅ la bskul baʼi gros ʼdebs [Personal name] (1)'re kidding me. All that is a single name? Good gravy.
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I know this is a joke, but it's basically me right now without [personal profile] enotsola, who has traipsed off to Halifax and won't be back until June 2. I just don't know what to do with myself without him. I got up this morning and didn't immediately know what to have for breakfast since we'd had eggs yesterday and I try not to eat tons of eggs in a week. So I thought, well, I'll make coffee and then I'll come back and fix something.

Two hours and many trips in and out of the kitchen later, I still hadn't figured out what or kind of even how to feed myself, which was beginning to annoy my stomach, by the sounds of things. Like, I was totally stalling on how to start to prepare anything (and I usually do like 85% of the cooking). This didn't involve literal staring at the open fridge, but it was in that spirit. I toyed with a few ideas of going out for something, but everything just kind of fizzled before I could even so much as get dressed, never mind get in the car and drive anywhere (I still haven't changed clothes).

I'm at least eating now (plate of steamed veggies and slightly-less-than-one-serving of cheese ravioli that was hanging about in the freezer and needed using up - btw, I did not do it for reals, I just drizzled on some olive oil and terrible powdered Parmesan cheese and pepper - but cacio e pepe seems like it has real promise), and I read my usual start-of-day internet, but now I can't seem to force myself to do any of the things I told myself I wanted to do. Like, I have a zillion videos I've been saving up bookmarks to watch at a time when it won't bug [personal profile] enotsola to have to sit there and see me watch them (our computers are right next to each other). But now it's come to it I just. Can't. Get. Started. I can't pick one. No amount of geez just start at the top or the bottom or roll dice whatever just click a link!!! helps because the command just doesn't seem to ... get issued, never mind travel down to my mouse hand.

It's not really choice paralysis, just that every time I try to start down the road of a choice, there's just this "...nah" that makes it not happen. Same when I consider any option of where I might go if I left the house. I also seem to lose any idea of how to schedule myself because just like last time he was in Canada without me, I stayed up way too late last night, like my body lacked its usual signal that "you should be going to bed soon". (I justified it as trying to wait until he landed in Toronto and then had time to get off the plane and send me an email, which came at 4:20 AM, but I didn't quite make it.)

gah. This is going to be a long 11 days. Fortunately work will take care of a fair amount of it, but still. *chews cauliflower leaf sullenly*
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Did anything ever come of TurtleSeed? I had an account for a while and joined some "clans", but I decided I probably wasn't the target audience and deleted my account, oh, at least a year ago now I'd guess.
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Somewhat pursuant to this entry from February puzzling over the grammar in dialog boxes in Word 2013:

evasive noodle: "Would you like to keep the last item you copied? If so, it may take us a bit longer to exit." -- when I close Word very quickly after copying something to the clipboard
evasive noodle: I still wonder who the "we" is and why it's speaking in the plural first person
evasive noodle: clearly i am not exiting so I think it must be an exclusive we internal to the program
evasive noodle: especially since it addresses me in the second person
evasive noodle: it is imps [referring to the imps inside iconographs in Discworld]
Stygian Syzygy: That's... a scary concept
evasive noodle: the first person singular would be twee. the first person plural is just baffling
Stygian Syzygy: Imps. And Clippy.
evasive noodle: their dark lord Clippy
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My current status message in Instantbird is Go not to the confused non-elves for answers, for they shall say both "Buh?" and "Fucked if I know?" Today when I logged in and saw this I got curious about the "etymology", as it were, of the phrase "fuck(ed) if I know". Clearly it's one of the many English idioms that invoke the idea of being penetrated sexually, whether willingly (with the implications that the target is at least effeminate and possibly a "sodomite") or no. But why wish such idiomatic fucking upon oneself? Is it kind of an oath, saying "If I am lying to you when I say that I don't know, then I am just a filthy poof / may I be sexually penetrated against my will"?

(Not sure then exactly what the expansion would be of milder "hell/heck if I know", except that it's simply a substitution of milder swear words for the strong "fuck", and loses the actual sense of the verb in the process.)
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Happy 8th anniversary to my bedmate and best mate. Long may you sprawl over my side of the bed because, you claim, smelling my pillow somehow helps you wake up in the morning.

for he is become Gord, the destroyer of blankets

(8th wedding anniversary, that is. We've been together uh... 17 years, ish?)
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I've been toying with the idea of getting one of the official Changeling shirts The Onyx Path has on Redbubble. ( Given that Redbubble shirts are not cheap ($28 *gasp* *thud*), it probably would be exactly one, meaning I'm mulling overseveral options:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 5

Le shirt?

Kithbook: Sidhe cover illustration
3 (60.0%)

Sidhe kith symbol
1 (20.0%)

House Fiona (ehhh, but probably not; though, anyone think it's weird that's where I always used to put myself in the base Seelie Houses?)
0 (0.0%)

Realm: Fae symbol, the thing that also stands in for Changeling as a whole
2 (40.0%)

Nobles: the Shining Host cover illustration
3 (60.0%)

(I've also always had a soft spot for the Nocker stuff because, you know, I am cranky as hell and nothing but perfection will do, but for general use...)

(LJ Peeps: I'm not sure if it's possible to vote in the poll by logging in on DW using your LJ login as OpenID, but it's worth a shot. Otherwise you can always just leave a comment.)

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