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"Inauguration 2016: How Inaugural Luncheon wines were selected"

...oh, California.

(shouldn't that have said 2017 tho?)
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The LJ "like" notifications are about the most useless thing ever. For me, such a feature is in the "meh, I wouldn't probably use it and don't really care, though I can see why some people might want it and on the other hand 'oh no not more Facebook'" category. But that said, the notification is just a link to the liked post, with no other information, particularly not WHO THE USER WAS. I'm not even certain how people are managing to like any of my posts, since I have a legacy theme on my journal that doesn't include those kind of elements (although for that matter I don't even see it on, say, [ profile] news - maybe it's only viewable if you're in the "feed" mode of reading a friends page? their supposed screenshot on doesn't at all look like what I see). Even more confusing is when I get random "like" notifications for ancient posts (well, 2011) in random communities like [ profile] rifftrax. It's like someone is sending bots around liking posts, or something... but if so, why?
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Everyone's probably heard by now about how the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming -- that is, that LJ physically moved servers to Russia as of about 2 weeks ago -- but if not, here's a few relevant links: (with more links to further reading)

As for me, I imported both my journals to Dreamwidth and started crossposting from here to LJ somewhere pushing seven years ago, so no change for me there, although I will be chuffed if people currently reading me on LJ decide to start reading me on DW instead. I don't have any immediate plans to delete my LJ entirely, or delete all its posts ([personal profile] frameacloud says [ profile] ljsec still works for doing that task in bulk), or even to stop crossposting or turn off commenting on LJ for right now.
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@GinaMelton60: I always wonder...what do you clean a gold plated toilet bowl with? You can't just slap one of those Tidy Bowl things on there.
‏@wendyjgmom: The Trumps do not shit.
‏@GinaMelton60: That explains so much.

(on Twitter, 1/9/2017
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Leticia Alfaro, a food-safety supervisor at the farm, said in an interview that many of her friends who work in the fields don’t have proper documentation like her, and they take Trump’s threats seriously.
“They’re terrified by his comments,” Alfaro, 53, said in Spanish.

Something I can't quite put my finger on about the qualification on the quotation kind of bugs me. I feel like it's nearly irrelevant what language she gave this opinion in. [personal profile] enotsola says it probably just means to say "not an exact quote because it was through a translator", which is probably true, but even so ... I dunno. It seems kind of distancing, or othering, or almost belittling, like your readers need to be informed so they know which bits to discount first? For something this brief, especially, why not quote directly in Spanish and then follow with the translation? (Preset Mercury News style policies notwithstanding, I mean.)

Okay, never mind, it was a stupid thing to suggest.
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Alderique Valeriant: HOW DO I DECORATE GUYS
Kijyata Li'Anna: a ribbon around the junk
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Would anyone out there who has a Reddit account be willing to comment in a thread for me? I have a different model of Kindle, but seem to be having the same problem as this user about the battery life on my Kindle Fire being terrible after the update to Fire OS 5.3.2 was pushed last month, draining quickly even when the device is supposedly in sleep mode, which also means it charges slowly. (There's very little on that thread, but that seems to be the story anywhere on the internet; I would think if this problem were widespread it would be easy to find complaints, but that hasn't seemed to be the case. :-/ ) I would like to ask the OP if they ever sorted it out.

5.3.2 is the update that included Alexa, Amazon's answer to Siri or Cortana, which I immediately disabled, so I don't think it's that Alexa is listening all the time. It's not the wifi (turning that off has no effect, and leaving it on all night was never a problem before) or Bluetooth. A battery monitor and wakelock detector reveal that there's no particular app doing the battery suck, it's just that the CPU is being held awake large percentages of time (90% in the case of last night) for... no reason I can determine, leading to 20-30% battery drain overnight instead of ~5% as had previously been the case. The native email app is the worst offender as far as the number of times it wakes the CPU (it must be something like twice or three times a second), but it only gets ~10 minutes total wake time over an 8 hour night and accounts for only a couple percent of the battery drain. A lot of the wakelocking seems to be by the kernel and I just can't fathom what's going on.
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via [ profile] elenbarathi...

The Beasts Who Fought for Fairyland Until the Very End and Further Still
Catherynne M. Valente
[reposted with the general permission granted at the end of the story]

Ever since the election, people have been telling me to shut up and go back to Fairyland. Be silent. Be good. Accept. Submit. Stop talking about politics. Stick to fairy tales. (As if fairy tales have ever not been about politics.) Go back to Fairyland. Go back to Fairyland.

So I did. Please enjoy this story set before the events of
The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. If you’d prefer to read this elsewhere, see the bottom of the page for downloads.

Once upon a time, three rather large and unusual creatures grew very tired indeed of fighting, day and night and day again, fighting the same overwhelming and unyielding enemies, fighting with all their large and scaly might, as well as their claws, teeth, flaming breath, and occasionally, walloping rune-carved giant’s hammers they found lying about where others had fallen. Because the sun was setting rosy in the sky, and because they could hardly bear to put one foot in front of the other, and because, at long last, their fates had been tucked firmly into bed and told to stay there or else, these three rather large and unusual beasts sat down upon a rather large and filthy hill in a country called Fairyland. The hill was filthy because a great battle had been fought there. Bronze and wicker and glass armor lay everywhere strewn about. Swords and axes and scissors and needles and a million thousand arrows turned that hill into a pincushion. Each arrow was fletched in feathers that once belonged to immortal birds so wise that if you asked them to tell you the meaning of life, they would have an answer, and it would be short, and easy to understand, and as true as tea. The three creatures sat carefully on their haunches inside a prickly prison of blades and bows and bucklers. Read more... )
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"Should be glad you did the portals that way and not the other way around, because then he would poop into his own urethral meatus."
"Well, that's Batman for you."
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Welp, I guess that's what you get if winter works as it should in California and there's actually some &@^!ing rain. Makes all the weeds and stuff sprout. Hillsides that have been brown all summer should turn green in December and January.
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Can anyone recommend a couple of pieces of Linux software to me, that would run on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B? I don't know for sure, but I assume ours is running Raspbian. Their FAQ says "In general, you need to look to see whether the program you want can be compiled for the ARMv6 (Pi 1) ... architecture" which is not very meaningful to me, but hopefully will be to somebody. (If I seem ignorant for someone who even owns a Pi in the first place, it's not really mine, it's [personal profile] enotsola's; he bought it as a toy but we really have hardly ever even plugged it in.)

1. An MP3 player - just needs basic playback controls (play/stop/pause/skip) and ability to shuffle a playlist or files in a folder. Subdirectory recursion not required as the source files will all be in the same folder.

2. A slideshow - i.e. take image files in a folder and display them in fullscreen mode, shuffled in random order, for a variable length of time per image. Subdirectory recursion again not required. Option to display or not display the filename as a small text caption on the screen would be a plus. Option to scale the pictures to the height or width of the screen (not stretch to fill, but maintain proportion) also a plus.

The big idea here is that I wanted to try the slideshow thing out for the meetup at PCon, but that there is not a convenient place to put our laptop next to the room TV (which is not itself movable, nor would running a cable across the room be a good idea). But the Pi is tiny and would fit, so was there a way we could make that work, and while we were at it, could we also make it the jukebox and ditch having the laptop taking up space entirely?

(the icon on DW may not seem related, but his shirt says "Computers Are Fun And Useful".)
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If I just want to make a one-off T-shirt for myself and not sell more afterwards, what site or place of business would people recommend?

Related, is there anywhere I can get Helvetica font, or possibly some kind of lookalike, without having to pay an amount of license money that makes no sense for the project in mind? (I thought of trying to do the design on a Mac, which may be possible, but I'm not sure.)
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Stygian Syzygy: damn this world.. everything is stupid.
octarine dye #6: ?
Stygian Syzygy: Oh, just raiding the pipeline stuff, and the refuge guys getting away with it (except the dead one) and Trump saying "fuck this election, it's rigged anyway. Just make me King already" (not quite those words)
octarine dye #6: wow
octarine dye #6: not, "someone else died"
Stygian Syzygy: Oh probably, I just haven't read the whole internet yet
octarine dye #6: heh
octarine dye #6: i love the smell of cynicism in the afternoon
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Last Friday the word "puzzleologist" came up at our local, and I wondered aloud what a fully-Greek-rooted word with the same meaning would be, since "puzzle" didn't sound Greek. Through one turn of the internet and another (during which we found that "puzzle" is "of uncertain origin") we were led to the word metagrobologist, which I just think is an awesome word. I don't know if "all this duncical nonsense has my brains metagrobolized" that I'm seeing attributed here and there to the Wall Street Journal is actually a true quote, but it sure sounds cool.
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"Never mind having someone's guts for garters, I'll have your scrotum for a yarmulke!"
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"Why does Michelle Obama's outfit have a boob window? Is it because she's a superhero?"

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