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How the heck do I turn the Millennial Reviews into an Ebook?

Posted by Goddess of Java

I am a woman who is a solo polyamorist.  I experienced a painful break-up with a FWB over a year ago, and I took it very hard (I have never taken this long to get over a break-up before), so I’ve been a poly without any relationships for a long time.  Over the past six months or so, I’ve become tired of my loneliness and feeling ready to get back in the love game – but I am not interested in a “primary type” of relationship.  I like being solo and having slightly more casual parameters to my relationships, though that doesn’t mean I don’t want them to be loving and caring.  I just value my alone time, too

Anyway, now that I have been putting the “available” vibe on, it seems I keep attracting married men who would be cheating on their spouses. I don’t know what to do.

I used to date married men years ago, when I was much younger.  I know what it’s like, and I used to justify what I was doing in many ways.  But now that I practice poly – you know, everything is supposed to be above board and totally honest.  However, I can’t help but wonder if it really is so bad to be someone’s mistress, in certain circumstances.  I am lonely and an introvert.  I don’t meet available guys very often, and have never been attracted to anyone at my local poly group’s gatherings.  I want a lover/casual relationship, not a boyfriend to be closely intertwined in my life, so dating someone that I can only see once every week or two works fine for me.  If I have a couple of casual partners like that, it would be my version of poly heaven.  If I’m also a relationship anarchist, is my partner’s choice to cheat really my responsibility?  Aren’t relationships supposed to be on our own terms?

If staying in an unhappy marriage would hurt him, and coming clean about affairs or wanting to open the marriage would hurt her, what is to be done?  There are two guys I cannot stop thinking about.  I know they both want to have affairs with me.  Doing so fits into my life, and I can’t be sure that their wives would be hurt by their cheating, can I?  I kissed one of them, and got naked and fooled around with the other (no intercourse).  I know that there are many married, monogamous wives who assume their husbands will eventually cheat and would rather not know for sure.  It seems a relationship is starting with the one I got naked with, but we’re still getting to know each other.

I would like to get some logical perspectives from other poly peeps on being involved with a cheater, on both sides – meaning other than the usual poly view that all cheaters are as evil as Hitler.  I am in a quandary because of both societal expectations surrounding marriage, and the influence of poly dogma over the last four years since I embraced polyamory.  I feel that it is important to make my choices based on reason and my own ethics, rather than what others tell me I should do.  I just would like some insights from others that perhaps I haven’t yet seen.  Thanks, in advance, for any words of wisdom you can offer.

If you’re asking for compassion, yeah, that’s all yours. I can summon that.

Approval? Logical permission to participate in cheating?

No. I’m sure that a reader or two of mine would be able to do so, but I’m going to tell you now, that we’d be coming from very different ethical systems.

This isn’t about open=good and cheating=Hitler, honest no kidding.

This is about ethics and who and what you are as a human being, and who you want to be. Where are your principles based? Really, what’s ethically important to you? What are the principles on which base your actions? This is less about polyamory and what sort of human being you are going to consciously choose to be.

No-one can do this for you, and there are going to be people who will choose to judge you harshly no matter what choice you make. There really are people in this world who, because I do not believe in monogamy, consider me so morally bankrupt that I’m worthy of nothing more than a death by torture. That’s not hyperbole, but is a real thing you can find in news stories less than six months old.

So, what are you doing? What do you want to be about and why? Think hard about it, because this is a big question.

You asked if your partner’s choice to cheat is your responsibility. Of course it isn’t. But I don’t give a damn how introverted you are (and I’m pretty far out there on the introvert scale, myself) you don’t live in a vacuum. The behavior I am most ashamed of in my life, the worst choices I have ever made, were when I allowed myself to be intimately involved with people whose ethical standards were not in harmony with the person I wanted to be. No, it’s not anyone else’s fault I chose to behave the way I did. That’s on me, forever and always. But I can tell you that it is astronomically easier to live up to your own standards when you surround yourself with people who also share those values.

Now, I’ve gone all into values and stuff, and that’s really important. But here’s my reason for not participating in cheating. I’ve done it in the past and I’ve decided I don’t want to. Sure, sure, lofty principles and all, but there’s another, utterly base and selfish reason I don’t.

If you get involved with a cheater, you already have proof this person is utterly comfortable lying to get what he wants, and that his desires in the moment are more important than any long-term commitment. He’s also proven he will not negotiate openly and honestly in a difficult or emotionally risky situation, or he would have tried to have a discussion with his wife about open relationships. If he wants something from you, he will lie to you to get it. If there’s information you think you should have that would be painful or risky to give you, you won’t get it. He doesn’t think you’re special enough to treat you differently in the long run. He’s already proven that. I’m chicken. That sort of thinking scares the bajeebers out of me, so I don’t go there.

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"Email to [Antarcticlust] from MacMillan Legal: "There is no agreement between Mr. Frenkel and Tor that would prevent him from making an apology."

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Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited service, which is basically their attempt to do Netflix for ebooks as far as I can tell, has been getting a lot of attention in the publishing world. Reactions, from what I’ve seen so far, are quite mixed. (Mr. Scalzi, for example, has an interesting writeup on the topic over here.) So here’s mine.

With my reader hat on, I’m feeling right now like this service won’t be useful to me, since it doesn’t really address how I interact with ebooks. If there’s a book I want to read that I don’t want to put down money for up front, I already have a way to address that: the Seattle Public Library and the King County Library System, both of which are very friendly to ebook checkouts. Granted, this doesn’t always work, since there are some books that these two systems might not actually have and which I could in theory immediately grab via Kindle Unlimited if I were so inclined.

But here’s the thing. If there’s a book I want to read ASAP, chances are very high that it’s by an author who’s already on my buy list. In which case, if I want it, I’ll be buying it. If it’s not an author I know already, chances are equally high that said book is competing with the several hundred other things on my To Read list, and it’ll come off the queue when I get to it. If the library systems don’t have it, I can generally wait till they do.

And if I happen to become unemployed again, the service becomes even more superfluous. $9.99 a month isn’t much if you have a regular, well-paying job. But if you don’t, every new dollar adds up. And this would be one of the first expenses I’d drop if I happened to be a subscriber who suddenly lost her job.

Really, though, when you get right down to it, I’m perfectly happy to use the library for books I’m not sure I want to buy yet. And if it becomes a question of “who gets my money”, I’d just as soon donate to the library rather than blow $9.99 a month for access to books I will most likely not actually read in any given month.

Because I mean, seriously, people, there are currently over 1,200 titles on my Goodreads To Read shelf. Many of which I already own, and most of the rest of which I can grab from the library when necessary. I’m not seeing much need to blow $9.99 a month on top of that to get access to those books via some other mechanism.

Meanwhile, with my author hat on, my reactions are mixed. Whether my titles with Carina show up on this service is beyond my control. If Harlequin elects to deploy Carina titles to the service, it’s certainly possible that I might get a few extra pennies I might not otherwise get, which is fine. (Though at the level at which I currently operate, yeah, a few extra pennies would be what I’d have to expect here.)

And as y’all know, since I’m not publishing Faerie Blood exclusively with Amazon, that title certainly won’t be getting out there. So in regards to my self-published stuff, Kindle Unlimited isn’t a benefit to me at all.

How about y’all? Anybody out there going to sign up for this thing, as a writer OR a reader?

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Just a quick stop-press today while I wait for the new magazines to come in. Apparently, NASA tried another satellite launch last week on the 16th. A Juno II rocket, which is a modified Jupiter Intermediate Ranged Ballistic Missile, had the latest in the Explorer series installed at its tip. Weighing 42 kilograms (that’s 92.4 pounds for the metrically uninitiated), it looked a bit like a bigger Pioneer 1--two truncated cones welded together at their base.

As might be expected from the choice of booster, it’s a product of Von Braun’s Alabama Army-sponsored team (which, rumor has it, may well be folded into NASA proper soon).

Its instrument complement was pretty standard stuff: geiger counters, x-ray detectors, micrometeoroid plates, thermometers. What makes this craft special are the solar power elements built into the design; the probe was built to provide long-term measurements of cosmic radiation and the Earth’s heat balance.

Sadly, the rocket lost power to its guidance system immediately after launch, and the thing started to spin in a wide, dangerous ark. A range controller detonated the booster just 5 and a half seconds into the flight. Too late for the Fourth of July, and I doubt the scientists were pleased.

I understand that the next flight of the package is scheduled for October. My fingers are crossed, but I understand NASA is planning an Air Force-contracted shot next month, and that probe, made by my friends at Space Technology Laboratories, may well include all of the same instruments and more.

Thus, the Space Race continues domestically as well as abroad. Nothing like good ol’ fashioned American competition to keep the satellite makers on their toes!
See you soon!

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Those of you who know Japanese:

I'm watching an episode of the new series of Mushishi, and after Ginko is rescued by a farmer and given a meal by the farmer's wife, he thanks her by saying what sounds to me sort of like "Arigatey" instead of the usual "Arigatou." Is this a variant, an accent, a dialect, or what?

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This Site is Cyberstalking Your Cat For Your Own Good.

Essentially, is educating you about the dangers of posting images directly from your smartphone or other device (which encodes the GPS position into the image) to the web, which can show a determined cyberstalker where you are or have been.

On the other side: pictures of cats!
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Science fiction has a long, colourful tradition of books about people with very special powers, abilities focused in specific privileged lineages through extended eugenics programs. See, for example, Doc Smith's Lensmen series, Heinlein's Howard Family stories and Larry Niven's Known Space. Generally being a participant in these programs isn't a bad thing, even though it constrains one's choice of mates somewhat, and I cannot help but feel the fact most of the authors who come to mind are white and middle or even upper class – not the groups usually subjected to such programs, upper class inbreeding aside – plays a role in how the whole affair is portrayed.

I think it is safe to say Octavia Butler, one of the very very few African American science fiction writers active in the 1970s, had an entirely different model in the back of her mind as to how the whole directed breeding program would work out in real life. Until about 1865 [1] the US had a distinct population whose activities were overtly closely monitored and closely controlled; a pattern that just leaps out at anyone who isn't a mouth-breathing libertarian or worse is that despite whatever the propaganda of the day said, the program was not being run for the benefit of its subjects. Read more... )


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Anyone up for a free Kindle ebook on Jane Austen? What Matters in Jane Austen?. Basically, I bought it for my mom as it was $1.99 and it turns out that she already has it, so she didn't redeem the code. So it's up for grabs!

If more than 1 person wants it, tomorrow I'll do a random-number draw.
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Before I finish my review of the August 1959 Astounding, let’s look at the issue’s “Analytical Laboratory” and what the readers thought of the May 1959 ish (and compare it to my findings).

Interestingly enough, no story got higher than a 3.00, which means the readers had trouble picking a favorite. That indicates a good issue or a bad one. Garrett’s mediocre Cum Grano Salis got top ratings followed by the first installment of Dorsai!, then the charming Hex and Project Haystack. I suppose that’s as good an order as any. One might as well throw a dart at the wall.

The August issue, on the other hand, has clear strong and weak points. Newcomer Anne Walker’s A Matter of Proportion is one of the strong points. Her tale about a super-competent commando, who was once a paraplegic is gripping. Anyone who can write about the ascent of a flight of stairs with the same tension and excitement of a daring assault on an enemy base has done an excellent job. An interesting, sensitive story.

The following tale, Familiar Pattern, is so obviously a Chandler piece under a pseudonym (George Whitely), that one wonders why the ruse was even attempted. To wit, it involves an Australian coast guard ship (Chandler is a former Australian naval officer), and one of the characters shares a name with a character in The Outsiders, which came out in the same issue!

Now, I like Chandler, but this story is only decent. Aliens come to Earth to set up a trading mission, manufacture a diplomatic incident, and use said event as a pretext to invade. It’s a metaphor for what the Europeans did to the Polynesians; I appreciate the sentiment, and I am amazed it could appear in the xenophobic pages of Astounding, but the allegory is a bit too precise and heavy-handed to be effective.

Lastly, there is Theodore L. Thomas, whose Day of Succession is, as Orwell might say, rather un-good. Aliens land on Earth, and their ships are dispatched with cold-blooded efficiency by an American general. The officer is recalled to Washington and chastised for his bloodthirstiness, but is soon proven right when more aliens appear and wreak havoc (I wonder why they would be hostile after such a warm welcome!) The general advises a nuclear strike on the entire Eastern seaboard to defeat the incursion. When the President and Vice President disagree, the general shoots them and requests that the Speaker of the House adopt the officer’s plan.
I didn’t really understand it either.

The book finishes off with P. Schuyler Miller (a self-professed Conservative from North-Eastern United States) lamenting the death of science fiction, again. We’ll see. This seems to happen every five years.

So where does this issue end up in the ratings? Well, I’d had high hopes. Aliens was a five-star story, and Outsiders and Proportion were both quite good. But Pattern was average fare, Succession was sub-par, and the Garrett was soporific. The non-fiction “article” was also pretty bad.

All told, the issue clocks in at a “3,” which is actually admirable for Astounding. Read it for the good stories, eschew the rest, and you won’t be disappointed!

In two days, the Explorer that wasn’t.

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Outdoor Trek

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Oh right, I forgot to mention! We have another gig this Saturday!

We're playing a short concert set to open for Outdoor Trek, the local Star Trek outdoor show!   Details here on our artistdata page

Time: Saturday, music at 6pm, show at 7pm
Place: Blanche Lavizzo Park, 2100 S Jackson St, Seattle

The Star Trek (TOS) episode they're doing is "Mirror, Mirror." I actually have never seen one of their productions, so this is going to be exciting for me! Tony saw them last year and absolutely loved them.

We'll be one crew member short of the usual band, as Betsy will be away with the faeries. :)  But we hope to see some of you humanoids there!

Bits and bobs of life

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 It's summer, and it has been ridiculously hot. It was less melty this weekend, at least. My brain's still pretty melty today.

'Tis the season for what I call the teenager stage of the juvenile crows. (I've probably written about this before, but it doesn't stop being funny to me.) They're old enough that the adults no longer dive-bomb people protectively for getting near them, but young enough that they still have the voices that sound like kazoos. And still try to get adults to feed them. This results in the crows coming to my food dish (and everywhere else) consisting of one or two juveniles following an adult around going KWAAAAH! KWAAAAH! KWAAAAAAAH! with beaks constantly open, while the adults gather food for themselves and try their best to ignore the juveniles.

Once in a while the adults get fed up (so to speak) with it enough that they'll suddenly turn and shove some food into the juvenile's mouth. Which results in a sound like KWAHH! KWMMPHWMMMWMMMPH. Which is NEVER NOT HILARIOUS.


My bosses have decided to cancel their PO Box and have the mail just come to the physical address. I've worked for this company for ten years, and they had the box for I don't know how many years before that. Back when they got it, the idea was to protect the office manager (now me); one or two incidents of an angry claimant threatening or shooting at insurance adjusters made national news, so I'm told, and since everyone else in the company works at home, the office manager is alone in the office most of the time. They got the PO Box so that the company's address on public materials, correspondence and so forth, would not be the physical address where a claimant could find the office manager alone.

Google making it possible to pretty much find the physical location of anyone anywhere, the bosses have decided there's no point making me go to the post office every day. They did check with me first to see if I was okay with the change. I was. So last week I canceled the PO Box. It was much easier and quicker than I was expecting (though probably they skipped a step or two for me, like checking ID, since they know me by sight.) And now I no longer have to make those daily 1.5-mile-round-trip trips. And though that means taking my walks on my own time now, it's a bit of a relief not to have that hanging over me every morning (the mornings with migraines were...unpleasant.) It's kind of a weird change; I haven't yet stopped getting the feeling around 9:30 or 10am of "I've gotta do something I'm supposed to do something I haven't done yet and I'm about to be late for it."


We had two gigs this past weekend. We had fun but I'm exhausted today. (See also: mornings with migraines.) Can't Stop the Serenity was in a cute new location this year, the Central Cinema. Nice acoustics, nice layout, good feel, pretty good food.  (Although some folks seemed to think "dinner theatre" equated with "bar" and thus talked throughout the concert. A little distracting, but not the venue's or the organizers' fault. I chose to think of it as having communed a bit with the spirit of my mother, who played her share of bar gigs where nobody was listening.) It was a good turnout for the event. "Hecklevision" (basically MST3K via tweet) seemed to work well once everyone got the dick jokes out of their systems.  I'd enjoy seeing a movie a little better suited to it. We had to duck out early so as to get rested up for Sunday, so we didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the SBC folks. Thanks again for inviting us!

Betsypalooza (not the official name I don't think) aka House Concert Under the Trees (I don't actually know what its official name was) was an absolute BALL from start to finish. I was so happy to see all the wonderful people who came and brought all their positive energy and love. I really needed that. (I know that I hide a lot from the social, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate what you bring.) The tiredness today is TOTALLY worth it. Thank you to everyone who performed and everyone who worked and everyone who came and everyone else who tweeted or otherwise sent their good wishes. Thanks especially to Kaede Tinney for asking us to join the event as their backup band. <3 <3 <3


Tomorrow's my birthday. I'll be 43. My postal carrier at work (who's been our regular carrier for the entire ten years I've been here, and for the years before that when he knew the previous office manager) remembered my birthday, but didn't remember my age, and refused to believe it. :) That's always flattering. I get the good genes from both sides. I told him I'd show him my ID tomorrow if he wanted. I might greet him at the door with my driver's license just to be funny.

I've been wracking my brains for literally a month trying to figure out what I want to do for my birthday. And I can't really think of anything. I don't have any super-special restaurant I want to go to. I'm thinking about afternoon tea at Queen Mary's, but that's not something the whole household would really enjoy. (Torrey and I might just go by ourselves.)  The spa would be nice, but the boys can't go to that. (Torrey and I might go do that too.) I perused the local theatre and ballet offerings, but nothing's on right now that I want to see.

Maybe I'll call in sick to work tomorrow. I'm not sure they'd actually buy it... but that's actually all I can think of right now that I really want to do. Take an extra day off work and just lie around the house. Except then I'd just end up feeling guilty at the end of the day for having "wasted" it. Brains are silly.

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Hot Coffee Part 25

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Title: Hot Coffee Part 25
Author: Louisa
Game of Thrones
Pairings: Sansa/Daenerys
Main Characters: Sansa Stark (POV),
Daenerys Targaryen, Shae, Asha Greyjoy
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None really
Warnings: None really
Beta: Tamoline
Disclaimer: Don't own these characters, or anything else about the setting

Summary:Working in a coffee shop can be more than little insane, especially when you need to the money to make ends meet, you have problems standing up for yourself and your boss has an ongoing feud with one of the regular customers.

Really, the last thing you need is to actually start *liking* the customer in question.

(in response to a prompt here:
Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark/Daenerys Targaryen, coffeeshop AU)

(Read more...)

Because I care

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For people baffled that, for example, someone could grope a Hugo-winning author on stage without suffering any consequences for attending subsequent cons, the secret fannish rating system prevents action until one's SFR number drops below zero. It is as follows

Ogling: -1 pt
Touching (non-sexual): - 5 points
Touching (sexual): -10
Harassment: -10
Rape: -15
Murder or Cannibalism: -20
Murder and Cannibalism: -30
Embarrassing the con: -115
Being a SMOF: +120 pts
Being a BNE: 90 pys
Being a BNF: 60 pts
Being a BNA: 30 pts
Being Harlan Ellison™: 10000 pts
Being a regular fan: 1
Being a "mundane": 0

Positive numbers are divided by two, rounded down, for people not unambiguously male. During disputes between fans, their numbers are compared and whoever has the higher number wins. Note that the minus modifiers apply against both the subject of the complaint and the person complaining.


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Can anyone tell me anything about the Ocean Living Institute, which I believe was active in the 1970s and whether or not there were two companies or more by that name at that time?
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I don't get out much. Sure, I go to the library, a supermarket, an organic/natural-type grocery, and at least one farmers' market per week, but compared to most people? I don't get out much. Even those of you who feel like you have no life probably have more of a life than I have.

After being so stressed out lately, I realized early today that if I didn't get out somewhere I don't ordinarily go and hang out with people I don't otherwise know, there was a good chance I might stab somebody--and I'd really rather not commit any kind of violence if I've got better options, thank you very much. So then it became a question of where I should go. I had more energy today than I've had in the past week or so, so that was a good start. Not much money, but not broke yet either. I thought maybe what I wanted was to go to Eastern Market, yet a part of me kept saying, "Gosh, it's been a while since I've been to Ben's Chili Bowl." Reminded myself that this is a weekend and Ben's is a popular and historic tourist destination, but I ended up getting off Metro at the U Street station anyway.

After the escalator brought me up to the street, I promptly crossed to Ben's, but I didn't go inside. Outside on the sidewalk there was a steel pan ensemble playing a free concert for anyone who happened to be in the area, music ranging from old classics to a song from Miami Sound Machine (and if "Conga" is considered a classic now, I don't want to hear about it). Tourists and locals and occasional restaurant employees were hanging out, taking pictures of the kids playing the music, taking pictures of each other, dancing on the sidewalk. It was fun. It may not have been the kind of event that could help to bring about world peace or even a slight reduction in carbon emissions. It was simply the kind of thing that brings people together for a little while. It was a reminder that sometimes humanity is worthwhile. It was a good thing.

And then the concert was over and our bellies were grumbling and we got in the long line and I told anyone who wasn't sure what to order that they needed a half-smoke with chili, because of course they did. Inside, tourists were taking pictures of each other standing next to pictures of famous people, because that's the sort of thing tourists will do. The jukebox played "When Doves Cry" and people sang along, because that's the sort of thing you have to do. Hours later, my hands still smell a little bit like mustard and onions.

Afterward, at the usual organic/natural-foods-type store, the grinning cashier wished me a good night. For a change of pace, I'd had a good day, and I rather hope he did too.


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If I remember correctly, I watched the moon landing on the TV in the lounge at the Stanford AI Lab, 45 years ago today. It was the start of my first year of grad school.

I missed my 45th reunion at Carleton a few weeks ago. IIRC I went to my 25th, but it might have been my 30th.

My 50th high school reunion is next year.

I don't think I count as middle-aged anymore.

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It's been a rough week, for some reason. Possibly knowing that the Starport is about to be gone forever. And that the money we make from the sale isn't going to come close to what we need. Don't get me wrong -- I love it here, I love my family, and I love our house. It's just...

A couple of fun wikipedia dives -- details in the notes, though I don't actually log the URLs.

Colleen and I went to Seattle Optix Tuesday and got measured for new glasses. It's been three years for her, and two for me, so it's definitely time.

Thursday after dinner we watched the dvd of Company, after listening to it in the car with Naomi (who is trying to educate me on Broadway since the '60s). The staging is weird, but it works.

The week wrapped up with a nice drive with Colleen, and salad from our garden with dinner.

There are links in the notes, as usual.

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F!S Friending Meme XV

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F!S Friending Meme XV

Anon wanted this, so here it is!

Name @ LJ/DW/tumblr/etc: (if applicable)
What in fandom interests me:
What in fandom does NOT interest me:
Major Non-fandom Interests:
My LJ/DW/tumblr/etc Contains Mostly:
Other: (If you want to link pictures or something, do it here)

Everything is 100% optional, of course.

Rules: No porn, guro gifs, auto-looping/playing embeds, etc. To avoid excessive scrolling, if you're going to link an image or gif in your post, keep it to 3 images max. (If you abuse this rule by posting something 10000px in height, I'm just going to delete your whole thread.)

Easy copy-paste:

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The four-year mark is based on the fact that, because of an agreement with Tor, Frenkel is not able to make a public apology for five years (so, for four more years).

1: Has Tor in fact abjured Frenkel from making a public apology for five years or has perhaps some misapprehension occurred here?

2: What interest of Tor's does this serve?
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As a member of the Frenkel Subcommittee and Chair of the Harassment Policy Committee, I'm writing this in an effort to address member concerns and provide some transparency about how we came to recent decisions. I am speaking only for myself, and not in any official Wiscon capacity.
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When Royce offered to send this to me, I accepted enthusiastically, both because I once owned it and because I had confused it with this issue of Galileo:


While it wasn't what I expected, there was still some interesting material in there.
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Just for the record

Jul. 20th, 2014 10:22 am[personal profile] james_davis_nicoll
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I'd rather live in a world where Wiscon had not screwed up but since it did, I am not going to ignore the fact that it screwed up.
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Actor James Garner, whose whimsical style in the 1950s TV Western Maverick led to a stellar career in TV and films such as The Rockford Files and his Oscar-nominated Murphy's Romance, has died, police said. He was 86.

Movie review: Maleficent

Jul. 19th, 2014 11:10 pm[personal profile] annathepiper
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Dara and I were a bit late to seeing this movie; we know it’s been out for weeks now. But we finally got a chance to see it before it vanished from the theaters, and I’m pleased we did. Overall picoreview: pretty good, though I have a bit of a hard time going above that, mostly because both Dara and I wish there would have been more substance to the script.

(ETA: Dara in particular lays down an excellent argument about symmetry–about failing to show us King Stefan sufficiently justifying his evil actions, and Maleficent justifying her good ones. Go see what she has to say, too!)

Overall, though, holy crap Angelina Jolie rocked the hell out of the role. And the costume and wardrobe and makeup people should get an Oscar alone just for the work they did on her eyes, her facial structure, the horns, and the cheekbones. Also, WINGS. Because I mean DAMN.

I’ve been asked if this film is kid-friendly, and I’ll say here what I said on Facebook: that I do have the caveat of not being a parent, and not regularly interacting with children, so I’m not exactly in a position to be the best judge of that. That said, I’d suspect that there’s some intensity here that might be a bit much for younger children, particularly in the violent climax of the story, as well as overall rather adult plot themes. Older children may fare better, but that could depend on the kid.

Spoilers behind the wall of thorns!

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