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Last call! January 31 is the last day to nominate projects for the Rose & Bay Awards honoring excellence in cyberfunded creativity. If you have not yet done so, please drop by and list your favorites.

Seafood stew recipe!

Jan. 26th, 2015 08:01 pm[personal profile] jolantru
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They ate this in the story, now you can try cooking it. :)


More at the Patreon page.

OOC: Coming Back at Last

Jan. 22nd, 2015 10:31 pm[personal profile] fannyfae
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I know that I have not been writing much here for far too long. Thanks to some gentle prodding by Wyatt over at Pan Historia and from the delightful scribe of my Muse's husband, [personal profile] all_for_me and [personal profile] sunandshadows, I am writing again.

It will be a little bit of slow going. I have not written fiction on Livejournal since the Kremlin took it over a few years ago, and I am still trying to learn my ways around the different writing prompt communities here. Here are a list of my muses as I think of them. We are open to RP and writing with just about anyone, but of course long term writing friendships are always going to take precedence. The muses are

[personal profile] fannyfae
[personal profile] faery_ring
[personal profile] faedefrance
[personal profile] nomanselizabth
[personal profile] sheldonsandscia
[personal profile] melek_taus
[personal profile] sheldonsandscia
[personal profile] rockin_rolla

If there is any I left out, I can and/or will add them. It just feels good to finally get back to writing again.
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It occurred to me that there may be folks wondering if they should try crowdfunding, or wondering what kind of project to attempt.  That got me thinking about what kinds it would be nice to have more of.  

There are tons of people writing fiction but some niches still under-served.  A handful of us writing poetry, more would be good.  A handful doing character icons, good ... but I haven't seen anyone who currently does more than a single character per icon or who specializes in non-character icons like houses or starships.  There used to be an illustration project that sketched scenes from other people's work, with donation thresholds for working more on the most popular sketches.  A few music ones have come and gone.  Oodles of people draw webcomics, but there's not much of that activity here.  I know at least one fine art photographer into crowdfunding; more would be awesome.  I'm also very partial to nonfiction and would love to see more folks trying that in this business model.

What kinds of crowdfunding project would you like to see, or see more of?  What have you toyed with trying but haven't done yet?
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I have caught the cold! Sore throat, aching limbs. Teaching seems to have aggravated the sore throat. Voice is hanging on by a thread.

Posted Chapter 17 of Dragon Physician.

Also got my first story acceptance for the year. Yay!

Now to beat the cold into submission.

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