Darkwing Duck #1 (Joe Books)

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The terror that flaps in the night is back, now with a new publisher. This new ongoing picks up after the fourth storyline of the previous series and completely ignores the Ducktales crossover that closed it, meaning some plot threads are still unresolved. If you've read the "Definitively Dangerous Edition" trade that collects the entire previous series with some corrections and a new epilogue, you're good to go.

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Finding Pieces
by dialecticdreamer/Sarah Williams
part 1 of 1, complete
word count (story only): 1958

:: Set in the Frankenstein's Family universe, this story shows not only Laszlo's tentative connections with several residents of the town, but his perspective on the politics and customs which shaped his childhood. Those expectations are part of the reason he is looking to adopt instead of taking on the title expected of him. ::

Nandru followed Laszlo away from the woodcutter's scrap pile, each carrying an armload of irregular chunks of maple, most no larger than eight inches on a side. Despite the February overcast, the morning was warm and the air barely ruffled their clothes. Both settled near Vladimir's cart and the small, unlit fire already set up there. “So… now we just what, scrape these flat?” the teen asked.
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Not much, only 1000 words, but it's better than nothing. I've kept the streak of writing at least 500 words for about 2 1/2 weeks now. Yay me!


Stupid cold hasn't gone away at all. My voice is giving out and I'm coughing and I just want to curl up and sleep all the time but I have to survive through tomorrow before I can get some time off. I have 1.5 hours of vacation left to use up before my reload on Friday. So I'm leaving early tomorrow, taking Friday off to celebrate (whoo, celebrate being sick *grumble*) and that means 4 day weekend to recover.

With a customer audit on Tuesday. *loud groan* At least it shouldn't be too bad. They have a 6:00 flight to catch so they'll need to leave by 2:00 or so to get through traffic and security at Seatac.

The boss surprised me during a 'how are you doing?' meeting today. He wants to give me more resources, more support and bring in another person so that I can shift my duties away from the menial tasks to more strategic things. Which means more meetings but I'll survive. Probably no more pay for a while but we'll see what happens. So far he's happy with my performance so that's good.

Got my steps. Didn't bother to get my exercises. No idea how I did on the eating but I know I blew past the goals for the day. I'm sick. I'm hungry. I eat. Just how it works.

Goals for tomorrow are write, leave work early, come home and collapse and enjoy the long weekend. Oh, and actually get this week's story up on the sites as I still haven't gotten that started yet. *wince*

Off to bath and early bed for me--goodnight everyone!

[ SECRET POST #3430 ]

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⌈ Secret Post #3430 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.

[A Game of Thrones, Brienne of Tarth/Tormund Giantsbane]

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In some ways the 'Doctor Octopus' arc could be viewed as an example of Bendis's 'decompressed' storytelling given that it ran for seven issues, Spidey and Ock don't even meet until four issues in and the story is a bit cluttered with subplots involving Justin Hammer and Kraven. Still, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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Insert your own red shift/blue shift joke here.

Nighthawk #1

May. 25th, 2016 09:50 pm[personal profile] history79 posting in [community profile] scans_daily

"He’s meaner, he’s nastier, and he’s more personally conflicted—he’s suffering from more existential dread [than the SUPREME POWER version]. [This version] makes that guy look like a tame little pussycat."

"There [are] references to other characters in the Marvel Universe so that we know that they exist; for really long term geeky fans of Marvel, there’s going to be a character that pops up—I don’t want to give that away because it’s a major supporting [cast member] that no one is going to be expecting to see."

- David Walker

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[food] tiramisu

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Notes for next time, just so I don't have to work it out again.

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I’m seeing the Internet explode all over the damn place today, thanks to the new reveal about Captain America in the Marvel comics.

I’m not even reading Cap’s title right now; my exposure to him in the comics so far has been his periodic appearances in the titles I have been following. Notably, Black Widow and Captain Marvel, at least prior to the recent universe reset. The vast majority of my experience with the character has been via the movies.

But Cap’s also one of my favorites. I like him for many of the same reasons I like Superman: to wit, I actually appreciate the morally upright “boy scout” type heroes, when they’re done well. And Chris Evan’s portrayal, particularly in the recently released Civil War movie, has always been about his rock-steady moral center.

This new reveal? It’s bullshit. It flies in the face of everything the character has always been about. Not to mention that taking a character created by a couple of Jewish guys and doing this to him is just full of NO.

The reveal in question, I’m putting behind the fold just in case you haven’t managed to see it yet and care about spoilers.

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This link is to a video hosted on Tumblr that I took of Nefer snoring. I actually posted it several days ago, but an overzealous Tumblr bot auto-flagged it for featuring sexual content (wtf?), so I had to send in an appeal, and it was reinstated today.

So! VIEW THE VIDEO TUMBLR DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE! FEATURING A CAT SNORING! (With bonus whisker twitches, too! You may need to turn your volume up to hear the snores, but it's totally worth it.)

how do they rise up?

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So yesterday I dreamt I got up and went to work when I didn't, and today I dream that I woke up late for work (at 7:47 am!) and missed my meeting entirely. Which I didn't. Ugh, anxiety, you are terrible.

And then I had one of those ocular migraine thingies which made trying to do any kind of work super annoying (I mean, more annoying than working is anyway). Two thumbs down, do not recommend, would not like to try again.


The Flash
Well that certainly was an episode of tv. spoilers )

And it's Wednesday so I guess it's books, and also comics, and whoo boy do we have some shit to rant about there, because it wouldn't be comics if everything weren't terrible. And I won't be cutting for spoilers on this one particular thing, either. so. I'm sure if it's relevant to your interests, you're already aware.


What I've just finished
The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh
I enjoyed this, though I'm annoyed that it's not a one-and-done book but a trilogy (or duology?). It's a retelling/remix of One Thousand and One Nights, though Sharzad's nickname being Shazi made me feel like she was Babette from Gilmore Girls' pomeranian or something. I just kept hearing it my head as Sally Struthers saying "Shotzie." *hands* My brain is a scary place sometimes.

Call Her Savage by Marjorie Liu, which reads like some intense fanfiction of a steampunk AU series I haven't read, where the Chinese settled the Pacific coast of North America and teamed up with the Native Americans, and helped the American Revolution succeed against the British and now the British and Chinese are at war. I would have read a whole novel set in this world, tbh.

Grayson #20
Oh, Dick. With the nu52 coming to an end in rebirth, this wrapped up Grayson, which I would definitely recommend if you enjoy spyjinks and Dick Grayson, and really, why wouldn't you? There's a musical issue, Midnighter pops up a lot to flirt, Helena Bertinelli kicks ass and Dick wears a tux. Does the plot make sense? I don't really know, but I also don't really care. *hands* spoilers )

Star Wars #19
spoilers )

Obi-Wan & Anakin
Since the fifth and final issue came out today, I guess I will post about it. It was fine? I didn't love it? The art was decent, though as usual, I often had trouble following fight scenes. Obi-Wan was pretty. Palpatine was creepy. Everybody made choices they thought were good but which turned out poorly in the long-term. So, you know, Star Wars. *hands* I do want the AU where spoiler ) You should totally write that for me.

What I'm reading now
Well, I have been working at The Nameless City but because of technical issues with it only loading in 2-page horizontal mode, it makes it very difficult to read and almost impossible to parse the art, which is a shame. Also, I guess using the Avatar font etc. has made me view it as kind of AtLA fanfic? Which is probably not what the author really wants. *hands*

Wheels Stop: The Tragedies and Triumphs of the Space Shuttle Program, 1986-2011 by Rick Houston, which I didn't realize began in 1986 (that'll teach me not to pay attention) so be warned, it does start with Challenger. I remember it (I was a sophomore in high school; I remember standing outside the lab waiting for double bio when the announcement for the moment of silence came over the PA), though I imagine you don't need to in order to tear up over it the way I did.

It's kind of a haphazard history? I don't know. What I wanted was a book about the transition from Apollo to Skylab to the shuttle and this is not that. This is mostly so far anecdotes from various astronauts about their various shuttle missions. Which is neat, but not what I was actually looking for.

What I'm reading next
I guess I'll put the promised rant here. I'm spoiling it because fuck Marvel, that's why.

I'm definitely not reading the new Captain America: Steve Rogers. I don't care what the 'true story' is or how they retcon this or what the fuck they think they're doing (I imagine it will be some cosmic cube fuckery), MAKING CAPTAIN AMERICA (AND HIS MOM WTAF) A NAZI IS JUST WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL AND I WON'T ACCEPT IT OR GIVE THEM MONEY FOR IT AND I SUGGEST YOU DON'T EITHER. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK WERE THEY THINKING? CAPTAIN AMERICA WAS CREATED BY JEWISH ARTISTS TO FIGHT FASCISM, MARVEL. WHY ARE YOU SHITTING ON THAT? COME THE FUCK ON. (sources: x | x | x)


Someone should fire Brevoort and Spencer and anyone else who thought it was a good idea to shit on an iconic character in this way. I get that it's comics and in a year it will have been retconned out of existence but it's just WRONG on so many levels that I don't see why I even need to explain them if this braintrust can't see it. I hope it fails spectacularly, not only financially but critically and Disney boots them all out.


Maybe I'll just reread Night Watch next instead.

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Back to the Many Deaths of Murderface McKenzie. In the previous entry, Murderface accepted a hit on an orphanage owner named Grelod the Kind from a ten-year-old boy. Is he going to fulfil his commission?

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DC Universe Rebirth #1

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"If anyone wants to check out comics, wants to check out DC Universe Rebirth #1 and doesn’t like it, they can mail it to Warner Bros., to me, and I will send them a check, I literally will, for both postage and for the book. I will buy all these books back because I believe in this issue a lot. I think it’ll do very well. I hope it does well. But I seriously will, I’ll buy back this book." - Geoff Johns

"We're exploring a very big theme in that book. That theme is the power of optimism and the power of hope and how no matter what you do it will shine through if you try and help it shine through." - Geoff Johns

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Miss Fury #1

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"Pulp characters are irresistible for a lot of us, and I think part of the reason is the romance inherent to their origins. They sprang from mass-market entertainment, but their creators were often (not always, of course, but enough of the time for it to matter) reaching for something more lasting and meaningful. The result is fast-paced, action-filled stories with transcendent flashes of cultural commentary, interesting ideas, and ambiguous heroics that highlight the nature of the human condition. As a writer of comics and genre fiction I love this about them, and have found a lot of inspiration in their pages."

- Corinna Bechko

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The very last episodes of “Person of Interest” are airing tonight, but I'm not ready to begin talking about that just yet. The last episode, ever, of “Grimm” or “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” may already have aired, but I'm not ready to talk about that just yet.

I've discussed the anticipation which has become as much a part of certain fandoms for me as the sci fi theme or the snarky characters. Tonight, I want to talk about the inevitable endings, the closing of books and the shifting patterns in our lives as we close the gaps.
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(no subject)

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Gestural communication in bonobos and chimpanzees shows turn-taking and clearly distinguishable communication styles

Doc McStuffins S3E11 showcases real world African American female pilot: Bessie Coleman (The quote is correct in stating that Bessie Coleman was the first African American woman to get an international pilot's license, however, it would be equally true and much more accurate for the Bessie Coleman doll to state that she was the first American of any race or gender to accomplish that. And she did it precisely because of race and gender barriers in America, so yeah.)

Use of parasitic wasps to fight ash borer grows to 24 states

How an Ad Campaign Made Lesbians Fall in Love with Subaru

A 5,000-Year-Old Beer Recipe from China Has Just Been Unveiled

Electricity from seawater: New method efficiently produces hydrogen peroxide for fuel cells

For years doctors in the US made little attempt to save the lives of premature babies, but there was one place distressed parents could turn for help - a sideshow on Coney Island.

Robotic grippers based on granular jamming (Video)

Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember?

What I learned trying to keep up with my 4-year-old daughter at the royal game.

A Gilded Age painter’s springtime New York

Study: Kids have 'and/or' problem despite sophisticated reasoning

In Sweden, an Experiment Turns Shorter Workdays Into Bigger Gains

Smaller cities across US opening high-tech crime centers

She had 9 husbands and 10,000 pieces of glassware

Did Dinosaurs Enjoy the Stars?

Refugees and scholars: Colleges offer war-torn a route to US

I Was Ready to Go to Prison for My Anti-War Beliefs. Then One Man Changed My Life.

Using a Green Light to Bring Crime to a Stop

How Did President Zachary Taylor Actually Die?

Yale's gender neutral bathrooms part of changing climate

Texas immigration facility to house transgender detainees

Now Displaced by New York’s Gentrification: Feral Cats

Bank of America $1.27 billion U.S. mortgage penalty is voided

Louisiana set to expand hate-crimes laws to include police (ARGH.)

She went to a historically black college. So did he. Their sexual assault case was a disaster.

Freddie Gray verdict: US police officers who kill rarely get punished, but they might get rich

Shake-up in Israeli politics prompts 'seeds of fascism' warning

Germany: right-wing violence rose over 40% last year

With eye on South China Sea, China's neighbors weave new security web

Buses and Bulldozers: Refugees are removed from Greek camp
benedict: Illustration from Beauty and the Beast mod icon (Mod Once Upon)
In one fell swoop, the collection is revealed and closed!

There's a ton of good stories in it right now (I'm still working my way through it) and more have been added between collection open and close! So take a look. Explore. Remember to kudos! Or even comment, if the spirit moves you.

Thanks everyone for a great year! Thank you to Morbane for all your help!

See all of you next year, hopefully!
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The Jewel and Her Lapidary

The Jewel and Her Lapidary

Recently acquired from Kobo:

Temptations of a Wallflower, by Eva Leigh. Historical romance. Third in a romance trilogy by the author Zoe Archer writing under a new name.

The Jewel and Her Lapidary, by Fran Wilde. Fantasy. This is a novella release from Tor.com, and I grabbed it since I liked the sound of the blurb and really liked the cover art. (Relatedly, I also really liked this post on tor.com, in which the artist describes the process behind the cover art’s creation! It’s a pretty neat exploration of how cover art can be made in this digital age we’re in.)

Breaking Cat News, by Georgia Dunn. Comics. Grabbed this after seeing Dear Author review it. It’s a glowing review, and all I needed was one look at the included sample page in that review to go YEP I NEED THIS. It’s a brand new collection, the first released by the artist, who posts on Mondays and Thursdays at breakingcatnews.com. As of this writing, I have already read both the ebook and the entire archive on the site. Recommended. ^_^

16 for the year.

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Still sick

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I'm really hoping I don't get laryngitis. The other gal who caught this cold had it pretty bad and my voice and throat are not happy. *crosses fingers*

I did get writing, 1500 words, but it was a struggle despite the fact that Sparrow, the new POV character is a firecracker whose words really flow easily. I'm just sick enough that it's hard to get the energy to start writing.

Got a quarter of my exercises and actually got my steps due to things at work.

Goals for tomorrow are work, write, get the Now Available post up, maybe get some publishing work done on this week's story despite the sick and have polish sausage with spaetzl for dinner.

Off to bath and bed for me.

Goodnight everyone!

Slayground takes place in winter.

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That's the case for both the Richard Stark novel and the Darwyn Cooke adaptation.

The snow's an absence of color; things like the opening, the criminal Parker's armored car heist, stand out against it.

There's him and his bombing the car, getting the cash, and getting out.

And then there's the getaway driver turning a right so hard he turns them over.

Up and over. )

DC Rebirth Two Page Spread

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Can you name all the characters?

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Well, that episode happened.

May. 24th, 2016 09:34 pm[personal profile] conuly
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The Flash finale was a bit of a letdown overall. I mean, it was an adequate ep, but not for a season finale. Read more... )

I'm just saying, it could be better.

Avengers Vs. X-Men #2

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"When we do big events like this, we usually employ one writer and one artist. However, this story is so huge – it cuts across the entire Marvel Universe – we thought it would benefit from additional brainpower. So, we tapped five of our most popular writers (Brian Bendis, Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brubaker) and three of our most popular artists (John Romita Jr., Olivier Coipel and Adam Kubert) to do this story." - Axel Alonso

Storytellers: Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jonthan Hickman, and Matt Fraction
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Inker: Scott Hanna
Colorist: Laura Martin


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This Week in Fandom, Volume 10

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Banner by James Baxter with a calendar icon and the text This Week in Fandom on a white background

‪‎This Week in Fandom‬: Aussie Intellectual Property, ‪#‎SaveAgentCarter‬, Gillian Anderson Tumblr Q&A, and fandom "trash" linguistics: http://bit.ly/25f6ETy

[ SECRET POST #3429 ]

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⌈ Secret Post #3429 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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china_shop: Peter and Elizabeth are love (WC - Peter/Elizabeth)
~2400 words, G-rated, gen. Set during 1.01 (contains a mild spoiler for 1.02). For [livejournal.com profile] wc_rewatch and the Rose challenge on [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks. A million thanks to [personal profile] mergatrude for beta. <3

Summary: “You’re Elizabeth Burke.” The woman shoved her hands into her pockets. “I’m Kate. Kate Moreau.”

A Discreet Intervention (on [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks).

My Old Fandom Pinch Hit

May. 24th, 2016 07:51 pm[syndicated profile] yuletide_feed

Posted by myoldmod

We have one pinch hit in need of a creator. The fandoms are:
Jake and the Fatman (Jake Styles, group: Jake Styles/Derek Mitchell, Fanfiction)
Nash Bridges (TV) (group: Nash Bridges/Harvey Leek, group: Nash Bridges/Lisa Bridges/Harvey Leek, group: Harvey Leek/Evan Cortez, Fanfiction)
Magnum P.I. (TV) (Orville Wilbur Richard "Rick" Wright, group: Orville Wilbur Richard "Rick" Wright/Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV, Fanfiction)
The Gangster Chronicles (1981) (group: Dutch Schultz/Chris Brennan, Fanfiction)

Please comment here with your AO3 name if you can produce a story of at least 1000 words with at least one requested character/group in any of these fandoms before June 16.

Well, I'm making progress

May. 24th, 2016 03:55 pm[personal profile] conuly
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Now the computer tells me that it cannot reset because a required drive partition is missing.

Granted, I have no idea what to do with this information, but still - progress!
From the time she was reintroduced, comics fans, except for those that actually like Duella (Believe it or not, there are some), had wanted Harley to beat her up. It finally happened in New Suicide Squad #3.

The art wasn't good, but the punchline made it worth it.

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Poor Black Manta...

awake as a rumor of war

May. 24th, 2016 01:10 pm[personal profile] musesfool
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Have a grab bag of thoughts and things:

» This morning I had that dream where you get up and get dressed and go to work but then you wake up and realize that you have done none of that and instead you snoozed it an extra ten minutes and are now running late. Sigh.

» Work continues to be stupidly busy. And irritating. People, why are they?

» I hope to eventually have enough brain to write again, but I've still got a few weeks to go until this event so probably not until mid-June. Sigh.

» Last night was another good sports night for me! Mets beat the Nats 7-1 (and hopefully they will come up with a solution at first base while Duda is out) and the Sharks beat the Blues. I'd never seen anyone score two empty netters before, but it was pleasing to me! Now tonight, I need the Lightning to close out the Pens. I still don't like the Lightning (or, I really don't like their coach), and I still wish Hagelin was on a different team so I could root for him (also, Kessel), and if the Sharks win out, I will be rooting for them all the way, but I would also be pleased for Stralman and Boyle and even Callahan (about whom I have mixed feelings) if they got to the finals and won.

» I enjoyed this discussion of The Raven Cycle (contains spoilers for The Raven King).

» I was thinking this morning about how every fandom has a Casablanca AU, but Star Wars already is kind of a Casablanca AU: Han is Rick (Chewie is Sam), Luke is Ilsa, Leia is Victor Laszlo, Lando is Louis (you know you want to see Billy Dee Williams be "shocked! shocked! to find that gambling is going on here!"), and the Empire is the Nazis. I don't actually ship Han/Luke, so I have no real interest in reading it as fic, but it's a nice thought experiment.

» Have a poem:

Awaking in New York
by Maya Angelou

Curtains forcing their will
against the wind,
children sleep,
exchanging dreams with
seraphim. The city
drags itself awake on
subway straps; and
I, an alarm, awake as a
rumor of war,
lie stretching into dawn,
unasked and unheeded.


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