Hmm.....I was going to do a reintroduction and just mention this in the sidelines, but nobody seems too interested in reintros, so I'm just gonna post it for info's sake--some of you have probably seen it in other places, but just in case...

Last chance to fill out survey for the book I'm *almost* done with ) we want to reintroduce ourselves, just so we know who we're sharing space with? I wouldn't mind--I've probably changed some since I first join this comm.

How about the rest of y'all?

EDIT: Oops. Forgot to link to the survey. *facepalm*
Feel free to forward this on to wherever is appropriate....


Calling all Otherkin and Otherkin-friendly artists and writers! The Green Wolf ( would like to announce the conception of an as-of-yet-untitled new magazine designed and written by and for Otherkin. It will be a 52-page periodical that will be published quarterly; the first issue is scheduled for Beltane (May 1), 2006. The first issue will come by way of Cafe Press, but once we have a bit of capital built up we're going to go through an actual printer and offer subscriptions, hopefully with the second issue should the first sell well.

We're looking for articles on all topics concerning Otherkin; this can include any/all of the following, and then some:

* Origins of Otherkin (reincarnation, personal mythology, etc.)
* The History of the Otherkin Community
* Articles specific to certain flavors of 'kin (elves, therians, dragons, vampires, etc.)
* Events in the Otherkin community, both local and regional
* Otherkin and Spirituality
* Otherkin and Magic
* What it's like to be Otherkin
* Got any other ideas?

We're also looking for quality black and white line art for interior illustrations, as well as front and back cover color or black/white illustrations. Tasteful nudity is fine, though we don't need an entire issue of skyclad female faeries (as much fun as that could be in and of itself!)

Originality and good writing/artistic skills are key; we'll be able to help some on the writing with editing, but the more effort on your part means the greater likelihood we'll accept your work.

Due to this being a startup, we will not be able to offer any compensation other than "Hey, guess what? You're in print!" Apologies to anyone writing solely for the money--we hope to change this someday once the magazine's paying for itself.

Deadlines for the Beltane issue are March 1. Please send articles in Word format and images in .jpg or .gif format to . If you have any questions or would like to propose an idea before you actually follow through with it, feel free to drop us a line.

Lupa - editor
Taylor Ellwood - assistant editor
A little bit o' other words, an Otherkin article accepted to Witchvox this week:
I've been combing the internet for *any* books specifically on Otherkin. Not history, or mythology, or folklore, but incarnated 'kin in specific. Here's what I've gotten so far:

The Magic of Shapeshifting - Rosalyn Greene
The Psychic Vampire Codex - Michelle Belanger
Earth Angels: A Pocket Guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Starpeople, Walk-Ins, and Wizards - Doreen Virtue
Dhampir: Child of the Blood - V.M. Johnson
Magical Elven Love Letters - The Silver Elves

So am I missing anthing that y'all may know about? I know the Silver Elves have another book out, but I want to read this one first.

I've been paging through the ones I haven't actually read cover-to-cover. So far they seem to range from fairly decent to awful tripe. For instance, the Earth Angels one is REALLY gods-damned New Agey, but lo and behold she does make some interesting points, even if they're couched in a different set of terms.

I'm mainly versed in therianthropy.....anyone got anything to say about any of these books so I can gauge a little better which ones will be good source material to work from?

Thanks :)
Anyone read the Otherkin section of Willow Polson's "The Veil's Edge"? If so, what did you think?
Does anyone know much about "The Psychic Vampire Codex" by Michelle Belanger? As in, is it a decent resource or it is utter drek?

Also, anyone have any other recommendations of books that I can use for research for my Otherkin book? Only one I've got is "The Magic of Shapeshifting" by Rosalyn Greene, and it's a questionable resource on therians.

Thanks in advance :)
I need help with a little project of mine......rather than post everything here, I just made a public post to my LJ:

Thanks in advance :)


There's a new group for Pittsburgh-area Kin, created as a reaction to imposing fees.

[ profile] pghotherkin

New Line Cinema is trying to get the monopoly on elves. Seriously.

Hi there!

Sep. 18th, 2017 07:50 am[personal profile] scarlettina posting in [community profile] 2017revival
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Name: [personal profile] scarlettina
Age: 55 (Good G-d, how did that happen?)
Location: Seattle, WA

Describe yourself in five sentences or less: I’m a New York transplant living in Seattle with two cats and way too many books. I am creative and opinionated and still express myself like a native New Yorker, which makes some Seattleites uncomfortable despite my best efforts. I am a theater geek, a movie buff, a lover of tabletop and board games, a reader, a writer and a jeweler.

Top 5 fandoms: I’m a second-wave slash writer (second-wave as in: the first wave was in the early 1970s, the second in the mid-’80s to early ’90’s; everyone else came after) who hasn’t written fanfic in a while, but when I was doing that it was Star Trek, Starsky & Hutch and, more recently, Doctor Who (see my fanfic journal at [personal profile] scarlett_key). I have loved watching and discussing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, so many more. How do you pick just five?

I mostly post about: My personal life, which also tends to be sprinkled with bits about politics, the science fiction community, movies, theater, books, travel, cats, my family, writing and observations about life in general.

I rarely post about: sports, math, the giant hornbeam tree in front of my condo, jackalopes, and my collection of porcelain hands (yes, really).

My three last posts were about: I occasionally do the Friday Five so this morning’s post was answering last week’s questions, two particularly striking dreams, and discovering the pile of get-well cards I received when I was in the hospital last year.

How often do you post? I currently post about once a week, though I’m aiming for better.

How about commenting? I try to comment on at least half to two-thirds of the posts that I read.
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(Credit: multi-screencap)

We may not get more Jude | Zero | Zude in canon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get them in our fic/art/vids! This round of Team Zude Comment!Fic & Art Fest is for virtual season four-related prompts where Jude and Zero are both still on the show.

Leave a prompt in comments to this post at [community profile] team_zude. If you find a prompt that you like, go ahead and fill it!

The Fest will run for ~6 weeks, beginning today, Friday, September 15th, and running through midnight Tuesday, October 31st. See the post linked above for more information.

Outlander Forum!

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Now that season 3 is underway, come join us at [community profile] outlander_forum , a discussion community for fans of the Starz TV adaptation and/or Diana Gabaldon's books. We've already got a discussion of episode 301 underway, so come and join in!!

Movie Night Comm?

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Anybody wanna do a DW equivalent to [ profile] lj_movienight?

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