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Is anyone in the DFW area able to help someone on my other flist adopt some kittens? see
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Has anyone out there used the IRS's Direct Pay online bank transfer payment thingy when mailing a tax return (not filing electronically)? The 1040 instructions don't say you can't mix these methods (in fact seem to be encouraging me to do so in lieu of a paper check) but I can't figure out what would be the right order to do things in.

If I make the payment the same day, say, without first waiting for the return forms to be delivered in San Francisco, then they get this weird payment in advance and I'm not sure how it would be properly linked with the paper after the fact. But if I try to schedule the payment so that it falls after when I guess the return will arrive in San Francisco, then I've sent in a 1040 stating I owe but which doesn't include any payment (and I don't see, like, a box to check stating my intent to pay online).

Can anyone advise which way around I ought to go?
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My work has a large TV/monitor in the foyer currently displaying these multilingual "Libraries Are For Everyone" slides in rotation: A couple of the librarians and I were joking the other night about having one in Klingon ("If we're going to be inclusive, let's be inclusive!") and then Tom said something like, "Or in Tolkien's stuff. The script looks so nice. But that'd be your department." And I'm like, deadpan, "Okay. You can get fonts, you know. [insert starting to go off about the weird character encoding Tengwar fonts have]" He laughed and said something to the effect of "of course you would know about that." (???) I don't think he was expecting me to actually take it seriously or come back in half an hour with a stab at it, though.

But actually, I'm struggling with this. What I came up with in limited time without others' input, so that I didn't spend all day and actually went back to getting work done, was this:

parmassi nar ilquenen

But I don't feel very confident about it.

For one thing, there is no attested word for "library", so we risk winding up with one of those neologistic kennings which often sound so silly in literal translation (I saw "flour-grass" for corn or grain plants and was like ugh). This is a plural form of parmassë, parma "book" + -ssë as an abstract ending, apparently coined by David Salo. I don't like it much, as it seems vague, but none of the ones that meant things like book-building, book-hoard, etc. were better IMO.

Ilquen "everybody" apparently comes from the material published posthumously in The War of the Jewels; see I have here attempted to apply the dative case ending -n to mean "for, to" (see about case endings), but 1. I'm not sure what vowel it should take when the noun itself already ends in n -- should it be -in or -en? -- and 2. I'm not sure if the dative is the right case in the first place, since this construction doesn't seem to me to be the same kind of thing as I got a ___ for him or I gave him a ___, i.e. English indirect objects. However, in my defense I'm not the only person out there to have settled on ilquenen, although the contexts I saw it used in seemed mostly to be greetings (i.e. "greetings to everyone here").

For that matter I'm not even sure I've conjugated the verb properly. "To be" is one of those minefields of irregularity and variation - see for instance. More minorly, if it's okay, should it maybe be a long vowel nár?

Or I might be barking up the wrong alda to want to form the phrase so strictly like English; perhaps some other phrasing would express the idea more fluidly (as I could see there were some variations in the primary-world-language signs that were not literally built of the blocks "libraries", "are", "for", "everyone").


P.S. )
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Would anyone out there who has a Reddit account be willing to comment in a thread for me? I have a different model of Kindle, but seem to be having the same problem as this user about the battery life on my Kindle Fire being terrible after the update to Fire OS 5.3.2 was pushed last month, draining quickly even when the device is supposedly in sleep mode, which also means it charges slowly. (There's very little on that thread, but that seems to be the story anywhere on the internet; I would think if this problem were widespread it would be easy to find complaints, but that hasn't seemed to be the case. :-/ ) I would like to ask the OP if they ever sorted it out.

5.3.2 is the update that included Alexa, Amazon's answer to Siri or Cortana, which I immediately disabled, so I don't think it's that Alexa is listening all the time. It's not the wifi (turning that off has no effect, and leaving it on all night was never a problem before) or Bluetooth. A battery monitor and wakelock detector reveal that there's no particular app doing the battery suck, it's just that the CPU is being held awake large percentages of time (90% in the case of last night) for... no reason I can determine, leading to 20-30% battery drain overnight instead of ~5% as had previously been the case. The native email app is the worst offender as far as the number of times it wakes the CPU (it must be something like twice or three times a second), but it only gets ~10 minutes total wake time over an 8 hour night and accounts for only a couple percent of the battery drain. A lot of the wakelocking seems to be by the kernel and I just can't fathom what's going on.
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Can anyone recommend a couple of pieces of Linux software to me, that would run on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B? I don't know for sure, but I assume ours is running Raspbian. Their FAQ says "In general, you need to look to see whether the program you want can be compiled for the ARMv6 (Pi 1) ... architecture" which is not very meaningful to me, but hopefully will be to somebody. (If I seem ignorant for someone who even owns a Pi in the first place, it's not really mine, it's [personal profile] enotsola's; he bought it as a toy but we really have hardly ever even plugged it in.)

1. An MP3 player - just needs basic playback controls (play/stop/pause/skip) and ability to shuffle a playlist or files in a folder. Subdirectory recursion not required as the source files will all be in the same folder.

2. A slideshow - i.e. take image files in a folder and display them in fullscreen mode, shuffled in random order, for a variable length of time per image. Subdirectory recursion again not required. Option to display or not display the filename as a small text caption on the screen would be a plus. Option to scale the pictures to the height or width of the screen (not stretch to fill, but maintain proportion) also a plus.

The big idea here is that I wanted to try the slideshow thing out for the meetup at PCon, but that there is not a convenient place to put our laptop next to the room TV (which is not itself movable, nor would running a cable across the room be a good idea). But the Pi is tiny and would fit, so was there a way we could make that work, and while we were at it, could we also make it the jukebox and ditch having the laptop taking up space entirely?

(the icon on DW may not seem related, but his shirt says "Computers Are Fun And Useful".)
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If I just want to make a one-off T-shirt for myself and not sell more afterwards, what site or place of business would people recommend?

Related, is there anywhere I can get Helvetica font, or possibly some kind of lookalike, without having to pay an amount of license money that makes no sense for the project in mind? (I thought of trying to do the design on a Mac, which may be possible, but I'm not sure.)
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Does anyone have any thoughts on why my Tumblr tracked tags properly tracked what I had seen across multiple browser instances of Pale Moon (i.e. my home, work, and laptop installations) but Chrome doesn't behave the same way? That is, with Pale Moon I could go through my tracked tags at work, and when I went home the same tags would only pop up again on the different computer if there were actually new posts I hadn't seen in the past hour or whatever since I left work; whereas with Chrome I may have to go through the same posts again because it's basing it off the last time I used that particular computer, which is typically the previous day. (I use Chrome for this use case because New XKit isn't supported in Pale Moon and Tumblr is pretty much unbearable without XKit.)
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Does anyone know how to report a suspected bot account on DW? On LJ there's a link in the userhead popup to "Report a bot", but DW doesn't have a similar one.
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I've been toying with the idea of getting one of the official Changeling shirts The Onyx Path has on Redbubble. ( Given that Redbubble shirts are not cheap ($28 *gasp* *thud*), it probably would be exactly one, meaning I'm mulling overseveral options:

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 5

Le shirt?

Kithbook: Sidhe cover illustration
3 (60.0%)

Sidhe kith symbol
1 (20.0%)

House Fiona (ehhh, but probably not; though, anyone think it's weird that's where I always used to put myself in the base Seelie Houses?)
0 (0.0%)

Realm: Fae symbol, the thing that also stands in for Changeling as a whole
2 (40.0%)

Nobles: the Shining Host cover illustration
3 (60.0%)

(I've also always had a soft spot for the Nocker stuff because, you know, I am cranky as hell and nothing but perfection will do, but for general use...)

(LJ Peeps: I'm not sure if it's possible to vote in the poll by logging in on DW using your LJ login as OpenID, but it's worth a shot. Otherwise you can always just leave a comment.)
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I've been considering taking the plunge and letting my Windows 7 (64 bit Ultimate) computer upgrade itself to Windows 10. However, I currently have a RAID set up to entirely mirror the contents of one drive to another identical drive. This is a software RAID using Windows' internal management tool, not a hardware controller. One of the two disks is the boot disk (i.e., I don't have the OS housed on a third separate disk).

I've tried to do some Googling about what is best practice in this situation but am not coming up with much, other than disquieting suggestions that Windows 10 is broken with RAIDS (things like the OS not being able to see RAIDed disks after moving from 7 or 8 to 10, etc.). Apparently later versions of Windows are using something called "Storage Spaces" to accomplish similar effects. That's a village I may have to pillage when I get there.

I feel intuitively that what I ought to do is first un-RAID the two drives (stop mirroring) before attempting to muck about with the OS. (I assume that would in turn mean at least having to rebuild the mirror afterwards, possibly even having to reformat the second drive first. And paranoia tells me I ought to first back up everything valuable on a third external drive or something as well.) But I can't find anyone directly instructing to do so. Advice?
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Does anyone know how to stop Photoshop (Creative Cloud 2014) from saving scanned images acquired by WIA as bitmaps in some folder? I want them to just be opened in Photoshop as new untitled documents and not saved anywhere. This scanner's WIA with CS5.5 under 32-bit Win XP used to work that way, but 64-bit Photoshop under 64-bit Win 7 seems to want to act differently. (Those factors are not something I have control over; this is my work computer.) The scanner itself is the same and the software seems to act the almost the same as it used to under paint.NET, actually (except I have to pick the device each time even though I only have one, but that's a single keypress) but Photoshop now insists on prefacing the normal scanning interface dialog with another box asking me where I want to save the image, giving me the option to also open it in Photoshop, but not to only do that.

No matter what I do I can't seem to get the scanner to appear under the File > Import menu with its own name like it used to, only the general File > Import > WIA Support option (which was always there too, but which I never used). I feel like that might be related, but I've installed all the versions of the driver I can find (HP offers three, a "basic feature" driver, a "TWAIN driver and utilities" that might be useless because I read that you can't use TWAIN in 64-bit Photoshop, and a rather large full software suite I don't really need) and none seem to have the desired effect.

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My trusty not-a-purse bag that I've had for more than 10 years and replaced the zipper on once (that was tricky) is really starting to wear a bit thin. It's sort of messenger-bag style, black canvas, one internal compartment, and a flap that closes with the sort of clicky plastic clasp like you see on a backpack and has a zippered outer pocket. The problem with replacing it is that every messenger bag I look at is several inches too large in width and height (typically around 16" x 12"). Does anyone know where I might be able to get something like that measuring approximately 13" w x 9" h x 4" d?
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Anyone else finding in TB 38 that the first SMTP send per session doesn't work, and then the second and subsequent sends work fine? This started happening to my mother when she accepted the upgrade to 38.1, I think it was (or maybe 38.0.1?) and I'm seeing the same behavior now that I've applied the update to 38.2.0 (from 31.7.0 I think). The UI gives a "timeout" error popup, but IIRC looking in the log on her computer revealed that on the first attempt it was actually not even trying, just instantly failing, I think without even opening a connection, so I suppose the same thing is happening here since I'm seeing the same symptom. (The second transaction looked like a normal SMTP send, hence successful send of mail.) [personal profile] enotsola and I both banged our heads against this issue for several hours when she first saw it happening and got nowhere; apparently no one else on the internet was having this problem then, and I'm not finding references to it now, either. bzuh?
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A spam email subject today:

Featured Non Evasive Botox

One presumes they meant non-invasive...

In other news, does anyone have any suggestions for where I might start looking into car stereos? Just, like, some resource to make sense of what's available out there, compare models, etc. when I have no idea where to even start. I'm not an audiophile (obviously), I'm just looking to replace my factory stereo with one that can play digital music.
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Dear Hive Mind:

I ordered chirashi sushi today at a restaurant. I recognized everything in it (ohboy. Maguro, sake, ikura, tai, hamachi, tamago, tako, kani, possibly hokkigai, ebi, shiro maguro or ono?... um, I think that's all the meat? then wakame, shiso leaf, daikon...) except a slice of something that was similar in shape to the long, thin, triangular slice of carrot, but it was yellow and pebbly. It tasted vaguely seafoody, but then it was buried in among all the fish, so that may not be telling. It was a bit chewy, not soft and tender like raw fish, nor crunchy like the carrot. Looking at pictures of uni and considering its expense, I'm pretty sure it wasn't that (although I could be wrong), especially since that's listed in the restaurant's "super chirashi" which isn't what I ordered.

Soo... what the hell did I just eat?
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If there's a domain name that will be expiring in the not-too-distant future, and I would like to maximize my chances of being able to register it, what should I do (if that's possible)? Assume for the purpose of the question that there are other individuals who have the same idea as well as a fair likelihood of a squatter.

Bonus points for telling me how I might go about transferring it to a different registrar, if I did manage to get my hands on it. (I understand there are, at the very least, waiting periods involved...)


Dec. 3rd, 2013 12:19 pm
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If anyone else out there uses LJLogin, have you noticed that it hasn't been able to log in to LJ (specifically; IJ and DW work fine) for about 5+ days now? If I log in manually it detects the login and updates the status bar appropriately, but selecting a login from its own menu does nothing, it just stays at "Not logged in." I think it might be connected to the latest LJ update and/or the "Connection reset" errors people have been seeing, but I haven't gotten any response from [ profile] slarti about it.
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I haven't seen enough Doctor Who to know this answer for myself, and formulating a search query that would produce good results is proving difficult at the moment: Do we ever see the inside of anyone else's TARDIS besides the Doctor's?
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Has anyone found an iGoogle substitute that works on the same widget/gadget model? I tried Netvibes and Protopage and both of them seem to just expect me to fill in a single rss feed into each of a whole bunch of boxes on a page, so I can... I guess read a bunch of news feeds (though most of mine are not actually "news") individually side by side? Is that what they expect me to want to be doing? I have an rss reader (The Old Reader); I don't need to use a dashboard page that way.

I haven't yet tried igHome, which seems to operate more like what I have in mind, though I imagine the selection of widgets will be limited. Nor have I looked back at My Yahoo since... like... a silly "Web 2.0" project I had to do for work back in 2007. Maybe I should.

Going on a tangent: does anyone know how to construct the feed url for Flickr's "Interesting" photos? and don't give me enough information to work it out, probably because there's background knowledge they're expecting me to have that I don't have. ("interesting" photos don't seem to be tagged "interesting" or "explored" or whatever unless a user applies the tag.)
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Should I get blue, green, or white? (Red is not under consideration.)

Show your work.

eta: We got white.

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