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Today we unintentionally ate vegetarian: breakfast, yogurt, berries, + English muffin (me)/granola (him); afternoon snack, cheese & crackers; dinner, fried tofu with smoked paprika, chile verde salsa, and a little guacamole, over sauteed kale and red peppers with garlic, over chili/cumin/cilantro flavored mix of black beans, brown rice, and corn, all topped with a little feta cheese as a substitute for something like cotija (yeah, it was kind of a sloppy pile).

And more, the beans were cooked from dried (we're getting into doing that with our pressure cooker), corn cooked fresh from cob, guacamole made fresh. We're basically one plaid shirt away from being a horrible stereotype. I'd say we're approaching haaardcooooore but then we didn't make our own yogurt or tofu, so. Though, if it "helps", we often buy our tofu at the farmer's market either directly from the guy who makes it or from his employee who is one degree separate? (rly tho, it's good stuff. I can even eat it plain without seasoning because it has its own flavor, and I like the texture.)

Er. By way of redemption, I also bought maplewood smoked bacon today? Like, made from a pig that used to be an alive creature?

Dang. Never mind the plaid shirts; we are a horrible stereotype.

Ah well. *chows down on slightly sloppy pile of rice etc.*
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"Inauguration 2016: How Inaugural Luncheon wines were selected"

...oh, California.

(shouldn't that have said 2017 tho?)
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Welp, I guess that's what you get if winter works as it should in California and there's actually some &@^!ing rain. Makes all the weeds and stuff sprout. Hillsides that have been brown all summer should turn green in December and January.
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Well, shit.

Lest there be any doubt there is drought in California...
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California drought: El NiƱo could bring big storms next winter, new report says

A wet winter would be good, don't get me wrong, but get a load of this:

The conditions in the image on the right resulted in a winter with double average rainfall. The one on the left is what's massing out there right now. It's not certain next winter's rainfall will be above average (estimates are around 66% chance, quotes the article), but this is like... possibly flooding and mudslides and other miscellaneous destruction kind of rain, here. *insert mumbling about climate change and resulting greater extremes of weather*

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via [ profile] coyotegoth:

>Californians are already legally able to change identity documents. This law makes is safer and cheaper by
>removing court requirement/fee,
>and removing the public notification requirement.
>Full implementation by July, 2014.

(SACRAMENTO) Assembly Bill 1121, authored by Assemblymember Toni Atkins and co-sponsored by Equality California and the Transgender Law Center was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown today. The bill will help ensure people who are transgender have better access to legal name changes and identity documents that accurately reflect their gender identity.
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66.3% ( 16,233 of 24,491 ) precincts partially reporting as of November 7, 2012, 12:42 a.m.

Yes 30 Temporary Taxes to Fund Education 3,600,257 52.3% 3,283,989 47.7%

--Guys, this proposition directly affects how many people get laid off at my district and college and more specifically, how many may get laid off right in my department. The last "worst case scenario" cuts plan submitted to and approved by the Board of Trustees called for potential elimination (of course, it depends on more factors than this tax measure) of 6 out of 10 classified (vs. faculty or management) positions in the Library. Part of the reason the lists were done the way they were was to try to get it through the Faculty Association's heads that we cannot continue to function with a cuts-only scenario that involves no concessions from the bargaining units (pay cuts, furloughs, whatever), but still, the passage of this proposition is extremely important to turn a potential horrible clusterfuck into a still-very-bad-but-not-quite-so-impossibly-crippling situation.

Library gets hit disproportionately hard because we are considered "non-instructional", despite the fact that librarians are faculty and do do some instruction, under a law that requires 50% or more of the budget of the college to be spent on classroom instruction. So there comes a point where you cannot by law cut any more faculty and have to start disproportionately cutting into other things. I don't disagree with the purpose of the law - it's to prevent things like recently happened at SF City College where they had been spending extremely out of line amounts on administration. But in this particular case it means things, ah, suck to our particular ass-mar.

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