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Some elven/faery comics I have been reading lately:

Nahalenya, or Lenya to her friends, was sent forth from her home years ago to study magic at the University. Finding it too difficult to stand out as much as she did, she found a way to lead a double life. While her time has been rich with learning, she must soon graduate and begin her journey home – something that will take a lot longer than she could ever suspect.

This is only the first story of Halflight, a place where tales like this can be told, long and short, happy and sad, as if around a campfire past the end of the world and outside of time.

Edmund Carter is not what he seems. He’s a changeling, a fay child swapped for a human child in infancy. Raised by an unwitting human family, Edmund has guarded the secret of what he is all his life.

The World Below is all the nameless human Childe has ever known. Raised by fay royalty, who dote on him as an exotic pet, the Childe dreams of the human world. When a neighboring kingdom invades his home, the Childe flees with Whick, a golem made of wax and his only companion. Having nowhere else to go, the Childe seeks out the fay who replaced him at birth in the World Above.

Now Edmund and the Childe, along with Whick and their human sister Alexis, must evade the assassins of the usurping Queen, protect their human family, and choose the life they want to lead.

Feral Gentry
Feral Gentry is an occasionally animated new weird comic about modern fairies. The main character Tuomi finds his safe but solitary life suddenly shaken when he meets another of his kind for the first time in years.

Chrysalis - based on Changeling: the Dreaming
It's the year 1969. When the first Man steps on the Moon, Mankind believes again and Arcadia's doors burst open. The sidhe come back to their old lands believing Spring has come back so they can retake their kingdoms, but the commoners think otherwise...

(Unfortunately, per their news post, this comic has ceased in the middle of a story as of last September, or at least is on indefinite hiatus.)

(DW autocompleted my attempt to type the tag "elves" on this post with "eldritch terrors". Whether there is any truth to this is left as an exercise for the reader.)
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Thoughts of a Traveler
by ~Kuuraturkki on deviantART

Once, I swore never to come back here, but it seems I did. Like something or someone led me here, for a reason or another. I've been here before many times long ago, and know something of the place - one could say I have... Inside information.

The wind hums strangely here, almost singing. Like a wind chime stuck in a certain note, or the noise that's made when you blow into a bottle in a certain angle or run your finger across the edge of a wine glass. A calming sound to some, a warning to those with doubts and trickery in their minds.

It's not wise to anger the residents of these hills. ...
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Oh my. Elderflower, elderberry, dandelion, and hawthorn wines, as well as various other fruits!
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Eye of a Druidess (also Facebook, tumblr, Blogspot)

Art of Alejandra Calle-Cook, with a similar feel to the strain of contact in John Matthews' The Sidhe and Emily Carding's Tarot of the Sidhe. In fact she mentions the book in conjunction with one of the pieces and uses the Great Glyph in a couple.
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(manual crosspost from tumblr:

"Faery Dance Spell"

So, um. I didn't reblog this directly because it's not that I want to engage with this person. I'm sure they mean well and I don't like making people angry with me. But honestly, this post kind of makes me ill.

Read more... )

I mean. PROTIP. Don't summon the Goblin King just because. You probably won't like what happens next.
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Got one of these in the mail earlier this week:

(picture is link; click to go to Etsy listing)

It nicely fills what was a dead space on my wall. :)
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*This Saturday from 10:00am - Sunday at 5:00pm*

Winnetka Tower
8000 Winnetka Ave
Winnetka, CA

*Path of the Faery Seer: The Apprenticeship Series: Module II
Ancestral Voices: Working with the Spirits of the Dead in Faery Seership*

A Intimate Weekend Intensive with Orion Foxwood
[...] This workshop will deal with the necromantic aspects of Faery Seership and how we can work with “our spiritual next of kin.” Our work
will focus on ancestral reverence, redemption, partnerships, folk practices, death-bed midwifery, blood voices and other aspects of this branch of the work including:

The River of Blood and the Cave of Voices
Building the Ancestral Shrine
Souls in pain and the power of redemption
The Door of Parentage
The Gate of Remembrance
The awakening of the blood
The Opening of the Way Rite for Transitioning Work
Faery and Ancestral relationships
The role of the beloved dead in inner world contact and work
Soil as the providence of the dead
The role of the Faery in birth and death transition
Ancestral contacts of the future and past
Ancestral dead and the power of place
Death as a spiritual intelligence

Man, I wish Orion would start a new cycle of this series up here in the Bay area. (Actually, I might theoretically have been willing to go to SoCal if I could have planned for it and if this were the first module in the series.)
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This is the person who did Tarot of the Sidhe. This isn't supposed to be one, but I'm seeing one anyway.
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This is the person who did Tarot of the Sidhe. This isn't supposed to be one, but I'm seeing one anyway.

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