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I actually just cut a circle out of last night's polenta to have it for breakfast with a little goat cheese and a fried egg on top.

Someone take Food Network away from me.
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Because everyone cares about my culinary adventures: Read more... )
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Today we unintentionally ate vegetarian: breakfast, yogurt, berries, + English muffin (me)/granola (him); afternoon snack, cheese & crackers; dinner, fried tofu with smoked paprika, chile verde salsa, and a little guacamole, over sauteed kale and red peppers with garlic, over chili/cumin/cilantro flavored mix of black beans, brown rice, and corn, all topped with a little feta cheese as a substitute for something like cotija (yeah, it was kind of a sloppy pile).

And more, the beans were cooked from dried (we're getting into doing that with our pressure cooker), corn cooked fresh from cob, guacamole made fresh. We're basically one plaid shirt away from being a horrible stereotype. I'd say we're approaching haaardcooooore but then we didn't make our own yogurt or tofu, so. Though, if it "helps", we often buy our tofu at the farmer's market either directly from the guy who makes it or from his employee who is one degree separate? (rly tho, it's good stuff. I can even eat it plain without seasoning because it has its own flavor, and I like the texture.)

Er. By way of redemption, I also bought maplewood smoked bacon today? Like, made from a pig that used to be an alive creature?

Dang. Never mind the plaid shirts; we are a horrible stereotype.

Ah well. *chows down on slightly sloppy pile of rice etc.*
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Things I have eaten tonight:

1. Homemade corned beef that was a little salty, but then it was beef soaked in brine for ten days what exactly did you expect??
2. Cabbage braised with thyme, mustard, excess juniper berries from the corned beef (surprisingly complementary) and bacon (American bacon because tracking down Irish bacon was not happening, but actually it was quite good if you just cut off the soggy fat bits)
3. No colcannon because we decided we already had too much food for two people (trufax; much as I like colcannon, glad we didn't)
4. Soda bread whose dough was reaaally sticky and which I didn't believe would be done all the way through in time but which kind of stole the show
5. Too much Kerrygold butter No such thing

Just roll me out the door, I'm done.
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(opportunity to test the DW images interface here! ah, ok, looks like it's auto-thumbnailing. handy. click to embiggen.)

weird googly-eyed lobster dish


Must be one of those regrettable foods from a Sunset cookbook, right?

Nope. Larousse Gastronomique, Crown Publishers' 1961 English edition. I guess sad food photography was just endemic to the 1960s.
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Because everyone totally cares what we had for dinner: homemade pizza with Italian sausage, roasted red peppers, shallots, and crimini, oyster, and shiitake mushrooms. Inspired by having a totally, ah, uninspiring "forest funghi" pizza somewhere that involved only criminis. (srsly, I mean, we were not expecting the expense of morels on a $9 one-person-sized bar pizza, but maybe some effort towards variety...?)
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Dear Hive Mind:

I ordered chirashi sushi today at a restaurant. I recognized everything in it (ohboy. Maguro, sake, ikura, tai, hamachi, tamago, tako, kani, possibly hokkigai, ebi, shiro maguro or ono?... um, I think that's all the meat? then wakame, shiso leaf, daikon...) except a slice of something that was similar in shape to the long, thin, triangular slice of carrot, but it was yellow and pebbly. It tasted vaguely seafoody, but then it was buried in among all the fish, so that may not be telling. It was a bit chewy, not soft and tender like raw fish, nor crunchy like the carrot. Looking at pictures of uni and considering its expense, I'm pretty sure it wasn't that (although I could be wrong), especially since that's listed in the restaurant's "super chirashi" which isn't what I ordered.

Soo... what the hell did I just eat?
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(not my video, just a convenient example)

Look at this shiny-ass purple stuff! Saw it at BevMo today and could not possibly resist. What it really tastes like, I have no idea yet ("vodka, Moscato, and natural fruit flavors"), since we'll be saving the bottle for the meetup at Pcon in February... but dang was I instantly suckered in. (MARKETING! Clearly I am the target audience ... >_< )
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Has anyone tried honey-flavored vodka (like this)? On the one hand it seems like a thing an Arethinn would like. On the other it could be terrible and cloying and if I want honey vodka I should just mix honey and vodka.
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WTF, weather? Having mood swings, are we?

It's not unusual for it to still be in the high 70s, even 80F this time of year, but 90F is right out, and then to be that chilly at night into the bargain? Very weird.


p.s. and here I am wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt because it is bloody cold in my office.
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Oh my. Elderflower, elderberry, dandelion, and hawthorn wines, as well as various other fruits!
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I don't agree with the sentiment about Martinis, but I LOLed anyway:

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Enotsola says:
... apparently Rogue is making beer from a yeast strain found in the beard of one of their brewers
recalibrated unicorn says:
is it called "Beerd"?
Enotsola says:
Everyone is saying that. I'm not sure. I mean, it's just a wild yeast strain that happened to get picked up in his beard. They then grew it from there.
It's not like they just shaved his beard into the mash or something
recalibrated unicorn says:
why does he have a yeast infection in his beard
that's what i want to know
Enotsola says:
That's probably a good question.. I just wonder if that would be more common than we'd think
It's going to be called "New Crustacean" which kind of frightens me
recalibrated unicorn says:
are we sure it was yeast and not, i dunno, beard lice?
oregon is a strange place
Enotsola says:
Yeah.. it was sent to a lab and tested..
recalibrated unicorn says:
i know, but why call it "crustacean" anything?
Enotsola says:
I don't know
recalibrated unicorn says:
oregon is a strange place
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...haha, yeah. I think we worked it out once that it was a little cheaper to go to the farmer's market instead of buying produce at Whole Foods (meat is something else again - yes, kids, there is more expensive meat than Whole Foods), but really it was almost comparable and the benefit was mainly in knowing we were paying the farmers much more directly and in the locavore factor. Though living where we do, the percentage at Whole Foods, and even standard grocery stores, isn't bad; but it seems the farmer's market is the only place I can get snow peas that aren't imported from Mexico. (At least, I assume they're not.)
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I had one (count it, one) Taco Bell chicken soft taco today. This wasn't by pure choice, but a concession because we were seeking a bathroom and the other options in the plaza we were at were more food/money than we wanted to pay for the privilege given the time since breakfast (such as a Mongolian grill, a Subway, a Philly cheesesteak place, and a Chinese restaurant). So, $3.12 bathroom fee it was.

I'm not sure when was the last time I actually ate Taco Bell. It was within the past 3.5-4 years since [personal profile] enotsola was already living here, but I would lay good money it was at least the summer before last. Well, anyway.

Bad. Idea.

I eat at the little ¬°Una Mas! thing in the De Anza cafeteria occasionally. ("Contract station", basically; reduced menu.) I know it's not the healthiest food in the world (although if you just get a plain bean and rice burrito with no cheese or guacamole or crema, it's not as bad as it could be, and I can usually make a meal plus a snack out of it; you might or might not be surprised how bad some of the actual cafeteria food is in comparison), but it's never given me indigestion or much trouble with gas. OTOH, my body's reaction to Taco Bell makes me, er, disinclined to acquiesce to their request that I eat any more of their food. If one can call it that. Yii.

(I suppose I should count myself lucky my body reacts to it better than [personal profile] enotsola's, for what that's worth. Erm. TMI?)

om nom nom.

Dec. 9th, 2011 09:01 pm
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This is the thing we just nommed for dinner. Nommity nom. I got the idea from seeing parsnip fritters mentioned somewhere (part of a historical Thanksgiving dinner, that the poster said "um, we wouldn't eat this"?).

Allergy/diet info: As is, contains egg, wheat, and dairy. Could probably be modified with egg substitute, soy/oat/nut milk, flour other than wheat, etc. as appropriate, but I haven't tested that.

the following four all shredded fine:

2 small parsnips
1 medium carrot
1 medium potato
um... half each of a medium rutabaga and turnip?

about 1/4 c sliced green onions

enough whole wheat flour to coat all that well and make it seem kinda dry - maybe 3/4 c?
about 1/2-3/4 t salt
1/4 t pepper
1/2 t each dried marjoram, savory
generous 1/4 t garlic powder
2 eggs, so it starts getting goopy again (if not, you may not have as much shredded vegetable as I used)
3/4 cup buttermilk

peanut or other suitable oil for shallow frying (Peanut has a high smoke temperature, and I'm paranoid. Feel free to use something else if allergic.)
seasoned salt (optional)

Shred vegetables and add green onions. Press out moisture between paper towels. Toss with flour (two forks works well). Add seasonings. Stir in eggs and buttermilk. You may need to adjust the consistency with more flour or buttermilk: you want it to be a very thick batter, such that it's wet but you can scoop it with a spoon, press it down and it holds its shape, etc. Basically you are gluing the vegetable shreds together. (About drop biscuit/cookie consistency, maybe a little wetter.)

Pour enough oil into a skillet for shallow frying, about 1/4 inch deep or maybe a bit less. Heat over medium heat until you see some rippling movements. I can't give you a number, but test temperature by dropping in a blob of batter. You want it to bubble immediately but not spit, and cook quickly on the bottom rather than sticking.

When oil is hot, drop in spoonfuls and flatten with the back of the spoon. (It's easier to turn them if you let them be long shapes rather than rounds, but it depends on your tools.) Turn when brown/firm enough on the bottom that you can turn them without them flopping about, and let cook on other side until brown.

Remove and drain on brown paper. Sprinkle with seasoned salt and try to let cool for a few minutes rather than burn yourself by eating bits of hot oil that may still be clinging to the delicious fritters.
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Here's one that's right up James Lileks's alley:

Besides the horror of the hot dog itself (which, as stated in the post, seems to be smiling about the fact it's been burned alive), I am very scared by the green stuff it's resting on. It looks like the plastic foliage you put in a fish tank. I don't usually like my sandwiches to be quite so pointy.
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Good thing of the moment: McVities Rich Tea biscuits. Somehow they have the perfect absorbency: they get soft when I dunk them in tea but they neither drip back into the cup, nor fall apart and leave crumbs behind.
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In the Manchester airport, waiting for the flight to Phoenix (soon; this is kind of a rush post). OMG I just had a lobster roll in the Sam Adams "pub" and it was delicious. Giant sweet piece of claw meat in among the rest of it. I'm sure it's just airport food and not really a real lobster roll but *drool*. Even for $15.99 + tax I didn't want to pass up the chance. (Went by some places on the hwy in NH which were more like $10-12 for such a thing.)
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WANTED: Good fish and chips. Please send soonest.

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