Dec. 18th, 2012 07:10 pm
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San Jose City College on lockdown, reports of a gunman on campus

ETA: All clear was given about an hour and a half ago. Apparently no gunman was found. Between that and the lack of actual shots fired, I'm forced to wonder if someone called 911 as a prank...
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Can anyone recommend a venue, such as a park, coffee shop, free gallery of some type, etc... just about anything would do, I think, but I'd prefer to avoid actual restaurants as I don't want people to have to pay over $5 to participate... which would be suitable for an early afternoon small group meetup, situated in the east Bay between approximately San Ramon and Pleasanton? (Castro Valley/San Lorenzo area less desirable, but might work.)

I see there are a number of regional parks but I think I may want something a tad smaller, where it might be easier for people to find each other because the exact location to meet is more obvious (and since I haven't been to any of them, I can't give a description of a specific landmark to look for).
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Ooo! Dark Crystal and Labyrinth double feature coming up next week, $15 for the double bill!
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Northern California Author Amy Stewart’s 2009 New York Times Bestseller, Wicked Plants: The Weed that Killed Lincoln’s Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities comes to deadly life at the Conservatory of Flowers this summer
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"We're looking for approximately 100 Bay Area gardeners for the inaugural season who would like to work as a community to save heirloom vegetable seed. ... The Backyard Seed Vault is working in conjunction with the Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (BASIL), a project of the Ecology Center, for their immense knowledge on properly saving, labeling, cataloging, and storing seeds. Seeds not redistributed to participants will be donated to BASIL, providing an opportunity for any community member to 'check out' seed to grow in their gardens."


"Local gardeners and farmers can 'check out' seeds with the agreement that they attempt to grow them out and 'return' some seeds of the next generation at the end of the season. If we can create a local abundance of fertile and non-engineered seed, we can participate in the International Solidarity Seed Project by donating our surplus to communities around the world that have difficulty accessing viable, open-pollinated seed."

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