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The Song of the Land: Bioregional Animism

...bioregional animism may seem more of a practical way of life than a spiritual one, but again we must remember the line between the sacred and the mundane is invisible. Bioregional animism is not a spiritual path, it is not a denomination or a tradition, it is the way you choose to live your life every day and the conscious choice to interact ethically with nature.
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"I don’t always litter in the woods, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis."


(we picked up this and some other trash found around the creek and took it all to the garbage/recycling bins in the picnic area.)
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I've heard of the dawn chorus, but the crow population of De Anza College - or at least that part which occupies certain trees near the corner of this building - seems to have taken up doing a dusk chorus raucous.* ruckus.**

(I was about to say "you could almost set your watch by..." until I realized that it wasn't the fact that it was 6 PM, because a few weeks ago this was happening at 6:30 PM. It's that the sun is setting. Dur-hay.)

It's kinda neat.


* BE AMAZED as [personal profile] arethinn daringly nouns adjectives!

** edit: Duh. There was already a suitable noun. And "dusk ruckus" is assonant and sounds cool.
arethinn: Photo of a forest, text "Dwimordene" (nature (dwimordene forest))

Via Flickr:
A breezy day in the Pennsylvania Forest, the Delaware Water Gap, the Poconos....that area :) This is an 80 foot tall waterfall.

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Plum Blossom

(flickr picture; they turned off the share links)

These kinds of trees are blooming around here, too. We have a lot of cherry plums which have purple/red leaves and pinker blossoms. They're actually the trees I look to for a "green world" cue as to when Imbolc (by whatever name) has arrived. And true to form, the persimmon tree down the street has been blooming since mid-January and was beginning to come out in leaves today.
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"We're looking for approximately 100 Bay Area gardeners for the inaugural season who would like to work as a community to save heirloom vegetable seed. ... The Backyard Seed Vault is working in conjunction with the Bay Area Seed Interchange Library (BASIL), a project of the Ecology Center, for their immense knowledge on properly saving, labeling, cataloging, and storing seeds. Seeds not redistributed to participants will be donated to BASIL, providing an opportunity for any community member to 'check out' seed to grow in their gardens."

"Local gardeners and farmers can 'check out' seeds with the agreement that they attempt to grow them out and 'return' some seeds of the next generation at the end of the season. If we can create a local abundance of fertile and non-engineered seed, we can participate in the International Solidarity Seed Project by donating our surplus to communities around the world that have difficulty accessing viable, open-pollinated seed."
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Straight as it came from the camera (aside from resize), which is a limping 3.1mpx Kodak Easyshare. It's about three weeks old, actually. Most of these kind of trees are all in their red leaf now. I keep meaning to get some pictures of the one persimmon tree down the street, because those overachievers bloom in late January, but I always forget and now it too is in full (green) leaf.

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