May. 8th, 2014 12:47 am
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Ethna Carbery (Irish poet 1866–1902)

There is a way I am fain to go -
To the mystical land where all are young,
Where silver branches have buds of snow
And every leaf is a singing tongue.

It lies beyond the night and day,
Over shadowy hill, and moorland wide,
And whoso enters casts care away,
And wistful longings unsatisfied.

There are sweet white women, a radiant throng,
Swaying like flowers in a scented wind
But between us the veil of earth is strong,
And my eyes to their luring eyes are blind.

A blossom of fire is each beauteous bird,
Scarlet and gold on melodious wings
And never so haunting a strain was heard
From royal harp in the Hall of Kings.

The sacred trees stand in rainbow dew,
Apple and ash and the twisted thorn,
Quicken and holly and dusky yew,
Ancient ere ever gray Time was born.

The oak spreads mighty beneath the sun
In a wonderful dazzle of moonlight green-
O would I might hasten from tasks undone,
And journey where no grief hath been

Were I past the mountains of opal flame,
I would seek a couch of the king fern brown,
And when from its seed glad slumber came,
A flock of rare dreams would flutter down.

But I move about in an endless fret,
While somewhere beyond earth’s brink, afar,
Forgotten of men, in a rose-rim set,
I-Breasil shines like a beckoning star.
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Thoughts of a Traveler
by ~Kuuraturkki on deviantART

Once, I swore never to come back here, but it seems I did. Like something or someone led me here, for a reason or another. I've been here before many times long ago, and know something of the place - one could say I have... Inside information.

The wind hums strangely here, almost singing. Like a wind chime stuck in a certain note, or the noise that's made when you blow into a bottle in a certain angle or run your finger across the edge of a wine glass. A calming sound to some, a warning to those with doubts and trickery in their minds.

It's not wise to anger the residents of these hills. ...

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