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me: It was a stuffed owl; relax.
[personal profile] enotsola: I know, but he still used a staple gun!
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"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is not a part of your life most of the time!"
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[personal profile] enotsola this morning (possibly thinking about a dream he'd had): "I wish people could communicate more effectively. [pause] I think that's more than any one genie can handle."
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[personal profile] arethinn: Awww. I'm never baking pumpkin pie again.
[personal profile] enotsola: That's a silly thing to say.
[personal profile] arethinn: [points to this pie]
[personal profile] enotsola: What about it?
[personal profile] arethinn: How could any pie I make ever be that perfect?
[personal profile] enotsola: How do you know? Maybe it tastes like poop! Lick your monitor and tell me what it tastes like.
[personal profile] arethinn: ...hopefully not like poop. What have you been doing while I'm at work?
[personal profile] enotsola: I bet any pie you make would taste better than your monitor.
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"It probably costs a third of a Lindsay Lohan to buy a 17th-century pirate ship."
arethinn: Freakazoid! (humor silly (freakazoid))
"Vampire marmalade? Must be made from blood oranges."
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[personal profile] enotsola (watching Glee): [Blaine] doesn't see that guy's totally skeezy. He's being as dumb as a box of hammers.
[personal profile] shyfoxling: Hmm, I was going to say hormonal.
[personal profile] enotsola: a box of hammers.
[personal profile] shyfoxling: How hormonal is a box of hammers, anyway?
[personal profile] enotsola: Well, I hear they want to hit that.

I'm very concerned he may be gaining ground in our ongoing pun war. (That's what a marriage basically is, right?)
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me, observing [personal profile] enotsola's "Eleven Doctors in the style of Matt Groening" desktop: Did they think up regeneration when they needed to change to the second actor? I mean, the first didn't do it, it was just a way of explaining that he looked different?

[personal profile] enotsola: Yeah... William Hartnell was like, "I'm done. Bye." And they're like, well, we could try to find a look-alike, or we could... make some shit up. And the rest is history. And the future. Er... and the present.
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(after a discussion about how Tosh.O is scary and basically internet videos in a crap wrapper)

enotsola: *burps* And that's my opinon on Tosh.O.
me: So it's like expensive regurgitated garlic?
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[personal profile] enotsola @ Starbucks sez:

The middle aged gentleman next to me is making a to-do list
the first three items are
Get Cape
Wear Cape
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"Do you think that if I put on one polka-dot sock and one stripy sock that my feet will mutually annihilate each other?"


" it stripes and plaid, is that it? Plaid and polka dots? Where does houndstooth come into it?"

--me and [personal profile] enotsola on the physical properties of my footwear

('ang on, this is a paid account. How come I don't have my custom mood theme on it?)
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Me (slipping a fresh beeswax votive into the holder on my altar): Heh heh heh. I like fire.
[personal profile] enotsola: Who doesn't? [*pause*] Oh, that damn bear...
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"Forward... ho!! ... 'Hey, there's no reason to be calling me names.' "

--me supplying my own punch line
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"Why is Earth so delicious? And why do we get to be at the top of the food chain*? Think of the poor brine shrimp! Their culinary horizons are very narrow!"

(*nom nom nom STRAWBERRY nom nom*)

* - I know, not 100% literally true, as several creatures can and do eat homo sapiens. I wouldn't say humans have any really systematic predators, though.
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"I wish I were funny like Robin Williams, except without all the body hair and cocaine."

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