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The asbestos abatement guys showed up promptly at 8 AM to rip the old vinyl flooring and whatever else they did out of our second bathroom. (This is after a plumbing collapse just outside the wall of the house last September that backed up into both bathrooms, and then endless jousting with AAA over exactly what was to be done and who would pay what blah blah blah. The master bath was done in June.) The upshot of this is that I have now had breakfast, two mugs of tea, run the dishwasher, and read all my internet and it's still not even noon. What do??
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My mother is being such an amazingly aggravating steamroller about the work we're having done in our house's two bathrooms -- to wit, hers is the only opinion that matters, and she will simply make snap decisions without first looking at all the choices (as was the contractor's suggestion) nor anyone else's assent, input, or even getting of a chance to look at the possibilities, even after telling us we would be able to -- that [personal profile] enotsola said, "Let's watch the Comey hearing. That'll be less stressful."


I will refrain from using my "Die in a fire" icon because my home desk computer literally, if very briefly, caught fire last night (just the dust in the case, I hope, since there's no visible damage, although I'm not sure if there might be something wrong with the power supply that could have provoked it, and we're definitely swapping that out before we try to see what survived, *fingers crossed*) which was a bit of a scare and we really don't want the house to burn down, but. I just. ARGH

(did I mention she's also a Fox News addict?)

eta: Visible damage found in the light of day. According to the report from the field, "the power connector to the optical drive is a melted mess, and the sata cable next to it is scorchy, and the top of your case right at the optical drive is all scorched." Speculation is that the power connector may have been slightly loose, and either dust or some such particles finally got into it, or maybe it would have arced anyway and the dust in the case merely made it more flashy. Said drive had been failing to recognize inserted discs for a while and I thought it had simply failed. We had tried the unplug-and-replug tactic on the SATA cable (since that was always a problem with IDEs) but I can't recall whether we did the same on the power; possibly not, since it was in fact opening and closing so it might not have occurred to us that there could be a problem with the power. I don't much care so long as other components have survived; although even if they haven't and we have to start buying new stuff, my most recent system image is only about 10 days ago and the delta between then and now is, I think, all recoverable, if a bit tedious to do so.
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Has anyone out there used the IRS's Direct Pay online bank transfer payment thingy when mailing a tax return (not filing electronically)? The 1040 instructions don't say you can't mix these methods (in fact seem to be encouraging me to do so in lieu of a paper check) but I can't figure out what would be the right order to do things in.

If I make the payment the same day, say, without first waiting for the return forms to be delivered in San Francisco, then they get this weird payment in advance and I'm not sure how it would be properly linked with the paper after the fact. But if I try to schedule the payment so that it falls after when I guess the return will arrive in San Francisco, then I've sent in a 1040 stating I owe but which doesn't include any payment (and I don't see, like, a box to check stating my intent to pay online).

Can anyone advise which way around I ought to go?
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*gets (legitimate) email, subject: Important changes to your account.*

After extensive market research and surveys, [xxx] is eliminating the ATM transaction fee rebate limit of $2.50 per transaction for our [xxx] account...

Oh great, what now...

*reads rest of email*

Wait, hang on. This is better. Since when do banks make things actually better?

...oh yeah, this is my credit union, not my bank.

(Yeah. They changed their policy of refunding the fee when you use a non-credit-union ATM from $2.50 per transaction to "whatever they actually charge you", up to a limit of $12 per month. I suppose if you withdraw cash from random ATMs a lot, it is not better, but for what I expect the average user it's better. This is kinda like when they changed the requirement to get the higher interest rate on a particular account I have from x transactions per month to x total dollars per month, and also changed the tracking period from a sort of arbitrary 30 days that didn't match the calendar to an actual calendar month, so those few months a year when my paycheck was deposited "too early" because of how weekends or holidays fell were no longer too early. I was sort of puzzled reading that email, because I was like "wait, that's actually better, not worse" and was dazed for a few minutes.)
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Holy CARP are there a lot of candidates for US senator from California on the June primary ballot. Thirty-four (34). No joke. Apparently since 2010 this is an "open primary" position meaning that anyone registered with any party may vote for any candidate of any party, but even were that not so, I'd be facing seven Democratic party candidates. Thanks a lot, Barbara Boxer (who chose not to seek re-election). And I have literally never heard of any of these people except the current CA Attorney General, Kamala Harris, because the presidential circus bloodbath has totally overshadowed everything else lately (except maybe Ro Khanna vs Mike Honda, round 2, FIGHT! I miss being in Anna Eshoo's House district :P ).

Also, the same law that means I can vote for anyone in the Senate primary means that the top two candidates will be taken for the November ballot, i.e. it could conceivably be two Republicans. oo er.
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I know this is a joke, but it's basically me right now without [personal profile] enotsola, who has traipsed off to Halifax and won't be back until June 2. I just don't know what to do with myself without him. I got up this morning and didn't immediately know what to have for breakfast since we'd had eggs yesterday and I try not to eat tons of eggs in a week. So I thought, well, I'll make coffee and then I'll come back and fix something.

Two hours and many trips in and out of the kitchen later, I still hadn't figured out what or kind of even how to feed myself, which was beginning to annoy my stomach, by the sounds of things. Like, I was totally stalling on how to start to prepare anything (and I usually do like 85% of the cooking). This didn't involve literal staring at the open fridge, but it was in that spirit. I toyed with a few ideas of going out for something, but everything just kind of fizzled before I could even so much as get dressed, never mind get in the car and drive anywhere (I still haven't changed clothes).

I'm at least eating now (plate of steamed veggies and slightly-less-than-one-serving of cheese ravioli that was hanging about in the freezer and needed using up - btw, I did not do it for reals, I just drizzled on some olive oil and terrible powdered Parmesan cheese and pepper - but cacio e pepe seems like it has real promise), and I read my usual start-of-day internet, but now I can't seem to force myself to do any of the things I told myself I wanted to do. Like, I have a zillion videos I've been saving up bookmarks to watch at a time when it won't bug [personal profile] enotsola to have to sit there and see me watch them (our computers are right next to each other). But now it's come to it I just. Can't. Get. Started. I can't pick one. No amount of geez just start at the top or the bottom or roll dice whatever just click a link!!! helps because the command just doesn't seem to ... get issued, never mind travel down to my mouse hand.

It's not really choice paralysis, just that every time I try to start down the road of a choice, there's just this "...nah" that makes it not happen. Same when I consider any option of where I might go if I left the house. I also seem to lose any idea of how to schedule myself because just like last time he was in Canada without me, I stayed up way too late last night, like my body lacked its usual signal that "you should be going to bed soon". (I justified it as trying to wait until he landed in Toronto and then had time to get off the plane and send me an email, which came at 4:20 AM, but I didn't quite make it.)

gah. This is going to be a long 11 days. Fortunately work will take care of a fair amount of it, but still. *chews cauliflower leaf sullenly*
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Happy 8th anniversary to my bedmate and best mate. Long may you sprawl over my side of the bed because, you claim, smelling my pillow somehow helps you wake up in the morning.

for he is become Gord, the destroyer of blankets

(8th wedding anniversary, that is. We've been together uh... 17 years, ish?)
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May-the-Fourth-be-with-us is our ([personal profile] enotsola and me's* my) wedding anniversary.

So, yeah.

Woo for [ profile] the_misha being qualified at the time to sign the fancy silly papers the gub'mint wants, because he was able to give us the "ooga booga, I wave my stick, you are married" kind of ceremony we wanted. No fancy preparations involved (although as I recall, my mother forced a bouquet into my hand, and I dyed my hair for the occasion).

This is whatcha get when you've been "together" for nine and engaged for seven years before you actually get married, I guess.

Like, whatever. I had delicious scallops and he had delicious swordfish today as an anniversary dinner. That's the important part. Right?


* I've never liked that construction; but is "___ and I's" or "___'s and mine" any better?... this is one of the few situations in English where I really have no idea what is right, or even commonly prescribed. AAA RAVENCLAW NEEDS SOLID GUIDANCE
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mmmmmm I love the smell of rain. Especially since it's, ohIdunno, about 2 months overdue? (I think we had all better get used to wet Mays and even Junes around here.)

I hope this will help the ground be wet enough we can dig out some old plants on Sunday (assuming it's not still raining, not that I'd complain if it were). And I would really like to scoop out all that silly tanbark and lay in soil and have herb, flower, and vegetable garden squares by the fence, but we have to replace the fence first... and just try getting my dad moving on anything. Pah.
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Does anyone have an idea how we might manage to get rid of a piano we no longer want without having to pay for its removal and disposal? We have an antique (ca. turn of the 20th century) upright piano and haven't been having luck selling the thing on Craigslist or with signs posted by the music department, possibly because it's not in the greatest condition. We had never put a high price tag on it, but honestly at this point we'd be willing to give it away for free if only someone would come and take it away. (I suppose I haven't tried Freecycle, but argh, to me that's a pain to deal with and basically last resort.) I wonder if I just haven't found the right audience for this kind of thing (it might be a nice project if one were into restoring old pianos, for instance). Any tips?
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I had one (count it, one) Taco Bell chicken soft taco today. This wasn't by pure choice, but a concession because we were seeking a bathroom and the other options in the plaza we were at were more food/money than we wanted to pay for the privilege given the time since breakfast (such as a Mongolian grill, a Subway, a Philly cheesesteak place, and a Chinese restaurant). So, $3.12 bathroom fee it was.

I'm not sure when was the last time I actually ate Taco Bell. It was within the past 3.5-4 years since [personal profile] enotsola was already living here, but I would lay good money it was at least the summer before last. Well, anyway.

Bad. Idea.

I eat at the little ¬°Una Mas! thing in the De Anza cafeteria occasionally. ("Contract station", basically; reduced menu.) I know it's not the healthiest food in the world (although if you just get a plain bean and rice burrito with no cheese or guacamole or crema, it's not as bad as it could be, and I can usually make a meal plus a snack out of it; you might or might not be surprised how bad some of the actual cafeteria food is in comparison), but it's never given me indigestion or much trouble with gas. OTOH, my body's reaction to Taco Bell makes me, er, disinclined to acquiesce to their request that I eat any more of their food. If one can call it that. Yii.

(I suppose I should count myself lucky my body reacts to it better than [personal profile] enotsola's, for what that's worth. Erm. TMI?)
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Take our country forward

A lot of activist rhetoric talks about "taking our country back"--from the bankers, from the warmongers, from the straight-white-Christian-male oppressors who benefit from patterns of kyriarchy and discrimination, and so create subtle (and sometimes, not so subtle) laws to reinforce those habits on all levels.
...we're supposed to gloss over the oppressions, overt and covert, of those eras, and presume that, if we All Get Our Act Together, we will be able to give *everyone* all the privileges that the ruling classes of those times had.
Well, one, we can't, and two, we don't want to. One, the privileges of the wealthy-and-powerful of those eras were all built on oppressions.
...There is no "back" that has what we need. We need to look to our history to find all the *good* things, and figure out which of them can be worked into our future.
...If we're going to have a government "of the people, by the people, for the people," we need to take our country forward until we have it.

This is probably beyond the normal limit of a fair-use quote but I hope [personal profile] elf doesn't mind. Dude, just go read it.
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Good gravy. I saw in the college president's welcome message for the quarter a mention that fees would be going up to $31/unit (quarter units) this summer. I thought gee, that has to be a typo. But no, the current fees are $24 a unit. I knew they were more than they were when I was a student here 1995-1997 ($9/unit), but I had no idea they were that much more! (There was actually a brief period early 2000s when it went down to $7/unit. I guess California was rich then. :-/ )
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Here's the fancy big word: atrial tachycardia: rapid heartbeat arising from areas of muscle in the atria of the heart. My eyes glaze over trying to read this reference article, but what my dad said the doctor told him was that if beta-blockers or other drugs didn't work, what they do is not implant a defibrillator, but actually kill the "hot spot" of heart muscle that is the source of the bad signals. From the sound of this article I think that's radio frequency catheter ablation. That sounds really spooky to me but apparently it's fairly regular stuff, not some kind of wacky experimental or highly risky thing (except, I suppose, for the normal risks associated with surgery when you're almost 71).
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Though he had to wait many hours for a call back from the doctor after reporting the incident (which was something like 8 AM and he called them around noon? IDK but at 3:15 or so my mother said he'd been waiting three hours, and it was sometime between 4 and 6:30 when he got a response), apparently the data was good, but it made them change their diagnosis, from what they had thought before from the EKG to something like some kind of problem/irritation (?) in the upper heart muscle/valves? (the word "bruise" was used but I think that's an analogy and not literal). Their first line of attack is upping his beta blocker dose, since apparently, unlike many people his age, his blood tests don't show problems with the kidneys not being able to adequately eliminate the drug (atenolol). But if that doesn't do it he may be on a drug merry-go-round for a while (*eyeroll*) before, if none of that works, they will resort to implanting a defibrillator.
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Oolon Colluphid says:
you might need to drive her [my mother] to her [cataract] surgery on Wednesday/Thursday..
mumblefrotz says:
ya, i figured i might
Oolon Colluphid says:
as your father had another attack this morning and is waiting on a call back from the doctor, but sounds like they might hospitalize him.
mumblefrotz says:
well, it's "good" i guess that he managed to get data
but um
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The EKG showed, basically, certain electrical pathways being blocked leading to irregularities in heart pace (in his case, rapid pulse). He has this monitor thing about the size of a pager, connected to electrodes on the chest, that he has to wear for up to 30 days. (If at that point he hasn't logged another event, they basically consider it a heisenbug or mandelbug or something, not reproducible enough to gain useful information, and take it away again. um. D'ya know this kind of condition can result in passing out and/or sudden death due to the heart simply stopping, under certain unfortunate circumstances?) If/whenever he experiences the symptoms again, he presses a button and it puts a flag in the data log. Once they collect some data they will decide whether to try treating with high doses of beta blockers (which he's already on for blood pressure), or some other drug, or whether to go with a pacemaker. So right now he's in the unhappy position of hoping it occurs again so he can log it, and yet hoping it doesn't because it's scary, although apparently he was fortunate/unusual in that it came and went shortly rather than lasting for some long period of time. The sooner caught the better, kind of thing, in any case.
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pasted from chat with [personal profile] enotsola, re my dad, who my mother took down to Kaiser at about 9:45 this morning:

apparenty yeah, some kind of heart problem
they did an ekg, and putting a monitor on him, and moved up an appt from 2 PM to in a few mins
she says she'll call me when they get home as she really shouldn't be on the phone
and they may do drugs, or may have to implant a pacemaker (!)
and she thinks this is not very surprising, since his mother had heart trouble around this age, which is true
IIRC she had a pacemaker, although obviously they were a lot less advanced in the 80s
electrical impulses screwy, kind of thing
so... wonderful
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There currently is a [Library of Congress Subject Heading] proposal for "Targetted killings" which pose[s] interesting definitional problems. Whether it is a military tactic or a type of terrorism apparently depends on which side of the gun you are on.

--someone on one of the cataloging lists I subscribe to, in a thread about which sh subdivision (--Death and burial or --Assassination) is likely going to be applied to the books that are surely soon to be written about the killing of Osama bin Laden.

(Reminds me of that Alfred Hitchcock quote about how television is like a gun.)
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I'm confused. I've been seeing some mentions that Fidel Castro resigned today. But what's this, then, from 2008? Is it that first he resigned the presidency of Cuba and only now is resigning as head of the Communist Party?

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