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From the Dept. of Thinking Too Closely About Things That are Meant Mythically, Subsection "It's Just a Story, One Put Together from Unpublished Fragments at That; I Should Really Just Relax":

So, during the Years of the Trees in Arda, there was nothing lighting the sky in Middle-earth other than the stars, yeah? So.... how did any life survive there? In perpetual near-darkness I would think nearly everything ought to have withered, frozen, and died (cf. nuclear or volcanic winter). What's up with that? The Sleep of Yavanna doesn't seem quite consistent chronologically, at least as it's described on that page, which makes it sound like it was the entire time from the destruction of the Lamps to the first rising of the Moon and Sun. That can't be right because we know the Elves awoke at CuiviƩnen while still under only the stars, and that some portion of them eventually made it to Aman and laid eyes on the Trees. So it can't just be, handwave, they were all magically asleep all that time. I don't get it. Am I missing something?

(Maybe Quendi don't actually need to eat and aren't endotherms :P )

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