Jan. 10th, 2017

arethinn: Bone with text "I find this humerus" (amused (humerus))
@GinaMelton60: I always wonder...what do you clean a gold plated toilet bowl with? You can't just slap one of those Tidy Bowl things on there.
‏@wendyjgmom: The Trumps do not shit.
‏@GinaMelton60: That explains so much.

(on Twitter, 1/9/2017 https://twitter.com/GinaMelton60/status/818631744177852416)
arethinn: Dreamwidth Island from xkcd map (dreamwidth (DW island))
Everyone's probably heard by now about how the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming -- that is, that LJ physically moved servers to Russia as of about 2 weeks ago -- but if not, here's a few relevant links:

http://rahirah.livejournal.com/695706.html (with more links to further reading)

As for me, I imported both my journals to Dreamwidth and started crossposting from here to LJ somewhere pushing seven years ago, so no change for me there, although I will be chuffed if people currently reading me on LJ decide to start reading me on DW instead. I don't have any immediate plans to delete my LJ entirely, or delete all its posts ([personal profile] frameacloud says [livejournal.com profile] ljsec still works for doing that task in bulk), or even to stop crossposting or turn off commenting on LJ for right now.

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