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Umm... IMDB.... I don't think those two things are that likely to be intended for the same audience...?
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Celebron: So, apparently Megatron came to earth to transform all of our technology into weapons to fight the autobots
Arethinn: ... wouldn't he already have better tech at his disposal?
Arethinn: being, you know, a giant living robot from beyond the stars
Celebron: he does, but basically needed parts
Arethinn: LOL
Arethinn: oookay
Celebron: but... he's been frozen on earth for... well, at least 100+ years.. and was looking to turn our electronics into decepticons
Celebron: and "all our modern technology is made from reverse engineering this giant icecube here"
Celebron: so... he came here to make use of technology that we only have because we studied his frozen body.
Celebron: ...
Arethinn: ah
Arethinn: wait
Arethinn: what?
Celebron: exactly!
Arethinn: so, he originally wanted our tech 100+ years ago?
Arethinn: decepticons are made from vacuum tubes?
Arethinn: maybe he wanted to kidnap Tesla.
Arethinn: just get to the part where someone stands under a scrotum

[yes, I know that's a later movie]
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[personal profile] enotsola: FE MAN 3 - seen on a theater sign
[personal profile] arethinn: that's pretty metal
[personal profile] enotsola: :P
[personal profile] arethinn: 'cause, you see, iron is metal, and some would certainly say he's *pretty* metal at that, and also iron man is pretty metal in the badass sense, and...
[personal profile] enotsola: I got it, yes
[personal profile] arethinn: man, i owe you a drink for that one
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I just saw a Beauty and the Beast gif on the tumblr of someone who says she is 15 years old.

That means the film in question came out 5-6 years before she was born.

I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around that. Does it occupy the same kind of space in her head that, I dunno, Robin Hood (the Disney version) does for me? Not that one can't appreciate a film made before one was born, but -- Beauty and the Beast? I find myself wondering "how can she grok?" even though it's hardly a deep drama film for the ages! I wonder if this is how everyone older than me feels about films that were out when they were X years old but I was a mere bairn or not yet born...
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"Artist Peter Stults imagined a whole world of movies, as if they had been made before their actual release. What if Pulp Fiction and Avatar had been released in the 50′s, he thought, with Charlton Heston and William Shatner starring respectively?"

Most of these are pretty cool...

...but a few are giving me conceptual whiplash:

Leonard Nimoy in Die Hard? )

Frank Zappa in The Big Lebowski? )
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Has anyone out there, perchance, seen even part of Get Lamp? Do you think it's worth $45? It is, er, relevant to my interests, but I don't know if I want to pay that even for 2 DVDs and a collectible coin. (And understandably, but sadly for me, the coin's text seems to be from ADVENT and not Zork.)
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So have y'all seen a commercial for "Bad Teacher", this thing with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake in it? It makes me angry in the pants. I can't help seeing anything but "A woman's only value is to be young and hot and preferably blond - but then we'll physically punish her for being sexy". (She gets a dodgeball [I think it is] to the face from a kid encouraged to throw "through" her, not "at" her.) I hope that right after that, she goes, like, "You little TWERP!" and pwns his ass, but somehow I'm not holding my breath.

I dunno. I may be reading too much into 30 seconds. But it just looks like the whole thing is going to come out sexist if not outright misogynistic.
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I've lost the link trail that led me to this, but this opinion article from the NYT in 1991 amused me for a reason the author probably didn't think of then:

When I saw "Dances With Wolves" at an advance screening, I predicted that it would be less than a box-office smash. Though spectacular to look it, it struck me as too long, too predictable, too didactic to attract a large audience. Twelve Academy Award nominations and $100 million in revenue later, was I ever wrong. In fact, the movie probably sells tickets precisely because it delivers the old-fashioned Indians that the ticket-buying audience expects to find. Dunbar is our national myth's everyman -- handsome, sensitive, flexible, right-thinking. He passes the test of the frontier, out-Indians the Indians, achieves a pure soul by encountering and surmounting the wilderness.

Uhm. And then James Cameron did it again and called it "Avatar"?
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[ profile] enotsola: This [episode of Family Guy] is totally... that movie... with Michelle Pfeiffer and "Gangsta's Paradise"...

[ profile] starlightforest: What, Stand and Deliver?

[ profile] enotsola: *dies*

(Dangerous Minds, actually.)
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[ profile] enotsola: This [episode of Family Guy] is totally... that movie... with Michelle Pfeiffer and "Gangsta's Paradise"...

[ profile] starlightforest: What, Stand and Deliver?

[ profile] enotsola: *dies*

(Dangerous Minds, actually.)

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