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(looks kinda blurry but I didn't want to choose a bigger thumbmail; click to embiggen)

screenshot of Google Chrome start page

You got a beef with what I've been looking at, Chrome?

(This is just me digging back through someone's tumblr. Why it chose to save a bunch of thumbnails for the same blog, I dunno. Actually, I never use this feature, so if anyone knows how to turn it off entirely, that'd be neat.)
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AARRGGGHH see how the edge of aurora activity is, like, not quite touching the northern border of California? pfaugh.

This is a pretty neat gif of the coronal mass ejection, tho: Read more... )
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"I don’t always litter in the woods, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis."


(we picked up this and some other trash found around the creek and took it all to the garbage/recycling bins in the picnic area.)
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Okay, I'm probably not the first person to think of this... and I'm sure thinking of it makes me a bad person... but in this image...

...are the circled features Benoît balls?

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...haha, yeah. I think we worked it out once that it was a little cheaper to go to the farmer's market instead of buying produce at Whole Foods (meat is something else again - yes, kids, there is more expensive meat than Whole Foods), but really it was almost comparable and the benefit was mainly in knowing we were paying the farmers much more directly and in the locavore factor. Though living where we do, the percentage at Whole Foods, and even standard grocery stores, isn't bad; but it seems the farmer's market is the only place I can get snow peas that aren't imported from Mexico. (At least, I assume they're not.)
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Actual original post seems to have been moved/removed, but:

"NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America …in just 34 years."


edit: By "hmm" I meant "hmm, I dunno about that" (this icon on DW is one of my "o rly?"/skeptical icons; that didn't come over on LJ). It looked to me more like dry and wet seasons or some such thing and according to this link from [personal profile] jarandhel it looks like I may have had the right idea there.
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"Artist Peter Stults imagined a whole world of movies, as if they had been made before their actual release. What if Pulp Fiction and Avatar had been released in the 50′s, he thought, with Charlton Heston and William Shatner starring respectively?"

Most of these are pretty cool...

...but a few are giving me conceptual whiplash:

Leonard Nimoy in Die Hard? )

Frank Zappa in The Big Lebowski? )
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Grooming Foxes
by *thrumyeye on deviantART


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Why are so many astronomy pictures so much prettier outside of the visible light spectrum? (this is false color for infrared)

(NB, this is a rhetorical question.)
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I'm sure many of you have seen posts of fashion disasters from 70s catalogs and magazines, but this post on Visual News today had some new ones on me. Urge to riff... rising... Read more... )
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now that LJ exists again for crossposting...

All this is posted with permission from the artist. The text is from the artist's comment (I didn't write it; wish I had, though). I just thought this was so awesome and silly.

The Fall of the Pieomancers
by liiga on deviantART

It was too late!

The Pie had been summoned, but the binding ritual had been disrupted. The remaining pieomancers scrambled as the ferocious technofairy brought its steed around for one last strike. Casting a ward that she knew would never hold, the last pieomancer felt her eyes fill with tears of remorse. Not for her own end, but for the Pie of terror that they had unleashed upon the world.

A Brief History of the Technofairy Empire

Technofairies used to be regular fairies until they successfully opened a portal between worlds and brought back an artifact - a miner's helmet.

After many decades of attempting to reverse engineer it, they succeeded, and learned to power it by attaching widgets to their wings and fluttering them real fast. The technique was later used to power a wide array of other interesting mechanisms, often adding magic into the mix.

The helmet, however, retained a spot of special importance and not only because of its historical value. Their command of light allowed the technofairies to tame the fearsome pandamoths, turning them into steeds that were quite intelligent and quick to obliterate targets marked by lightbeams.

The combination of technological prowess and swarms of critters that put Australia to shame guaranteed quick ascent to power and foundation of the Technofairy Empire. Nobody objected much as the technofairies took upon themselves the role of guardians of the lands, protecting them against invaders and, more importantly, against anyone who might take it upon themselves to open portals and try to bring through artifacts, such as miner helmets, sharp objects or giant pies.

And that's why you don't use bamboo for staves if you're into pieomancery - it attracts pandamoths and angry technofairies.
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Aha! So that's my problem. I am a radish.\

(testing whether I can post to LJ again by the edit-and-save method. I updated the date because otherwise this post would be 3 days in the past. sorry for the repeat, dw folks.)
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Via Flickr:
Red dots are locations of Flickr pictures. Blue dots are locations of Twitter tweets. White dots are locations that have been posted to both.

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Via Flickr:
A breezy day in the Pennsylvania Forest, the Delaware Water Gap, the Poconos....that area :) This is an 80 foot tall waterfall.

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