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Free event Monday, September 18th in San Francisco:
Mozilla and the Internet Archive will host a discussion featuring former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler; Representative Ro Khanna; Mozilla Chief Legal and Business Officer Denelle Dixon; Amy Aniobi, Supervising Producer, Insecure (HBO); Luisa Leschin, Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer, Just Add Magic (Amazon); and Malkia Cyril, Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice. The panel will be moderated by Gigi Sohn, Mozilla Fellow and former Counselor to Chairman Wheeler, and will discuss how net neutrality promotes democratic values, social justice and economic opportunity, what the current threats are, and what the public can do to preserve it.

I can't go to this, but perhaps some on my flist will be interested.
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(looks kinda blurry but I didn't want to choose a bigger thumbmail; click to embiggen)

screenshot of Google Chrome start page

You got a beef with what I've been looking at, Chrome?

(This is just me digging back through someone's tumblr. Why it chose to save a bunch of thumbnails for the same blog, I dunno. Actually, I never use this feature, so if anyone knows how to turn it off entirely, that'd be neat.)
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Count me among those very troubled by LJ's new user agreement. It's not surprising that it happened, but... yeah. I was not thrilled with the situation since January but now I'm feeling a rather stronger urge to up stakes entirely. At the very least, in the short term I am seriously considering stopping crossposting or at least turning off commenting.

I'm not sure what to do about the LJ community I own, though. I'm sure there are tools to just export it to a static file, but what I would really like is to import it to the DW community of the same name. I don't own that community, though, and despite poking [personal profile] elven_ranger about it a few times the agreed-upon transfer just has never happened. So I'm torn over maybe creating a new DW community just for a landing place, or what.

In other news, since Verizon and Yahoo closed their deal, I'm now also more acutely concerned about how to back up archives of Yahoo groups. I can't imagine that service is long for this world.
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If you're trying to reach my website or me through anything on, we are currently experiencing technical problems. I renewed the domain back in August (and their account management area agrees with me that it's paid through Sept 2017) but for some reason, I guess because A Small Orange didn't do something?, I woke up today to find the domain expired. I've submitted a ticket, but I don't know how long it will take to fix. This also means I may not see or respond to journal comments immediately since the notifications go to addresses.

ETA ca 8:30 PM: Working again now after starting a live chat to ask why I hadn't received so much as an autoresponse to the ticket I opened at about 11:30 this morning. I know they're just a support peon who has to follow a script, but the fact that their first explanation for why the domain had expired was "you turned off autorenewal" does not fill me with confidence. Yes, yes I did. And so you send me an invoice every year, and I pay it manually, as I did this year, and here's the paid invoice number. No explanation was given for how or why it could still expire under those conditions. I've never before had to take any separate action, like pay and then open a separate ticket to say "go ahead and renew it" or something like that - I just pay the domain renewal, and it works. And it can't be like apparently happened with DeviantArt earlier this year, where I re-upped and then was immediately expired again the next day and was like wtf? and according to them my credit card co. had declined the charge as fraudulent so presto I expired again. I don't know if that was actually true, but definitely not in this case: I saw the posted charge on the statement for the billing cycle I just paid. So. Who knows what happened, or how I could be sure it won't happen next year :-/
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So Verizon bought Yahoo, which I suppose means it gets to decide what to do with...

1. Tumblr: I hear Yahoo thought it was declining in value. I wouldn't panic about it just yet, but I wonder if anyone's found a way to back up the content of one's tumblr?

2. Yahoo groups: Already pretty much a wasteland, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they decided to shut down that service like Yahoo did with Geocities - which makes me a bit worried for the archives of certain lists kept there. Anyone know how to slurp up a Yahoo Group archive? (I imagine [personal profile] jarandhel might but I don't have any direct contact with him these days.)
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Did anything ever come of TurtleSeed? I had an account for a while and joined some "clans", but I decided I probably wasn't the target audience and deleted my account, oh, at least a year ago now I'd guess.
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7:22:15 PM - Stygian Syzygy: wow.. CNN and Verizon are apparently fighting over yahoo
7:23:12 PM - Chekhov's banana: oh dear
7:23:18 PM - Chekhov's banana: cnn? that's a bit odd
7:23:36 PM - Chekhov's banana: i suppose so is verizon, since neither of these are exactly internet content providers
7:23:55 PM - Chekhov's banana: or is that not what you mean?
7:26:45 PM - Stygian Syzygy: yeah, it's odd for that.. I suppose they're both looking for something out of it that isn't the expected, maybe.. but either way, yahoo is probably dead
7:28:33 PM - Chekhov's banana: i wonder if that means The Way Of All Things for all the mailing lists they host

...eep. It would be a frightening prospect, if so. I have no idea how one slurps an archive from a Yahoo group.
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I have like at least 20 Ello invite codes if anyone wants one.

eta: I am not sure, but I think using an invite code makes you automatically friend/follow the person who gave it to you. That may not be what you want, so you may want to take the extra step of unfollowing. It has certainly made me automatically follow the people who used the ones I generated, which wasn't always what I wanted - so please don't take it personally if you get a code from me and then I follow and unfollow you.
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As seen via [personal profile] solarbird here:

Artists who don’t sign with YouTube's new subscription service to be blocked [Ars Technica]

Blocked from monetization, that is; not from uploading videos. Still, as [personal profile] solarbird put it, apparently "YouTube wants to solve its 'being a radio station' problem with a new streaming service."
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We are rate limiting the FCC to dialup modem speeds until they pay us for bandwidth

Since the FCC seems to have no problem with this idea, I've (through correspondence) gotten access to the FCC's internal IP block, and throttled all connections from the FCC to 28.8kbps modem speeds on the front site, and I'm not removing it until the FCC pays us for the bandwidth they've been wasting instead of doing their jobs protecting us from the "keep America's internet slow and expensive forever" lobby.

Somehow I doubt the FCC would even notice - I have no idea what websites they actually visit, especially ones they need enough that such an action would actually inconvenience them - but it’s an interesting idea.
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If there's a domain name that will be expiring in the not-too-distant future, and I would like to maximize my chances of being able to register it, what should I do (if that's possible)? Assume for the purpose of the question that there are other individuals who have the same idea as well as a fair likelihood of a squatter.

Bonus points for telling me how I might go about transferring it to a different registrar, if I did manage to get my hands on it. (I understand there are, at the very least, waiting periods involved...)


Dec. 3rd, 2013 12:19 pm
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If anyone else out there uses LJLogin, have you noticed that it hasn't been able to log in to LJ (specifically; IJ and DW work fine) for about 5+ days now? If I log in manually it detects the login and updates the status bar appropriately, but selecting a login from its own menu does nothing, it just stays at "Not logged in." I think it might be connected to the latest LJ update and/or the "Connection reset" errors people have been seeing, but I haven't gotten any response from [ profile] slarti about it.
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Has anyone found an iGoogle substitute that works on the same widget/gadget model? I tried Netvibes and Protopage and both of them seem to just expect me to fill in a single rss feed into each of a whole bunch of boxes on a page, so I can... I guess read a bunch of news feeds (though most of mine are not actually "news") individually side by side? Is that what they expect me to want to be doing? I have an rss reader (The Old Reader); I don't need to use a dashboard page that way.

I haven't yet tried igHome, which seems to operate more like what I have in mind, though I imagine the selection of widgets will be limited. Nor have I looked back at My Yahoo since... like... a silly "Web 2.0" project I had to do for work back in 2007. Maybe I should.

Going on a tangent: does anyone know how to construct the feed url for Flickr's "Interesting" photos? and don't give me enough information to work it out, probably because there's background knowledge they're expecting me to have that I don't have. ("interesting" photos don't seem to be tagged "interesting" or "explored" or whatever unless a user applies the tag.)
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Yahoo! will be releasing usernames that have not been logged into for over 12 months
Why that might be a bad idea (Briefly, because it means someone malicious can take such usernames and use them to attempt to do password resets and gain access to anything linked to them, such as website accounts, if it was used as a recovery address for anything else, purchasing a domain name, etc.)

So, go log into Yahoo if you want to be sure to keep a username, or even just protect whatever you might have used it to sign up for or linked it to, even if you don't currently use it.


May. 24th, 2013 11:03 am
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Anyone else not really liking the new black backgrounds on Flickr? Viewing on black by choice is one thing, but it reads really oddly to me as a default, much different than having white (or very light grey) space instead would have. I'm also not liking how the photostream, "View all sizes" and all that (including the account name/avatar of the photographer!) are all pushed off the bottom of the screen and not immediately visible. I know they want people to see the picture pretty much as big as possible right off, but... ugh. (I don't like this on deviantArt either, how sometimes the automatic sizing will push the various navigation, favoriting, and other interactible things off the right of the screen and down under the picture, depending on the proportions and size of the pic.)

I am not sure this is what the petitioners meant when they said "Marissa Mayer, please make Flickr awesome again." (Not that I was in the original crowd before 2005 when Yahoo purchased it. I think I only got an account in 2007.)
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Last December I made a post about rumors I'd heard through [personal profile] enotsola that Google was going to shut down Reader. Well, today it's confirmed on Google's blog and presumably you too, if you are a user, got the warning box when you went to the site. AUGH. WTF. "Over the years usage has declined," the blog post says. I wish they'd been more specific because I really want to know what their criteria are. (Does it amount to "fell below some arbitrary threshold for how much ad revenue it had to generate"?) I understand the concept of retiring services that are underused vs. the work put into them, but I just find it very hard to believe that Reader really falls into that category, at least to judge by the gnashing of teeth in comments on LifeHacker. I'm also annoyed and perplexed by the shorter lead-time on this announcement than on iGoogle, which they started warning about more than a year in advance (July 2012 for November 2013). Is Reader really the less-used and less-useful of those?

With the loss of these two features it makes me wonder, would I even need a Google account anymore. I barely use my Gmail account. Almost everything I do use it for could be easily migrated to one of my own hosted email addresses. I would not cry if I could not use G+. I use Google Drive for a few things and it is convenient, but I coped before with only being able to access a couple of spreadsheets and things from one computer, and I could cope again. I think the only Google thing I need that much, aside from Reader and iGoogle, is the fact that I am a member of one "native" Google Group (i.e. mailing list, not Usenet) and I don't think you can subscribe to one of those without a Google account. Aside from that, they will soon have almost run me off the ranch.

eta: see also:
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Enchanting Belarusian girls love to communicate with aliens !


uh, thanks for the pro-tip,
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Gah. Google is retiring not only iGoogle, but Reader. Reader! Losing iGoogle is an annoyance because I like it, but I depend on Reader for so much of my daily internet intake. I've experimented with Thunderbird and dedicated software and so far I just don't like any other solution. (I don't like the various "whitespace is good, let's add as much whitespace as possible" design decisions Google's made about Reader etc. either, but there's a Greasemonkey script for that.) What on earth am I gonna do?

It boggles my mind that this decision would seem to imply Google thinks people don't use/need RSS anymore (or at least not enough to justify maintaining a service for it). I was confused enough about this with iGoogle, but at least there, the question of "how do they think I'm getting this content instead that I don't need this anymore?" had the short, vague possible answer of "apps." Do they think people aren't sending out content by RSS anymore? (Like, I dunno, every Blogspot blog Google hosts...) Or is it that they think people aren't bothering to subscribe to RSS feeds because the masses are getting updates some other way? But in that case, what is the expected vector...? (And even if it's "Twitter" or "Facebook"... the content has to get there somehow, and how else if not by rss?)
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Not iGoogle! Noooooooo!

Not axed till Nov 2013, but still. I do not at all understand what "Chrome and Android apps" they think I must already be using that obviate the need for iGoogle. I like seeing Wunderground temps/moon phase/interesting on Flickr/interesting on deviantArt/pictures from NASA and APOD all on one convenient browser startup screen. Bah.

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