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Today I had to click Previous 50 when I read my DW flist on one account.

And by the time I did, the last post from the first page was again at the top of the next one back, meaning one new post had been made in that time.


I mean, it's probably [community profile] 2017revival, but I haven't had to do that in a long time on LJ, never mind DW (like, ever).
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Does anyone know how I can unsubscribe/unaccess deleted accounts? Unlike on LJ, where such accounts still show up struck through on the Manage Friends page, they are absent from Manage Circle, and hovering over their userhead (if I gin up a post with the relevant usernames in it) only gives me "This user's account is deleted and purged" rather than the menu I was hoping I'd get (like with a live account). So there they are, struck through, on my profile page, and I'd really like to get rid of them...

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