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Somewhat pursuant to this entry from February puzzling over the grammar in dialog boxes in Word 2013:

evasive noodle: "Would you like to keep the last item you copied? If so, it may take us a bit longer to exit." -- when I close Word very quickly after copying something to the clipboard
evasive noodle: I still wonder who the "we" is and why it's speaking in the plural first person
evasive noodle: clearly i am not exiting so I think it must be an exclusive we internal to the program
evasive noodle: especially since it addresses me in the second person
evasive noodle: it is imps [referring to the imps inside iconographs in Discworld]
Stygian Syzygy: That's... a scary concept
evasive noodle: the first person singular would be twee. the first person plural is just baffling
Stygian Syzygy: Imps. And Clippy.
evasive noodle: their dark lord Clippy
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Stygian Syzygy: I think I'm going to be a ninnyhammer and go out in this heat [~90F] and get some coffee
an important French mustard: ....
an important French mustard: don't do eet
Stygian Syzygy: *does eet*
Stygian Syzygy is now Mobile.
an important French mustard: *sighs*
an important French mustard: how bout i do anyway.wav
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enchawntment!: it's a little odd that in office 2013 they changed the grammar of the confirmation message for search and replace
enchawntment!: 2010 says "x replacements were made"
enchawntment!: 2013 says "We made x replacements"
enchawntment!: I dunno if they just wanted to move away from the passive voice, or what, but I find myself thinking, "who we, Billy G?"
Stygian Syzygy: heh
enchawntment!: it's the ghost of Clippy
Stygian Syzygy: .... no
enchawntment!: well, then who is the other party to the "we"?
enchawntment!: if not some kind of embodiment of the software?
enchawntment!: actually, since English doesn't distinguish between exclusive and inclusive we, maybe I should be picturing imps or something
enchawntment!: like, not it and I made the replacements, but two or more of them, whatever they are
enchawntment!: "We made x replacements. NOW GIVE US THE SACRIFICE"
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me: It was a stuffed owl; relax.
[personal profile] enotsola: I know, but he still used a staple gun!
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"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is not a part of your life most of the time!"
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Stygian Syzygy: yay sahz
kristine kochanski, apparently: presumably you're not making that face at the Sazh cosplayers
kristine kochanski, apparently: is that how you spell it?
kristine kochanski, apparently: i can never keep it straight
Stygian Syzygy: no idea
Stygian Syzygy: I'm eating a sa,,ivh
Stygian Syzygy: and typing is gard
Stygian Syzygy: ghkchgck
kristine kochanski, apparently: are you typing with the sandwich?
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4:26:27 PM - Rainbow Coloured Menudo Vomit: stupid headache
4:26:38 PM - a strange coil of metal: i sowwy!

...our chat screen names are often very strange. O.o
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Shenanigator: How it [coleslaw] will be, I have no idea
we'll see later
once it has time to percolate!

Arethinn: ah, okies!
i assume that means you did not follow the recipe exactly, heh
and not that you have made coleslaw in a coffee percolator
...i hope

Shenanigator: Oh.. was that wrong?
arethinn: Freakazoid! (humor silly (freakazoid))
Celebron: So, apparently Megatron came to earth to transform all of our technology into weapons to fight the autobots
Arethinn: ... wouldn't he already have better tech at his disposal?
Arethinn: being, you know, a giant living robot from beyond the stars
Celebron: he does, but basically needed parts
Arethinn: LOL
Arethinn: oookay
Celebron: but... he's been frozen on earth for... well, at least 100+ years.. and was looking to turn our electronics into decepticons
Celebron: and "all our modern technology is made from reverse engineering this giant icecube here"
Celebron: so... he came here to make use of technology that we only have because we studied his frozen body.
Celebron: ...
Arethinn: ah
Arethinn: wait
Arethinn: what?
Celebron: exactly!
Arethinn: so, he originally wanted our tech 100+ years ago?
Arethinn: decepticons are made from vacuum tubes?
Arethinn: maybe he wanted to kidnap Tesla.
Arethinn: just get to the part where someone stands under a scrotum

[yes, I know that's a later movie]
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Celebron: Eeep, I didn't even meeeeow!
Arethinn: eh?
Celebron: to let you know I exist
Arethinn: oh, that was some time ago then?
Celebron: yeah.. like... ages..
Arethinn: oh
Celebron: already fixed bugs since then!
Arethinn: i didn't see any toast [alert in the system tray from Pidgin], so
Arethinn: you know, that's a funny way of putting it
Arethinn: i know it pops up like toast, but no toast I've ever had went back down into the toaster all by itself
Arethinn: and the smooth motion, it's like it's trying to be sneaky
Arethinn: peering out over the rim and then retreating
Celebron: maybe not ninjas
Celebron: at least, not all of them
Arethinn: toast cat burglars?
Celebron: sometimes you see them
Celebron: those are the apprentices
arethinn: Freakazoid! (humor silly (freakazoid))
(discussing the fact that we often don't use up a container of milk before it goes bad)

Arethinn: but if we go all the way down to pints, the lack of being ultra pasteurized might not be a problem
Celebron: ahhh, true
Arethinn: quart seems to be a threshold
Arethinn: maybe we should just get a cow
Celebron: sure
Arethinn: that's obviously cheaper and easier
Celebron: we need a dwarf cow
Arethinn: you'd have to lie on the ground to milk it!
Arethinn: tho, i don't think it's like chickens and eggs, where they lay no matter what... cows don't lactate unless they get pregnant, right?
Arethinn: so we'd need a dwarf stud
Arethinn: actually, i think they artificially inseminate dairy cows
Arethinn: plus, i don't think Tyrion is available
Celebron: ...
Arethinn: ...what was in that coffee i just drank
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[personal profile] arethinn: Awww. I'm never baking pumpkin pie again.
[personal profile] enotsola: That's a silly thing to say.
[personal profile] arethinn: [points to this pie]
[personal profile] enotsola: What about it?
[personal profile] arethinn: How could any pie I make ever be that perfect?
[personal profile] enotsola: How do you know? Maybe it tastes like poop! Lick your monitor and tell me what it tastes like.
[personal profile] arethinn: ...hopefully not like poop. What have you been doing while I'm at work?
[personal profile] enotsola: I bet any pie you make would taste better than your monitor.
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[personal profile] enotsola: FE MAN 3 - seen on a theater sign
[personal profile] arethinn: that's pretty metal
[personal profile] enotsola: :P
[personal profile] arethinn: 'cause, you see, iron is metal, and some would certainly say he's *pretty* metal at that, and also iron man is pretty metal in the badass sense, and...
[personal profile] enotsola: I got it, yes
[personal profile] arethinn: man, i owe you a drink for that one
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dronarron: .... the thumpy music in the quad is that song they use for the Absolut Greyhound commercial
dronarron: like, the metal... grid... thing... that is over the fluorescent lights
Enotsola .: that's... fucked
Enotsola .: I'd be out there being like "some of us are trying to work, you insufferable bullet brains!"
dronarron: ...bullet brains?
dronarron: and to be fair, I'm not trying to work, exactly
Enotsola .: Of course not!
Enotsola .: You'd be unable to under these conditions!
dronarron: LOL
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typically frustrating brunette says:
... my brain is totally blanking
who's the irish late night host?
conan obrien
thank you
my brain kept trying to say "colin" and so I got stuck trying to think of Colin names
like Colin Powell
who um
i don't think should probably get his own talk show

Enotsola says:
I dunno, can't be worse than some of the people fox news has given shows to
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"It probably costs a third of a Lindsay Lohan to buy a 17th-century pirate ship."
arethinn: Wakko Warner blinking (humor silly (wakko))
Okay, I'm probably not the first person to think of this... and I'm sure thinking of it makes me a bad person... but in this image...

...are the circled features BenoƮt balls?

arethinn: Freakazoid! (humor silly (freakazoid))
[personal profile] enotsola (watching Glee): [Blaine] doesn't see that guy's totally skeezy. He's being as dumb as a box of hammers.
[personal profile] shyfoxling: Hmm, I was going to say hormonal.
[personal profile] enotsola: a box of hammers.
[personal profile] shyfoxling: How hormonal is a box of hammers, anyway?
[personal profile] enotsola: Well, I hear they want to hit that.

I'm very concerned he may be gaining ground in our ongoing pun war. (That's what a marriage basically is, right?)

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