arethinn: Joel Robinson giggling (amused (joel))
Stygian Syzygy: “[The GOP are] the ones who promised their constituents they would do some simple things like repeal and replace Obamacare, get real tax reform and tax relief for their constituents, put ISIS in retreat if not full-on defeat, and keep us safe and prosperous,” Conway said Wednesday during an appearance on Fox News.
Stygian Syzygy: simple things.
Stygian Syzygy: ... simple
old-fashioned hurgusburgus: ...
Stygian Syzygy: something here is simple, that's for sure.
old-fashioned hurgusburgus: LOL
old-fashioned hurgusburgus: harsh
arethinn: text "You always a wiseass? No, sometimes I'm asleep." on blue-grey background (humor sarcasm (wiseass))
Stygian Syzygy: In today's news, Trump is fucking insane
eggplant with benefits: do you know what the word "news" means?
arethinn: animated Weird Al Yankovic with text "R O T F L O L" (amused (weird al rotflol))
Stygian Syzygy: lol
Stygian Syzygy: google knows me
eggplant with benefits: oh?
Stygian Syzygy: I typed "an" and it suggested "anderson cooper eye roll"
arethinn: angry she-wolf/she-elf (angry (rahnee))
Stygian Syzygy: Wow. Flint just sent out notices for tax liens to 8000 residents, for their unpaid water bills
eggplant with benefits: glkjsfd;jg;adfjgafdg
eggplant with benefits: WHAT water
eggplant with benefits: when you say "flint", who exactly do you mean? city management? whatever their water district is?
eggplant with benefits: and how are those people even still alive, i'm sort of wondering by this point. in a vigilante justice sense
Stygian Syzygy:
arethinn: stars on a black background (celestial (16 bit stars))
sass chicken: girl at the water fountain just complemented me on my hair and said it was like some kind of "intergalactic space thing"
sass chicken: i guess because my greys are shiny
sass chicken: (space hair?)
Stygian Syzygy: you are some intergalactic space thing

(My grey hairs tend to stick out among my purple dye, since I don't bleach my medium-slightly-reddish-brown and the rest of my hair thus looks pretty dark, especially if not backlit. The silver ones, on the other hand, turn !PURPLE!. As for the video footnote to understand what I was getting at with that last remark, uh, sorry for the earworm?)
arethinn: animated Weird Al Yankovic with text "R O T F L O L" (amused (weird al rotflol))
Alderique Valeriant: HOW DO I DECORATE GUYS
Kijyata Li'Anna: a ribbon around the junk
arethinn: Schmendrick from The Last Unicorn juggling, text "quit dicking around" (random timewasting (schmendrick))
Stygian Syzygy: damn this world.. everything is stupid.
octarine dye #6: ?
Stygian Syzygy: Oh, just raiding the pipeline stuff, and the refuge guys getting away with it (except the dead one) and Trump saying "fuck this election, it's rigged anyway. Just make me King already" (not quite those words)
octarine dye #6: wow
octarine dye #6: not, "someone else died"
Stygian Syzygy: Oh probably, I just haven't read the whole internet yet
octarine dye #6: heh
octarine dye #6: i love the smell of cynicism in the afternoon
arethinn: Joel Robinson giggling (amused (joel))
Somewhat pursuant to this entry from February puzzling over the grammar in dialog boxes in Word 2013:

evasive noodle: "Would you like to keep the last item you copied? If so, it may take us a bit longer to exit." -- when I close Word very quickly after copying something to the clipboard
evasive noodle: I still wonder who the "we" is and why it's speaking in the plural first person
evasive noodle: clearly i am not exiting so I think it must be an exclusive we internal to the program
evasive noodle: especially since it addresses me in the second person
evasive noodle: it is imps [referring to the imps inside iconographs in Discworld]
Stygian Syzygy: That's... a scary concept
evasive noodle: the first person singular would be twee. the first person plural is just baffling
Stygian Syzygy: Imps. And Clippy.
evasive noodle: their dark lord Clippy
arethinn: Google search for the droids we're looking for (random links (droids))
7:22:15 PM - Stygian Syzygy: wow.. CNN and Verizon are apparently fighting over yahoo
7:23:12 PM - Chekhov's banana: oh dear
7:23:18 PM - Chekhov's banana: cnn? that's a bit odd
7:23:36 PM - Chekhov's banana: i suppose so is verizon, since neither of these are exactly internet content providers
7:23:55 PM - Chekhov's banana: or is that not what you mean?
7:26:45 PM - Stygian Syzygy: yeah, it's odd for that.. I suppose they're both looking for something out of it that isn't the expected, maybe.. but either way, yahoo is probably dead
7:28:33 PM - Chekhov's banana: i wonder if that means The Way Of All Things for all the mailing lists they host

...eep. It would be a frightening prospect, if so. I have no idea how one slurps an archive from a Yahoo group.
arethinn: text "You always a wiseass? No, sometimes I'm asleep." on blue-grey background (humor sarcasm (wiseass))
Stygian Syzygy: I think I'm going to be a ninnyhammer and go out in this heat [~90F] and get some coffee
an important French mustard: ....
an important French mustard: don't do eet
Stygian Syzygy: *does eet*
Stygian Syzygy is now Mobile.
an important French mustard: *sighs*
an important French mustard: how bout i do anyway.wav
arethinn: Bone with text "I find this humerus" (amused (humerus))
2:55:11 PM - enchawntment!: i don't need chips, right?
2:55:32 PM - enchawntment!: apparently i've been having carbohydrate ravings, or something
2:55:33 PM - enchawntment!: lol
2:55:35 PM - enchawntment!: *cravings
2:55:56 PM - enchawntment!: carbohydrate ravings is what you do after you eat 392840923 pixy stix
arethinn: Purple and pink cartoon Cheshire Cat, grinning (crazysauce (cheshire cat))
enchawntment!: it's a little odd that in office 2013 they changed the grammar of the confirmation message for search and replace
enchawntment!: 2010 says "x replacements were made"
enchawntment!: 2013 says "We made x replacements"
enchawntment!: I dunno if they just wanted to move away from the passive voice, or what, but I find myself thinking, "who we, Billy G?"
Stygian Syzygy: heh
enchawntment!: it's the ghost of Clippy
Stygian Syzygy: .... no
enchawntment!: well, then who is the other party to the "we"?
enchawntment!: if not some kind of embodiment of the software?
enchawntment!: actually, since English doesn't distinguish between exclusive and inclusive we, maybe I should be picturing imps or something
enchawntment!: like, not it and I made the replacements, but two or more of them, whatever they are
enchawntment!: "We made x replacements. NOW GIVE US THE SACRIFICE"
arethinn: Bastian from the Neverending Story with book, text "can't talk, dorking" (geeky (bastian dorking))
Stygian Syzygy: if you care. It's interesting, but we'll see
enchawntment!: neat
enchawntment!: i'm.. cautiously optimistic?
enchawntment!: "sith memorabilia" heh
Stygian Syzygy: yeah, caustically optimistic.
enchawntment!: ...caustically?
Stygian Syzygy: I mean I'm going to still bitch about it
enchawntment!: lol
enchawntment!: fair enough
arethinn: (campbell (excited))
Stygian Syzygy: ... Holy crap. I've drawn half a kilometre of lines worth of words on this [phone] keyboard.
hair boner victorious: it keeps an odometer?
Stygian Syzygy: Just looked at my keyboard stats. Distance flowed. Typos corrected. Lepers saved.
hair boner victorious: ....lepers?
Stygian Syzygy: Keypresses saved.
hair boner victorious: LOL
Stygian Syzygy: Lol
hair boner victorious: yay autocorrect
hair boner victorious: for once
arethinn: text "You always a wiseass? No, sometimes I'm asleep." on blue-grey background (humor sarcasm (wiseass))
Stygian Syzygy: yay sahz
kristine kochanski, apparently: presumably you're not making that face at the Sazh cosplayers
kristine kochanski, apparently: is that how you spell it?
kristine kochanski, apparently: i can never keep it straight
Stygian Syzygy: no idea
Stygian Syzygy: I'm eating a sa,,ivh
Stygian Syzygy: and typing is gard
Stygian Syzygy: ghkchgck
kristine kochanski, apparently: are you typing with the sandwich?
arethinn: Wednesday Addams looking a bit crazy (weird (wednesday))
4:26:27 PM - Rainbow Coloured Menudo Vomit: stupid headache
4:26:38 PM - a strange coil of metal: i sowwy!

...our chat screen names are often very strange. O.o
arethinn: glowing green spiral (Default)
Shenanigator: How it [coleslaw] will be, I have no idea
we'll see later
once it has time to percolate!

Arethinn: ah, okies!
i assume that means you did not follow the recipe exactly, heh
and not that you have made coleslaw in a coffee percolator
...i hope

Shenanigator: Oh.. was that wrong?
arethinn: purplish-white swirls on black background (general (bubble chamber))
Enotsola: holy moly regex.. ugh..
Enotsola: ^(?:\+?1[-. ]?)?\(?([2-9][0-8][0-9])\)?[-. ]?([2-9][0-9]{2})[-. ]?([0-9]{4})(?:\s*((#|x\.?|ext\.?|extension)\s*(\d+)))?$
Enotsola: bleh
grim-visaged death-rainer: i think you have strayed from programming into eldritch incantations to summon the great old ones
arethinn: Freakazoid! (humor silly (freakazoid))
Celebron: So, apparently Megatron came to earth to transform all of our technology into weapons to fight the autobots
Arethinn: ... wouldn't he already have better tech at his disposal?
Arethinn: being, you know, a giant living robot from beyond the stars
Celebron: he does, but basically needed parts
Arethinn: LOL
Arethinn: oookay
Celebron: but... he's been frozen on earth for... well, at least 100+ years.. and was looking to turn our electronics into decepticons
Celebron: and "all our modern technology is made from reverse engineering this giant icecube here"
Celebron: so... he came here to make use of technology that we only have because we studied his frozen body.
Celebron: ...
Arethinn: ah
Arethinn: wait
Arethinn: what?
Celebron: exactly!
Arethinn: so, he originally wanted our tech 100+ years ago?
Arethinn: decepticons are made from vacuum tubes?
Arethinn: maybe he wanted to kidnap Tesla.
Arethinn: just get to the part where someone stands under a scrotum

[yes, I know that's a later movie]
arethinn: Wakko Warner blinking (humor silly (wakko))
Celebron: Eeep, I didn't even meeeeow!
Arethinn: eh?
Celebron: to let you know I exist
Arethinn: oh, that was some time ago then?
Celebron: yeah.. like... ages..
Arethinn: oh
Celebron: already fixed bugs since then!
Arethinn: i didn't see any toast [alert in the system tray from Pidgin], so
Arethinn: you know, that's a funny way of putting it
Arethinn: i know it pops up like toast, but no toast I've ever had went back down into the toaster all by itself
Arethinn: and the smooth motion, it's like it's trying to be sneaky
Arethinn: peering out over the rim and then retreating
Celebron: maybe not ninjas
Celebron: at least, not all of them
Arethinn: toast cat burglars?
Celebron: sometimes you see them
Celebron: those are the apprentices

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