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Somewhat pursuant to this entry from February puzzling over the grammar in dialog boxes in Word 2013:

evasive noodle: "Would you like to keep the last item you copied? If so, it may take us a bit longer to exit." -- when I close Word very quickly after copying something to the clipboard
evasive noodle: I still wonder who the "we" is and why it's speaking in the plural first person
evasive noodle: clearly i am not exiting so I think it must be an exclusive we internal to the program
evasive noodle: especially since it addresses me in the second person
evasive noodle: it is imps [referring to the imps inside iconographs in Discworld]
Stygian Syzygy: That's... a scary concept
evasive noodle: the first person singular would be twee. the first person plural is just baffling
Stygian Syzygy: Imps. And Clippy.
evasive noodle: their dark lord Clippy
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enchawntment!: it's a little odd that in office 2013 they changed the grammar of the confirmation message for search and replace
enchawntment!: 2010 says "x replacements were made"
enchawntment!: 2013 says "We made x replacements"
enchawntment!: I dunno if they just wanted to move away from the passive voice, or what, but I find myself thinking, "who we, Billy G?"
Stygian Syzygy: heh
enchawntment!: it's the ghost of Clippy
Stygian Syzygy: .... no
enchawntment!: well, then who is the other party to the "we"?
enchawntment!: if not some kind of embodiment of the software?
enchawntment!: actually, since English doesn't distinguish between exclusive and inclusive we, maybe I should be picturing imps or something
enchawntment!: like, not it and I made the replacements, but two or more of them, whatever they are
enchawntment!: "We made x replacements. NOW GIVE US THE SACRIFICE"
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Anyone else finding in TB 38 that the first SMTP send per session doesn't work, and then the second and subsequent sends work fine? This started happening to my mother when she accepted the upgrade to 38.1, I think it was (or maybe 38.0.1?) and I'm seeing the same behavior now that I've applied the update to 38.2.0 (from 31.7.0 I think). The UI gives a "timeout" error popup, but IIRC looking in the log on her computer revealed that on the first attempt it was actually not even trying, just instantly failing, I think without even opening a connection, so I suppose the same thing is happening here since I'm seeing the same symptom. (The second transaction looked like a normal SMTP send, hence successful send of mail.) [personal profile] enotsola and I both banged our heads against this issue for several hours when she first saw it happening and got nowhere; apparently no one else on the internet was having this problem then, and I'm not finding references to it now, either. bzuh?
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I've been using sqlite3's "vacuum" function on Firefox (well Pale Moon)'s various .sqlite files since some much earlier version, 4.x probably (whenever they changed from using bookmarks.html to places.sqlite). I've heard some places that there is suppsoedly no need to do this in later versions because it vacuums itself now, or that it's bad to do it for some reason, but I still find it necessary (and not harmful) because otherwise the places.sqlite file especially can get quite large (i.e., if they actually do have any self-vacuuming in place, it -- forgive me -- sucks). Mine on this computer is currently 20 MB and I don't see any need for it to be that big, especially since I have site icons/favicons turned off. But at some point (can't pinpoint when) sqlite3 has begun to error on trying to vacuum cookies.sqlite and places.sqlite, saying the files are "encrypted or not a database." I think it still runs fine on my laptop, successfully vacuuming all the files, which makes this more confusing. Anyone have any ideas? All I can find on the net is "try deleting the sqlite files" and um, I don't really want to lose my bookmarks and cookies (even if Sync will redownload them I suppose, it's kind of a pain).


Sep. 14th, 2012 11:14 am
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Sometime in either this version (15) or the previous version of Thunderbird (fuck Chrome-style version numbers.. fuck them up their whatever they have), it's started to fairly frequently forget the setting for View > Sort By > Threaded in all my folders, and sometimes to also forget the customized column headers in the message list. Not all folders at once, but in some kind of rotating fashion, one at a time. Every so often, eventually, I have to keep resetting every single folder to threaded view and reapply its column headers (not at the same time, but it seems random).

Has anyone else been having this issue? I Googled it but can't seem to find any hits from anyone else having the same kind of problem.
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I usually use the Picture Manager that comes with Microsoft Office and I am generally satisfied with it. However, I wish that it would play animated gifs when browsing through images rather than showing them as stills. Can anyone recommend a lightweight photo browser/manager that will do that and runs under WinXP?
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Firefox 15 issue, possibly:

Has anyone else noticed that certain web pages seem to be ignoring user-set minimum font size since upgrading to Firefox 15? (There was a similar problem in Tbird 15 13, which required poking around in config to work around; now that I've said that I may try that here too) The post/reblog form on Tumblr is all tiny text now. This has been tested on several computers - I noticed it on my home desktop, went huh, wonder why that's not that way at work, and discovered I was still on 12.6 there for some reason. Proof will be in the pudding today when it applies the update on today's start. And on the laptop I'm on now it wasn't doing it yesterday on Fx 14 and now is on 15. (and no that's not a missing e problem as far as I can tell - that was the first thing I thought of, that Tumblr somehow broke it again and it needed an upgrade, but apparently not. although I don't have another example to hand than tumblr pages doing this.)

ETA: Bingo. (Which I typoed as "Bungo" and isn't that one of the Bagginses...?) font.minimum-size.x-unicode was set to 0, which was exactly the problem in Thunderbird as mentioned above. Explicitly setting it to my desired size fixes the issue for me. Unfortunately this also slightly breaks the incredibly useful Font Toggle add-on [personal profile] enotsola cooked up for me, because it works by storing a value in a preference called extensions.fonttoggle.minimum-size.x-western and swapping that value with font.minimum-size.x-western on button click, and of course nothing is getting swapped for font.minimum-size.x-unicode so all that text stays the same size. But perhaps this is fixable in the add-on.
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Has anyone tried Thunderbird 5? Good, bad, ugly? I'm kind of annoyed that there's a new version out. Not that I haven't been on TB 3 for a while, but on my home desktop installation, while I had to patch some of its annoying quirks with extensions, the fact that it's the product of repeated upgrades on an ongoing installation mean that it's still got the old-style single-inbox folder structure, so I have not had to deal much (only a little on my laptop, which I don't use much) with the main thing I hate about TB 3: the insistence on giving every account you set up its own inbox and folder tree. (No, "Unified" folders does not solve this in the way I want it to be solved.) It's only since having to deal every day with the fresh install on my new work desktop that I've been having to cope with that for the past month, and I've only just gotten a bit settled with the best workarounds I can figure out and resigned myself to the tray icon for new email being all but useless (has to do with inbox focus; details are outside the scope of this post). Suffice it to say I am loath to have to start coping with an entirely new set of annoyances already.

P.S. Dunno that I'm keen on Firefox 5 either. I was still waiting for my can't-live-without extension to get upgraded to work with Firefox 4 (no, this isn't one that disabling compatibility checking can solve; it really honestly doesn't function) so that I could bite that bullet and look for skins that would make it look like 3.x again because dammit if I wanted to use Chrome I'd use Chrome, and now here they want me to use version 5?

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