May. 13th, 2016

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My current status message in Instantbird is Go not to the confused non-elves for answers, for they shall say both "Buh?" and "Fucked if I know?" Today when I logged in and saw this I got curious about the "etymology", as it were, of the phrase "fuck(ed) if I know". Clearly it's one of the many English idioms that invoke the idea of being penetrated sexually, whether willingly (with the implications that the target is at least effeminate and possibly a "sodomite") or no. But why wish such idiomatic fucking upon oneself? Is it kind of an oath, saying "If I am lying to you when I say that I don't know, then I am just a filthy poof / may I be sexually penetrated against my will"?

(Not sure then exactly what the expansion would be of milder "hell/heck if I know", except that it's simply a substitution of milder swear words for the strong "fuck", and loses the actual sense of the verb in the process.)
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Somewhat pursuant to this entry from February puzzling over the grammar in dialog boxes in Word 2013:

evasive noodle: "Would you like to keep the last item you copied? If so, it may take us a bit longer to exit." -- when I close Word very quickly after copying something to the clipboard
evasive noodle: I still wonder who the "we" is and why it's speaking in the plural first person
evasive noodle: clearly i am not exiting so I think it must be an exclusive we internal to the program
evasive noodle: especially since it addresses me in the second person
evasive noodle: it is imps [referring to the imps inside iconographs in Discworld]
Stygian Syzygy: That's... a scary concept
evasive noodle: the first person singular would be twee. the first person plural is just baffling
Stygian Syzygy: Imps. And Clippy.
evasive noodle: their dark lord Clippy

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