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Robots making popcorn and a sandwich (see the joke at about 0:47 about the latter) without having a preset program of movements, apparently involving bits taken out of a Kinect among much fancy equipment. (Is there anything Kinect can't be hacked to do? man.) Pretty cool to watch, although the video is at 10x speed so they must be moving pretty slowly in actual time.
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Via [personal profile] boundbooks:

It's Okay to be Takei! (link only because DW will scrub the embed)

"George Takei takes on the Tennessee Legislature and its "Don't Say Gay" bill, in the way only George Takei can!"

This isn't still the first comment now (something about 20 feet of awesome in a 5 foot package?), but I agree with [personal profile] boundbooks that it pretty much says it all:

George Takei´╗┐ is the greatest human that has ever lived or ever will live.

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