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My mother is being such an amazingly aggravating steamroller about the work we're having done in our house's two bathrooms -- to wit, hers is the only opinion that matters, and she will simply make snap decisions without first looking at all the choices (as was the contractor's suggestion) nor anyone else's assent, input, or even getting of a chance to look at the possibilities, even after telling us we would be able to -- that [personal profile] enotsola said, "Let's watch the Comey hearing. That'll be less stressful."


I will refrain from using my "Die in a fire" icon because my home desk computer literally, if very briefly, caught fire last night (just the dust in the case, I hope, since there's no visible damage, although I'm not sure if there might be something wrong with the power supply that could have provoked it, and we're definitely swapping that out before we try to see what survived, *fingers crossed*) which was a bit of a scare and we really don't want the house to burn down, but. I just. ARGH

(did I mention she's also a Fox News addict?)

eta: Visible damage found in the light of day. According to the report from the field, "the power connector to the optical drive is a melted mess, and the sata cable next to it is scorchy, and the top of your case right at the optical drive is all scorched." Speculation is that the power connector may have been slightly loose, and either dust or some such particles finally got into it, or maybe it would have arced anyway and the dust in the case merely made it more flashy. Said drive had been failing to recognize inserted discs for a while and I thought it had simply failed. We had tried the unplug-and-replug tactic on the SATA cable (since that was always a problem with IDEs) but I can't recall whether we did the same on the power; possibly not, since it was in fact opening and closing so it might not have occurred to us that there could be a problem with the power. I don't much care so long as other components have survived; although even if they haven't and we have to start buying new stuff, my most recent system image is only about 10 days ago and the delta between then and now is, I think, all recoverable, if a bit tedious to do so.
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GAAHA FUCK I totally spaced out on trying to book a room for PCon in the second block that opened up today at noon. Of course by 1:45 they were all gone, no surprise there (the first block in October sold out in eight minutes, I hear). According to the PCon website the third block in December may not even be as many as 100 rooms (it says "50-100", but no explanation of why that is). Things are not looking good.
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News post about the hideous new friends-reading page, in optional beta now, but I assume it will be forced on all of us soon. Please to tell them how you feel about it? (I hope most people agree with me that it is a big ugly DO NOT WANT and another example of LJ trying to be other services, like Facebook and Tumblr, rather than sticking to its original guns.)

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Phew! [personal profile] enotsola and I are in the "lucky 100" who got a room for PantheaCon in the first mad scramble to hit a web form in March. Next block of at least 100 will be drawn by lottery after Samhain from remaining forms already submitted and any new ones submitted during a period in October yet to be exactly determined. Yii.

It seems the PantheaCon Facebook group is the place to be these days if you want to keep on top of this mess. (I've been on FB more in the past couple of months than I've ever been in my life because of this.) See especially Why we made changes to how hotel rooms are reserved and PantheaCon 2013 - Hotel Room Process (Second Phase Oct 2013) (you may have to join the group to see them, dunno).
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It's 78 degrees in here and the heat is still on. WHY THE FUCK IS THE HEAT ON. IT'S ALMOST 70 now, 2 hours later, ALMOST 73 OUTSIDE. I remember being told once that the HVAC in this building was controlled by outside temp*, not inside temp, which I always thought was dumb, but APPARENTLY IT'S NOT THAT EITHER.

This has been going on for something like two months. I'm sure it's appropriate for the heat to run in the early morning, maybe even until 9 or 9:30. But when I come in at 11 it's been averaging 75 degrees and then the heat's been staying on all afternoon until the whole system switches off at 5:00. Except Monday when it was warm and it actually seemed to switch to vent if not actual a/c sometime in the early afternoon and I was like oh well maybe it'll work properly now maybe they just have it set for the rest of the building (which is often unreasonably cold in many places, don't get me wrong - the HVAC in this building is ill-designed) but it's as warm as that today and THE HEAT IS STILL ON.

Did I mention that this is after some Plant Services guy already came and fiddled around with it back on Feburary 7th (with no explanation of what he was doing, or any indication he knew just what it was we had complained about)?


edit 2 PM: I've had the outside door open for not quite 2 hours. Briefly, at about 1 pm, there was blessedly cool air coming out of that vent but between then ant 1:30 it switched back to heat (despite the outside temp still rising) and it's heat now, which appears to be overtaking the ability of the outside air to cool the room, since there's not much of a temperature difference.


* And partly also the calendar; there was never a/c before they had done yearly service on it and apparently the powers that be decided it was never needed until May when in fact we really needed it beginning around March. A room full of about 80 live humans and CRT monitors, as my work space was then, gave off a lot of heat. (This is a different office I'm complaining about now: two people and their LCD screens in a fairly large square footage, so no appreciable source of excess heat.)
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Oolon Colluphid says:
Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield is possibly one of the biggest d-bags I've seen evidence of in recent times
He's the guy who started the "Don't say gay" bull

bollocksed monophthong says:

Oolon Colluphid says:
err, bill, but that works

bollocksed monophthong says:

Oolon Colluphid says:
But claims that it is "virtually impossible" for heterosexual intercourse to pass HIV/Aids.. that HIV came from a gay man having sex with a monkey (because all gays are also into bestiality) ... And has also claimed that the "Black Caucus" (black lawmakers group in Tennessee) is racist for not letting him join, and that even the KKK doesn't ban members by race, and are thus less racist

bollocksed monophthong says:
that's way past douchebaggery into ... into ... i don't even fucking know what to call that last bit there
"special" really isn't adequately describing it

Oolon Colluphid says:
Black Caucus member: “Why he chose to focus on the Black Caucus, I have no idea other than he is crazy and a racist.”
The 37-year-old Campfield defended himself Saturday in a message on his Web journal, or blog, under the heading “I too dream.”

bollocksed monophthong says:
well okay
i'm only too happy to judge him not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character
he asked for it

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