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My mother is being such an amazingly aggravating steamroller about the work we're having done in our house's two bathrooms -- to wit, hers is the only opinion that matters, and she will simply make snap decisions without first looking at all the choices (as was the contractor's suggestion) nor anyone else's assent, input, or even getting of a chance to look at the possibilities, even after telling us we would be able to -- that [personal profile] enotsola said, "Let's watch the Comey hearing. That'll be less stressful."


I will refrain from using my "Die in a fire" icon because my home desk computer literally, if very briefly, caught fire last night (just the dust in the case, I hope, since there's no visible damage, although I'm not sure if there might be something wrong with the power supply that could have provoked it, and we're definitely swapping that out before we try to see what survived, *fingers crossed*) which was a bit of a scare and we really don't want the house to burn down, but. I just. ARGH

(did I mention she's also a Fox News addict?)

eta: Visible damage found in the light of day. According to the report from the field, "the power connector to the optical drive is a melted mess, and the sata cable next to it is scorchy, and the top of your case right at the optical drive is all scorched." Speculation is that the power connector may have been slightly loose, and either dust or some such particles finally got into it, or maybe it would have arced anyway and the dust in the case merely made it more flashy. Said drive had been failing to recognize inserted discs for a while and I thought it had simply failed. We had tried the unplug-and-replug tactic on the SATA cable (since that was always a problem with IDEs) but I can't recall whether we did the same on the power; possibly not, since it was in fact opening and closing so it might not have occurred to us that there could be a problem with the power. I don't much care so long as other components have survived; although even if they haven't and we have to start buying new stuff, my most recent system image is only about 10 days ago and the delta between then and now is, I think, all recoverable, if a bit tedious to do so.
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If I may wax tumblr-speak for a moment:

tfw you're like man i hate facebook but at least it's? probably? not owned by russia??
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Fuck Cumulus Media. Fuck them up their stupid asses. They basically just bombed the crap out of KFOG. I don't know if it was quite as sudden from the inside as it is from the out, but dsg;lsdkjfldah;gf. I was wondering why they seemed to be playing random stuff and not 10@10 this morning and yesterday. I thought maybe Annalisa was on vacation, although I think in the past they've usually played archived shows when that's the case. But no, apparently she, along with a lot of the other on-air staff, was laid off without notice to pave the way for an upcoming format change.
(also although that appears to be getting reserved for when the new whatever it is actually starts on April 20th)

I mean, I suppose in a certain sense one could say it was inevitable the station would change someday, especially if management perceived it as stagnant and not "making numbers". But what a bunch of dick moves. Way to tank a brand and smoke existing goodwill for it.

I'm pretty steamed, could you tell? (and you all were spared the page-long rant and thread quotes poor [personal profile] enotsola endured in chat.)

5:21:31 PM - Stygian Syzygy: Fun times.
5:21:52 PM - Stygian Syzygy: just heard the evolution ad. Ugh.
5:22:08 PM - Stygian Syzygy: And... 4/20? I think that just confirms they're smoking something
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Stygian Syzygy: also, the "live stream" Apple advertised? Wasn't.
enchawntment!: oh?
Stygian Syzygy: Yeah.. apparently they weren't prepared for the amount of interest
enchawntment!: seriously??
Stygian Syzygy: I know, right?
enchawntment!: not prepared for the interest that they specifically tried to generate?
enchawntment!: seriously, you can't big-gorilla your way in here, building new buildings*, taking out trees, and then pretend you didn't know anyone would care??

* Not exactly, not in the sense of a permanent structure, though I think our Marketing department's calling it a "tent" (their exact term in the email inviting faculty and staff to take a look tomorrow afternoon, bring your District photo ID on pain of something) is rather understating it:

For reference, here's a picture of the empty space from a point roughly at the bottom of the steps that guard is standing at the top of:

Really, guys? You couldn't predict you might need pretty robust serving of internet traffic to stream your event here?

And yes, they did take out some trees that had only been there two years, like the one that replaced the tree in the bottom right of that photo when the Sunken Garden was recently renovated. (In kind of an ugly way, I might add - repaving the already-asphalt areas, ok, but they replaced half the grass with gravel because nobody knows why, and then they go and flag it part of the so-called "Historic Corridor" between the Trianon Building and the Baldwin Winery like it looks anything other than totally modern?) I hope those are at least going to be replaced. I can only imagine how much money Apple must have given the college for the privilege of having this event here (although I suppose De Anza probably won a low-bidding war or something). [personal profile] enotsola says this is apparently the anniversary date and place of Steve Jobs' first product presentation, or something, but I don't know whether that's verified.

Oh, and did I mention there was basically a turf war on some of the days back in August that we were trying to get a truck in here to take our pallets of boxed library books away to storage, since Apple (well, their construction and security dudes) were blocking driveways and laying claim to every which where and saying no way you plebs can't walk through here etc. etc.? Fortunately that was not something I had to personally sort out.
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Ye gods and little fishies, this is apparently temperatures in Australia right about now.

For the Celsius-impaired, 54 C is 129.2 F. And predictably, things are on fire (although, apparently, fortunately not yet resulting in too much damage). The person who posted this on my other journal flist said "the reality of climate change has led the Bureau of Meteorology to add two new levels of temperature to our national forecast charts." O.o

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