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Count me among those very troubled by LJ's new user agreement. It's not surprising that it happened, but... yeah. I was not thrilled with the situation since January but now I'm feeling a rather stronger urge to up stakes entirely. At the very least, in the short term I am seriously considering stopping crossposting or at least turning off commenting.

I'm not sure what to do about the LJ community I own, though. I'm sure there are tools to just export it to a static file, but what I would really like is to import it to the DW community of the same name. I don't own that community, though, and despite poking [personal profile] elven_ranger about it a few times the agreed-upon transfer just has never happened. So I'm torn over maybe creating a new DW community just for a landing place, or what.

In other news, since Verizon and Yahoo closed their deal, I'm now also more acutely concerned about how to back up archives of Yahoo groups. I can't imagine that service is long for this world.
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The LJ "like" notifications are about the most useless thing ever. For me, such a feature is in the "meh, I wouldn't probably use it and don't really care, though I can see why some people might want it and on the other hand 'oh no not more Facebook'" category. But that said, the notification is just a link to the liked post, with no other information, particularly not WHO THE USER WAS. I'm not even certain how people are managing to like any of my posts, since I have a legacy theme on my journal that doesn't include those kind of elements (although for that matter I don't even see it on, say, [ profile] news - maybe it's only viewable if you're in the "feed" mode of reading a friends page? their supposed screenshot on doesn't at all look like what I see). Even more confusing is when I get random "like" notifications for ancient posts (well, 2011) in random communities like [ profile] rifftrax. It's like someone is sending bots around liking posts, or something... but if so, why?
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Ugh. Do not like new default site scheme and look of profile and update pages. To me, it looks harder to read - less contrast or something? It seems light and bright and is kinda hurting my eyes. Choice of font seems like oo aren't we all slick and postmodern, rather than being, you know, comfortable to read. And check out all this wasted space: Read more... )

Also not keen that apparently now the site scheme cookie I set with LJLogin is meaningless (at least, I've only just noticed now that trying to set a site scheme that way has no effect; I think my choice of Horizon had previously held). I only hope that LJLogin itself will continue to work for the foreseeable future... And I think it's odd that they've dropped the term "journal" in favor of "blog" in some places (really? people think of these as blogs?), but not uniformly (e.g. number of journal entries on profile is still labeled such).

The thing that really gets my Frank-the-goat about this kind of stunt is that LJ just springs it on us, without so much as a warning in [ profile] news or some such place that any design change is even coming at all, never mind posting some preview mockups or, wow, actually involving users in development (like Dreamwidth does). You just log in one day and bam, it all looks different.


Dec. 3rd, 2013 12:19 pm
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If anyone else out there uses LJLogin, have you noticed that it hasn't been able to log in to LJ (specifically; IJ and DW work fine) for about 5+ days now? If I log in manually it detects the login and updates the status bar appropriately, but selecting a login from its own menu does nothing, it just stays at "Not logged in." I think it might be connected to the latest LJ update and/or the "Connection reset" errors people have been seeing, but I haven't gotten any response from [ profile] slarti about it.
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A new checkbox on the update page will allow you to exclude individual entries in the ratings system. This checkbox will only appear if your journal is opted in to the ratings feature, and will allow for more control over which of your entries you want to be less discoverable.

"Ratings" is part of Cyrillic services. This box is erroneously being displayed to users who are not opted into Cyrillic services and so have never set this preference, and what's more, the default state for the Ratings feature when you turn on Cyrillic Svc. seems to be "already checked". As far as the update page, basically the system is treating "null" as "yes" rather than as "no". To remedy this, see [ profile] astronewt's comment here: (briefly: enable Cyrillic services, turn off the Ratings feature, then turn off Cyrillic services again).
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Does anyone know what is up with some LJ accounts getting suspended apparently at random today?
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News post about the hideous new friends-reading page, in optional beta now, but I assume it will be forced on all of us soon. Please to tell them how you feel about it? (I hope most people agree with me that it is a big ugly DO NOT WANT and another example of LJ trying to be other services, like Facebook and Tumblr, rather than sticking to its original guns.)

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Following on what I just reposted from [ profile] twissie, I would like to point out that LiveJournal has (or very nearly has) shut down its US office.
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puddin' heart says:
could you check the temperature of Hell for me?
I just read LJ's latest News post and I actually think it's all good

Enotsola says:
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Per, if you made a payment on an LJ account during the month of December, you may be able to get a refund. (This is related to the problem with people getting set to autopay without action from them.) See to submit your request.
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I know I can check to find out what LJ cluster I'm on, but does anyone know if there's a full list somewhere? (Denise mentioned in the latest [site community profile] dw_news post and it made me curious.)

By the way, if anyone has been thinking of creating a Dreamwidth account, they've decided to leave invite codes off a while longer, so you don't need an invite code to create an account right now.
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No one probably needs me to add to the nearly 10,000 comments on the relevant news post about how ugly and non-functional LJ's latest changes to comments and threading are. But more serious news of late is that if you have an LJ account you should check its status: people are reporting finding themselves set to recurring payments without their knowledge or consent, regardless of whether they'd ever been set that way in the past. (This is merely by coding accident, one hopes, but still.)
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The new-school drawings of Frank the Goat annoy me in a variety of ways, but my peeve of the moment is...

...goats should have oblong pupils.

I guess they were trying to humanize him a bit? Well I dunno, I still find crying-404 Frank ( damn creepy.

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