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I was playing with and...

...the heck?

I mean, it's not far off (the color specified in the CSS as "sacStateGreen" is actually #043927; I think #004f3d is maybe closer to "stingerGreen" #00573d). But... why?
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The LJ "like" notifications are about the most useless thing ever. For me, such a feature is in the "meh, I wouldn't probably use it and don't really care, though I can see why some people might want it and on the other hand 'oh no not more Facebook'" category. But that said, the notification is just a link to the liked post, with no other information, particularly not WHO THE USER WAS. I'm not even certain how people are managing to like any of my posts, since I have a legacy theme on my journal that doesn't include those kind of elements (although for that matter I don't even see it on, say, [ profile] news - maybe it's only viewable if you're in the "feed" mode of reading a friends page? their supposed screenshot on doesn't at all look like what I see). Even more confusing is when I get random "like" notifications for ancient posts (well, 2011) in random communities like [ profile] rifftrax. It's like someone is sending bots around liking posts, or something... but if so, why?
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4:26:27 PM - Rainbow Coloured Menudo Vomit: stupid headache
4:26:38 PM - a strange coil of metal: i sowwy!

...our chat screen names are often very strange. O.o
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(discussing the fact that we often don't use up a container of milk before it goes bad)

Arethinn: but if we go all the way down to pints, the lack of being ultra pasteurized might not be a problem
Celebron: ahhh, true
Arethinn: quart seems to be a threshold
Arethinn: maybe we should just get a cow
Celebron: sure
Arethinn: that's obviously cheaper and easier
Celebron: we need a dwarf cow
Arethinn: you'd have to lie on the ground to milk it!
Arethinn: tho, i don't think it's like chickens and eggs, where they lay no matter what... cows don't lactate unless they get pregnant, right?
Arethinn: so we'd need a dwarf stud
Arethinn: actually, i think they artificially inseminate dairy cows
Arethinn: plus, i don't think Tyrion is available
Celebron: ...
Arethinn: ...what was in that coffee i just drank
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Jonathan Frid, a Canadian actor best known for playing Barnabas Collins in the 1960s original vampire soap opera "Dark Shadows", has died. He was 87.

...okay now that's just weird timing. Were it not for the fact that the reactions I've seen to the film trailer are almost universally somewhere along the skeptical spectrum from ", well, we'll see, maybe it'll be okay" to "OH TIM, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE", I would almost read this as torch-passing.
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Back cover of a book I just discarded from the collection:

Never mind the pyramid tent, what's his excuse for the pyramid pants?

Pyramid power / G. Pat Flanagan.
6th ed.
Santa Monica, Calif. : De Vorss, 1975, c1973.
ISBN 0875162096

I did a double take that this was classed in QH (natural history and biology) rather than, say, in BF where all the parapsychology stuff goes, but QH 341 is "Nature of life, vital force, etc." which, eh, I guess. (He does talk about things like prana and mana and bioelectric energy.)

The guy who wrote this is, er, gem is apparently still around. (Is it me, or does he have a resemblance to Jack Nicholson in his picture there?)
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We just saw a Kia commercial where the car, driving down the road, is first clamped onto by some kind of magnetic (?) thing dangling from a helicopter, flown out to sea and past a cruise (?) ship, whereupon a giant CG Neptune/Poseidon kind of figure rears up out of the ocean and grabs the car in his hand, but aliens take it away in their tractor beam.

Or something. I mean, by any measure, WTF, right? ("Optima: No ordinary sedan" was the tagline, I think. Uh. Yeah, I guess it's not?) I said we ought to go to Korea and see what was in their rice because clearly there was some kind of problem.

But the thing that really made me LOL was that as the helicopter flew in and got a grip on the car, that was when they put up the tinytext "Do not attempt" warning.

Do not attempt?! Just how the fuck would I attempt anything that happened in this commercial?!
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This is a blog of photos taken by Google vans in the pursuit of Street View material. There's a lot of instances of people flipping off the van, of course, which I don't find particularly worth looking at, but sometimes there are images which are good photos in their own right, or at least have odd, interesting content.

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650 0 Anus (Psychology) ǂv Fiction.

cannot stop giggling about this subject heading.

(I think this novel is about a guy suffering from an anal fistula and really the description of life in a small Pacific island community is the point, but still. THAT SUBJECT HEADING.)
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I now understand precisely what is meant by "Want you smothered, want you covered / like my Waffle House hash browns" (the lyric from "The Bad Touch"). I had no idea these adjectives (participles? adjectival past participles?) actually referred to specific toppings, namely sauteed onions and cheese, although I had guessed that cheese was probably involved. I'd always heard "waffle house" as a generic, because until recently I did not know there was actually a chain with that specific name, and in any case I never made the connection.

I guess this information is now stored in one of the crannies of my brain not used for storing penguins.
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Random things I like, #2982:

The semi-rhythmic scratching sound of handwriting.
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busyhead highthing says:
The Morrow book of new words: 8500 terms not yet in standard dictionaries
c. 1982 (apparently the previous ed. of Webster's was 1967)
includes things that to me seem bizarre, such as binary star, dopamine, and kiloton
LOL, "Proposition 13"
"the name of the game"
"shuttle service" (wtf?)
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Me, failing to manipulate a log in the fireplace the way I wanted to:

"You know who's a jerk? Prometheus. What is this? I can't deal with this!"
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weird phrases I have uttered in the past couple of days:

barely coagulated space lava
jive-talking Hypello
Do you have the Spanish Inquisition in your feet?


Dec. 9th, 2010 03:59 pm
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This sentence made perfect sense in context (no, really!), but it looks so bizarre when taken out of it:

The other difference on the laptop: your Doctor's Ph.D. omits "ass equivalent".

Reads like filler material from a spam email.
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So there was this line in tonight's Big Bang Theory, in the context of other similarly silly speculations about who was the bravest person in the Marvel universe, about Captain America's undocumented Mexican gardner. (Neighbors of this line included something about Wolverine's proctologist, and whether Wolverine had an adamantite prostate.) I said "So, is Captain America standing in for Meg Whitman, here?"

I was just being glib, but.... yeah, I wish I hadn't, because [personal profile] enotsola is over there making a manip of Captain America with Meg Whitman's face and MAN IS IT EVER DISTURBING. Way worse than his "Baraka Obama" thing. Talk about using your powers for evil!

eta: Oh great. He put it in our shared folder for your, er, enjoyment:

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Every time I see a post like this I get a kind of surreal thought-wash, thinking "How can it be that I went to the same highschool as these guys [Steve Jobs and formerly Steve Wozniak]? And are their names still up on the hall of fame in the gym?" (no, not at the same time. I was class of '95. Still though - it was odd to see those names up there at assemblies and such.)

(typoed "hall of fave" there. amusing, but not as amusing as an earlier typo tonight of "buy bonds where you work or bank" as "buy BONGS where you work or bank". wow. forget free toasters when you open an account. BONGS!)
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arethinn: These captchas are stupid! Look, what is that? [points to a character looking rather handwritten and resembling Futhark "fehu"] I don't have runes on my keyboard! I can't type that!

enotsola: Why not?

arethinn: I don't have a rune font installed.

enotsola: Yes you do! You lie like a rug!

arethinn: No I don't. I don't have an Elder Futhark font. And Tengwar aren't runes.

enotsola: *gives me the "you're such a nerd" look*

arethinn: Damn it! Why am I having this argument? Why did I rise to your bait?

enotsola: It's only fair. [bawdy implications of "rise" were clearly intended here]

arethinn: Why, because you often rise to my ... my what?

enotsola: (tentatively) Your... man-bait?

arethinn: My what now?

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